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Micro Planter Chess Set

by xyzworkshop

The Micro Planter Chess Set - Winner of the Chess-Pen Competition October 2013

The design is loosely based on a Bauhaus Style Chess set. We were interested in blending the simple strong geometric forms of the chess pieces with nature.

The chess pieces allows nature lovers to integrate their favorite succulents or herbs into their game play.
Each Chess piece can be planted with specific herbs or succulents to give them a level of individuality and personality. This also allows the player to assign unique textures, colors and smell to the pieces.

Use some Corsican Mint to bring some minty freshness into you game, or perhaps a series of hard wearing cacti if you don't have a green thumb.

We have also included a printable/portable chess board skin, measuring only 0.6mm thick. Printing four of these allows the player to turn any flat surface into their chessboard.

Make this Green Chess set a feature in your garden, or bring the garden into your living room.

How to (

The filiment needed is per side, so for a full set you need 168g of filiment, you also need some pretty herbs.

Time to do
- minutes
Filament quantity

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