Who is the Community Blog for?

This space is for anybody and everybody with an interest in 3D printing! We encourage 3D makers and 3D designers alike to share their knowledge and help educate one another. The open community at MyMiniFactory provides a fantastic ecosystem for distributing information to like-minded individuals who love 3D printing from unboxing to post-processing.

Who will be reading my Articles?

Your articles will be available for our entire community to read! This is an exciting venture to promote your work, build your profile and share your experiences in the 3D printing world at MyMiniFactory. A blog is a great platform to reach out to others in the field.

Why will I love Writing Articles?

  • As a newcomer, this is a great way to introduce yourself to our community. The space will enable you to ask questions to makers and designers, or to portray your ideas for the veteran users of the industry to recommend and assist.
  • As a maker, you could exhibit the process of your 3D print simply through displaying videos or pictures. These can easily become lost and sometimes, this isn’t enough for your audience. By providing this platform, we are expanding your patrons and increasing your following. You can write engaging articles about the process of a 3D print in harmony with imagery to exhibit your work in such a way that they complement one another.
  • As a designer, this is a fantastic space to promote your page and incredible 3D prints. You will be enabled to increase your following across the community through an entirely new method of engagement. With the Community Blog platform, explaining the inspiration behind your intuitive 3D prints will inspire others to follow in your footsteps in leading the industry.

How will the Community Blog Benefit me?

This is a fantastic and innovative platform to take control of your profile and increase engagement. Seize the opportunity that we’re providing to you and help us to help you publicize your work to share the creative 3D prints and designs that you’ve worked so hard to create.

When will the article become live?

We will contact you if there’s anything that we think needs adjusting to your article. As soon as we check through your content and are happy with your work, you’re good to go!