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3D Printing for the Game Master


9 months ago



Six years ago I started running tabletop RPGs, and I very quickly fell in love with painting miniatures. Since then I've amassed quite a collection, and I certainly don't need any more unpainted miniatures to add to my pile of shame. So why, then, was I inspired a couple of months ago to try 3D printing? There is simply something undeniably magical about taking a computer file of a model created by an artist and bringing it into full physical reality in my own home. In addition, there need be no more barriers to bringing my encounter planning to reality on the tabletop. The day before game night I can follow my inspiration, without concern for my local hobby shop being closed, or 3-5 day shipping on that online order for a couple of minis.  There's resin in the tank, and my 3D printer is ready to go!


Still, many game masters have concerns about the time investment, the cost, and the quality they can expect from 3D printing miniatures. So, I made a video to address these concerns.  I knew that from the outside it looked inexpensive, fairly easy, and the results for miniatures looked great! But exactly how cheap, easy, and good is resin 3D printing for tabletop gaming here in 2020? This video provides my answers after about 2 months of 3D printing, and I hope that it is helpful for others who have been considering this new hobby.


To summarize, although I'm new to this, I personally am having a great time and find the time and money spent most definitely worth it for the results. I think there are a lot of people out there who haven't explored the notion of 3D printing miniatures in several years and don't really know how good it is. While I do mention some of the negatives, in the end I'm really excited about what I've been able to make so far, and even more excited about the future potential with this powerful new weapon in my arsenal for miniature painting and running RPGs. 
















About me:  I have been making videos about tabletop RPGs and fantasy maps for over 6 years now, and have over 175,000 subscribers on YouTube. I'm a teacher, father, avid dungeon master, and freelance cartographer. Find me at WASD20 on YouTube:






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