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Top 10 Best Children’s Toys to 3D Print Now!


2 years ago

Last week saw the release of Toy Story 4!

As usual, the film was full of heart, jokes and plenty of new toys to fall in love with. One of the new toys was Forky. A toy created by Bonnie from a spork and various other items found in the trash. Forky spends the film getting to grips with the fact that he is now alive because he was created to be a child's toy. Makes you wonder how many 3D printed toys have come to life just like Forky, doesn’t it?


If they could, there would be plenty of fun characters coming from brilliant designers sharing on MyMiniFactory. We took a dive into all the awesome 3D printable toys on our platform and compiled our very own list of the top 10 3D printable toys for kids (and adults) to fall in love with.


Without further ado, let's go have some fun!


1. 3D Printable Pangolin Pal

To start our list we have a 3D printable toy that is both entertaining and informative.


Pangolins are a species of mammals, found natively across Asia and Africa. Similar in shape to a Tapir, they are small creatures with long thin bodies and faces. The most obvious and interesting physical feature of the Pangolins is their scales. These scales cover their entire body and are made of keratin (similar to human nails). They are unique in this feature as no other living animal has such scales. The scales are not just there to look cool, they are a defense mechanism. When a Pangolin feels threatened it will curl up into a ball. This ball of hard thick scales will be very difficult for a predator to penetrate.


Unfortunately, this unique feature is also what makes the Pangolins endangered. Throughout the centuries, human poachers have targeted Pangolins for their scales. They use them to make medicines, as it is believed that the scales can help treat or even cure cancer and asthma. The Scales have also been used to make clothing, such as coats of armor. Some people even see Pangolin meat as a delicacy, meaning they are poached for that too. This human greed and disregard for the Pangolins has lead to them being critically endangered. Because of this endangered status, many conservationists have taken to raising awareness of the pangolins, to spur people into helping save them.


Image result for pangolin gif


One of these people is Amao Chan! His ‘Save Pangolins’ project took a lot of work, going through six different iterations. The finished 3D printable toy model is definitely worth the time he spent. The 3D printable Pangolin figure is fully articulated, able to move its head feet and legs, as well as curl up into its defensive ball. It even comes with its own stand, to place on your prized bookshelf to remind you to do all you can to save the Pangolins. The 3D printable model prints in 14 parts, easily and support free. The parts will need to be assembled by an adult. Once assembled this 3D model makes an adorable animal buddy for any child to play with. Plus it may spark their enthusiasm for conservation.


Click the link so this 3D print doesn't go extinct. And raise awareness to help Save Pangolins!


2. 3D Printable Transforming Couch

Furniturebot! Sofa In Disguise!


As you may be aware, one of the most popular children's toy brands out there is Transformers. First appearing in Japan in the 1980s, the Transformers toy line features robots, which can transform from humanoid forms into various vehicles. Reza Aulia has previously created his own 3D printable articulated model of the Transformers leader, Optimus Prime. A design based on his appearance in the 1984 cartoon serious and its toys. However, Reza decided to give his own twist to the transforming toy genre.


Meet Soza, the transforming sofa robot! Soza carries on the story of the furniturebots that began with Reza’s Alona (The Housekeeper). After Alona’s master died she was left alone in a big house full of furniture, so she decided to use that furniture to make her own friends. Made from Alona’s favorite sofa, 3D printable toy Soza is known as ‘The Assistant’. As Alona’s first household friend, his job will be to help her to create even more transforming furniture friends.



This is a fabulously creative idea from Reza and we can’t wait to see what else he comes with for the series. You can 3D print Soza right now. The model 3D prints in 10 pieces, completely support free.  An adult will need to assemble the robot, due to its small parts. However, this should be easy as Soza assembles without the need for pins and screws. Once assembled he has five points of articulation. He even comes with a little wrench accessory to help Alona with her chores. 


Click the link to download this 3D printable fun furniture!

4. 3D Printable Springy Toy

Someone who knows all about making fun things from 3D printing is Make Anything’s Devin Montes. 


Devin was challenged in 2017 to see if he could use 3D printing to create something akin to the ever-popular Slinky toy. He set about inventing 3D printable Springo. Using Fusion 360 he created a small spring design to test his idea. His first print worked but all the layers needed to be separated using a sharp knife, which wasn't exactly what he was going for. This also isn't ideal post processing for 3D printable toys for kids. After some more tweaking back in Fusion 360, he finally got a Springo that he could separate easily with a metallic spatula. This Springo operated just as he was hoping, and was able to ‘walk’ down the stairs.


Image result for slinky gif


This original Springo design, now labeled as classic Springo by Devin is available to download for free. Though it 3D prints without support, it can be a complicated print, so if you want that perfect Springo, be sure to print at .15mm layer height and with 100% infill. And remember to take care when separating the layers after printing; either with a spatula or knife. Make sure an adult does this just to be safe. You can print in grey like Devin has, to echo a metallic quality or any other color you like. Check our Kar N’s green Springo and Horacio’s white one.


Since this original Springo, Devin has been really busy creating Springos of all shapes and sizes. Check out his store to see his other Springo designs, including his collection of Tasty Springos and Holiday Springos.


To spring into action, click the link to 3D print!

4. 3D Printable Robo-Jellies

We’ve seen transforming furniture robots, now it’s time for some bots from the deep sea.


Fernando Jerez flexed his own creative muscles to create these 4 Jell-E Medusa, 3D printable toy robots. These toys have a sinister backstory for any kids who enjoy adding a bit of darkness to their imaginative play. The Jell-E Medusa robots come from the future where they are the dominant race, and humans are but a distant memory. 


Each robot has a distinct role to perform as part of the futuristic army. The first robot is the 3D printable Scout (the orange and white one). The Scout’s job is to survey the deep depths of the ocean learning all it can from the ruined remains of our once prosperous civilization. Next, we have the 3D printable Dominator (green), whose job is to enforce the rules and regulations of the Jell-E Medusa society -through any means necessary. The 3D printable Engineer (blue and white) is tasked with building the bots and tools that give life to the Jell-E Medusa civilization. Finally, we have the 3D printable toy Explorer (Purple and red). It is this bots job to discover new lands to conquer and expand their rule.


Related image


This complete set of Jell-E Medusas will give your child (or you) hours of imaginative play. Each Jell-E 3D prints in multiple parts, completely support free. All Jell-Es can be assembled from these parts without the need for tools, using a snapping and locking mechanism. The 3D printable toys are easy for adults and children alike to assemble and adds another benefit, customizability. Because each Jell-E part easily clicks together or apart, you can mix and match the different Jell-E parts from any of the 3D printed toys in the collection over and over. What new robot will your child create to aide the dominating civilization? There's only one way to find out...


...Click the link and 3D Print them now. 

5. 3D Printable Brain Games


While some toys can stretch a child's imagination, others can stretch their brain power. Thomas Buseyne has created this 3D printable puzzle game to challenge your child’s skill as a problem solver. 


While performing a dangerous experiment, something went wrong for Dr. Brain Breaker. His lab exploded and now his brain has shattered into 56 individual pieces! With a name like his, we shouldn't be surprised, should we? Now it’s up to your child to take on the role as his new lab assistant. They must reassemble Dr. Brain Breakers cerebrum before it’s too late! 


To model this challenging 3D printable game, Thomas remixed Steve Dakh’s Low Poly Skull to use as the base, before designing the brain puzzle section. He provided many different options for 3D printing, depending on the skill of the player. The brain has two sections, left and right. Each can be printed in one solid piece, or with each individual puzzle piece. For a regular play of the game, 3D print all the pieces individually and then assemble. If you are more of a beginner, print one half of the brain in solid form, to use as a guide for assembling the second half. Want more of a challenge? Thomas suggests you download the complete brain, and remix the STL to break it up into smaller more complicated pieces.


The skull base 3D prints support free, the brain puzzle pieces will require some supports. Thomas has printed his brain breaker in grey and fluorescent green to mimic a cartoonish zombie, but he’s also modeled with a white skull and pink brain for a more realistic look. You can print your game whatever color you like, perhaps one that will match your child's room decor when it's up on a shelf. We particularly like Dennis’ print, he added LED lights under the brain to make it glow. A combination puzzle and nightlight! 


Check out this video from 3DMN, completing the puzzle. See if your kid can beat his time. And no cheating!

To build that 3D printable brain, click the link!

6. 3D Printable Fairground Fun

From the laboratory to the fair, with this fun 3D printable model!


Greg Zumwalt brings the classic fairground ride, the Ferris Wheel to life through 3D printing. The Ferris Wheel originated in the 17th century in Bulgaria. It takes the form of a large wheel held up by a pole either side, which spins. The wheel has open-air seats inside it which people can sit on and view the surrounding area as the wheel spins. Since its creation, the Ferris wheel has become one of the most ever-present attractions at any fair. Many people have also challenged the ride by making it bigger and better. Currently, the world’s largest Ferris wheel is The High Roller in Las Vegas.


As a popular fairground attraction, it’s no surprise that the Ferris wheel has been recreated in toy form many times. Many of us have probably seen Lego, Playmobil or K’nex style Ferris wheels, so Greg’s in good company creating this 3D printable Ferris wheel, for kids to enjoy!


Image result for ferris wheel gif


This 3D print will certainly need an adults help for assembly. The wheel 3D prints easily in 7 parts. The challenge is in the building. Though this is Greg’s second 3D printable Ferris wheel, and he’s improved the construction process; while most of the parts snap together, you will need a few extra tools to get that perfect Ferris wheel feel. This includes a motor, some metal screws and stranded wire. This is a great model for a parent who wants to test their engineering skills. Once built, enjoy the spin!


Feeling dizzy? Click the link and 3D print.

7. 3D Printable Learning Is Fun

While some toys are purely for fun, others can help a child to learn.


Paulo Ricardo Blank has designed this simple toy to help any child struggling to get control of their math work or wanting to practice their skills. The toy features 6 decagonal discs. Three feature the numbers 0-9, one features a +,-,÷ & x and the final an =. Combined, they give the ability to twist the tube to form various equations. 


For example, twist the first tube to the 9, the second to +, the third to 6, the fourth to =. Your child must twist the final two discs to the 1 and 5, making 15. It’s a great way to make math fun! As your child improves and seeks more of a challenge, simply 3D print more of the number discs, to extend the 3D printable math toy!


Related image


To assemble the 3D printable math spinner, print all the downloadable STL files. They all 3D print very easily and support free. To create an axis for the number discs to fit around, Paulo recommends using a water pipe of external diameter 32mm, cut down to 110mm in length. If you want you can design an axis in your modeling software with these specifications for 3D printing. You can then remix it to make a bigger spinner for more complicated math equations. 


Does the sound of this all add up? Click the link to download and 3D print.

8. 3D Printable Nursery Game

Here’s one for young children.


Shape sorting toys are a centuries-old product for babies and developing children. Their conceit is different shaped blocks, and a box or base with holes of the exact shape for those blocks to fit through. Your child must figure out which block fits through which hole. This toy is perfectly designed to help children develop their spatial awareness, recognition and problem solving while having fun. 


Müge Göken has brought this classic children’s toy to 3D printing. Her shape sorting toy takes the form of a box. Each side of the box has a different configuration of shapes to fit blocks through. To add to the complexity of problem-solving, the same size hole is printed on multiple sides, meaning children will be able to fit one shape into multiple holes. The top face of the box is a detachable lid allowing you to remove all the blocks from inside so you can play again.


Image result for child shape sorting

Educational Toys Planet 


All the parts are very easy to print support free. There are 9 varying shaped blocks to print but you can print more to fit the 15 holes in the box. To avoid choking hazards, it's important when 3D printing this object that you scale it up to an appropriate size to avoid your child accidentally swallowing the blocks. 3D print the toy in multiple colors to help stimulate the child's growing cognition. Perhaps you can print in colors that match their nursery.


To make this shape fit, click that link!

9. 3D Printable Whimsical Whirler

So many classic kids toys have been reinvented by 3D designers, here’s another one from Ryan Van Waes.


The spinning top is one of the oldest toys in existence, having been around as far back as antiquity (ancient Greece and Rome). The spinning top is exactly what it says it is, a small toy designed to rapidly spin on the ground for a long period of time without falling. Traditionally made of wood, they would often be attached to a rope, which when uncoiled would set the top in its spinning motion. Though many just require the top to be spun by hand.


Related image



Expanding on the traditional rope coiled spinning top, Ryan designed a 3D printable top. Ryan’s top uses a zip coil. The top fits into the bottom of the zip coil mechanism, when the zip coil is pulled out, the top will fall free from the mechanism and spin. Having the ability to spin the top super fast in just one pull of a chord makes the toy more enjoyable for younger kids. They can even print one for a friend and see who can spin their top the longest, or if one top can knock the other down.


The top prints in 3 parts, downloaded in one STL. All three parts are fairly easy to print, free of supports. 3D print in a stylish metallic gray like Ryan - or if you want to add to the fun, you could use a dual extruder printer to print a multicolored top. Then watch the colors dance as it spins at top speeds.


Click the link to 3D print and be TOP of the class!

10. 3D Printable Art Amusement

Last, but certainly not least, we have a fun toy for any kids with that artistic flair.


Drawing pictures is a favorite childhood pastime for many. It’s no surprise then, that there are many tools out there enabling kids to draw imaginative and crazy pictures. Tools like geometric drawing toys, the most famous being the Spirograph, have been around since the 60s. These toys feature a disc with sharp edges on the outside and holes in the center at various intervals. The disk fits into a bigger ring, which has edges on the inside this time. By placing a pen in one of the disk's holes, the disk glides around the ring, edge on edge, resulting in a range of exciting and unique geometric shapes, known as ‘mathematical roulette curves.’


Valdis Torms created his own 3D printable version of this geometric toy. Unlike the traditional versions of the toy, which take the form of simple rings, this toy looks like a majestic owl. The idea behind the design was to use the tool to draw egg-like shapes, symbolic of new life. The owl itself symbolic of higher wisdom. This isn’t the only geometric drawing toy available by Valdis, check out his Egg and Heart shaped 3D printable drawing tools too. Each print very easily and support free.

Click the link to print, you’ll have a hoot!



Our 3D designers are having a great time creating toys and games for people of all ages to enjoy. We hope they continue to stretch their imaginations and help others expand theirs.

If you’ve enjoyed Toy Story 4, don’t miss the 3D printable Forky from @Dream-it-Model-it, available and free to download! 

Already printed any of the toys from this list? Are there other 3D printable toys you think we’re missing? Maybe there's something you'd like to see that hasn't been designed yet; if so tell us about it by posting in ideas


Be sure to share your prints with us by tagging @myminifactory on social and upload your photos to community prints via the model page or via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Reddit discussion page.


That’s it from us! 


Let playtime commence!