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The MyMiniFactory Community Blog is an open space where you can write about your passions for 3D printing. Write engaging content that intrigues your readers.

Share your knowledge of any specific relevant topic to expand the 3D printing industry, increase your profile awareness and gain a loyal following. You can write about your interests in any open topics such as tabletop gaming or your favorite 3D printer.

Once you’ve finished the article and are pleased with the result, submit it to MyMiniFactory by clicking ‘Submit Now’. Following submission, we’ll check through your content to ensure that it adheres to our guidelines and get in touch once it’s published.

Who Is The Community Blog For?

The MyMiniFactory Community Blog is a great space to educate your peers. 3D designers will be able to share tips and styles and 3D makers can share their struggles and solutions. Even if you’re new to the industry, you can utilize the Community Blog to share your introduction to the industry!

Through writing articles that articulate your knowledge to other 3D printing enthusiasts, you will gain a strong reputation in the community, therefore increasing the following on your MyMiniFactory profile and helping build the foundations of your place in the industry.

Some examples of the direction that you can embark upon are:

  • ‘How to’ guides: such as “How to 3D Design a Miniature” or “How to Print Using The Elegoo Mars Pro”.
  • “Behind The Scenes: My First Time Painting a 3D Miniature!”
  • Inspirational pieces about your creative process of designing.
  • Your passion: “Why I love dragons D&D miniatures!”
  • Why you print what you print: ‘An Article On Why I Love Printing 3D Cats’
Choose topics that you’re passionate about sharing with the community.

Benefits Of Writing Your Own Articles

Why should you use this space? The Community Blog is a fantastic platform to promote your own 3D designs to increase your profile’s presence. Through writing your own articles, you can elevate yourself in the 3D printing industry and share your knowledge with others.

We encourage you to:

  • Teach community about 3D printing experiences
  • Talk about your 3D designs to increase brand awareness
  • Express ideas to peers and discuss in comments
  • Unique connections to the community, increasing social presence
  • A platform to express your views and compare with peers
  • Form connections with your fellow community through feedback
  • Inexpensive method of promoting 3D designs


You’re almost ready to start writing your first article! Before you do, there are just a few final guidelines you need to follow:

  • Keep your content relevant to your topic throughout.
  • Relevance to 3D printing is a must.
  • Try to avoid long paragraphs: break up your article with the use of subheadings.
  • Take inspiration from other blogs: learn from others who have already embarked upon this journey!
  • Use imagery and descriptive details when relevant. This will help your article stand out and keep technical content from feeling dry.
  • Try to explain specialist language when used. Your readers might be new to the industry, help them feel welcomed and less intimidated by offering explanations when necessary.
  • Keep topics open to expand your audience.
  • Avoid controversial topics such as religion and politics.
  • No rude or offensive language.
  • Last but not least, have fun!

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