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Love 3D Printed Miniatures? Here are 21 epic minis to 3D print for your next campaign!


10 months ago

Tabletop gaming continues to rise in popularity since the inception of the original tabletop role-playing game, Dungeons & Dragons, in 1974. Since the ‘70s, there has been a technological boom and with these developments in technology, 3D printing has proven to be a popular way for people to create miniatures and get more from their hobby.

Tabletop gamers from across the world unite under one banner to create campaigns for role-play games - 3D printing mighty armies, fearless heroes, relentless dragons, (hideous) trolls and much more!

If you love tabletop gaming and 3D printed miniatures, you’ve come to the right place! In no particular order, here is a selection of popular guaranteed 3D printable minis from incredible designers found on MyMiniFactory - ready to print for your most epic campaign yet!


1. Captain Leonius Sharp Fang

3D Printed Miniature by Heroes Infinite

Join the legendary Captain Leonius and his crew on your most treacherous voyage yet! Want to meet the rest of the crew? Give Heroes Infinite a follow and discover what the life of a Pirate of the White Sea is really like.


2. Fire Wolf

3D Printed Miniature by Printed Obsession

The Fire Wolf terrorizes local settlements with its ember-lined and surprisingly stylish fur. Have you got what it takes to take on the Fire Wolf?! Or will you attempt to tame it? This 3D printed miniature is also the first of a series of elemental wolves brought to you by Printed Obsession.


3. Golem

3D Printed Miniature by MiniaturesOfMadness

Have you ever tried to fight a pile of rocks? No? Me neither. This 3D printed Golem could prove to be quite an opponent, download for free to find out!


4. Tarrasque

3D Printed Miniature by Lord of the Print

Are you ready to face your mightiest foe yet?! Introducing the Tarrasque by Lord of the Print, the most powerful monster of the realm ready to shake up your tabletop games!


5. Barbarian Dragon Slayer

3D Printed Miniature by Dan Kelly

"After a brutal and bloody battle, Brogan stands, exhausted, scarred, but ultimately triumphant atop the severed head of his Draconian foe.  Hewn free with the aid of 'Drakebane', his enchanted sword, the head of this dragon serves as a trophy and proof of his prowess in combat." Join Brogan and Dan Kelly in slaying some dragons!


6. Succubus

3D Printed Miniature by 3DArtGuy 

“The Succubus stands separate from all demon kin as the seductress, the manipulator of mortal hearts. But behind the allure, the Succubus is still a demon and will do horrifying things to those who succumb to its charms. And once she sinks her talons into a victim, they are doomed.” Will you be lured in by the temptress? Or are you able to resist this 3D printed miniature’s powerful charm? Download to find out...


7. Undead Drake

3D Printed Miniature by Cast n Play

If you thought that a drake was a worthy opponent - why not try your hand at this Undead Drake by Cast n Play?


8. Fantasy Knight

3D Printed Miniature by Ricardo Coronel

Ready to fight injustice and defend the kingdom from monsters and demons? Download and 3D print the Fantasy Knight for your next heroic campaign!


9. Flesh Mound

3D Printed Miniature by Gloomy Kid

Dressed in the remains of its enemies, the Flesh Mound is searching for its next meal… Desperate to ravage you and your companions. Are you able to defeat this hideous creature? Or will you be consumed by its slime? Introduce this terrifying 3D printed miniature to your next campaign to spook your players!


10. Oni

3D Printed Miniature by Rocket Pig Games

The mysterious Oni appears to be capable of wielding magic. Will he join your cause? Or will there be conflict? Download and 3D print this curious 3D printed miniature to find out!


11. Baalzrodan the Demon King

3D Printed Miniature by Artisan Guild

Need a new Epic Boss for your next campaign? Gotten so tough that your enemies are defeated too easily? Introducing Baalzrodan - the Demon King! Ready to be summoned by your 3D Printer… Take on entire armies and challenge your party in both wargames and role-playing games with the force of this epic demon!


12. Purple Worm

3D Printed Miniature by schlossbauer

Try worming your way out of this fight! This ferocious monster won’t give up that easily...


13. Ogre Mauler Miniature

3D Printed Miniature by Epics N Stuffs

I hope you haven’t chosen a dwarf as your character for your current campaign… This Ogre Mauler loves the taste of raw dwarf flesh. Although, he’s not picky. Ready to take on this hungry monster? Download and 3D print your STL files now!


14. Lila and Grimpaw

3D Printed Miniature by The Dragon Trappers Lodge

Atop her faithful mount Grimpaw, Lila explores the forests of the realm in search for monsters and creatures tormenting local settlements. Will you help Lila in defending the innocent? 3D print Lila and Grimpaw today to defend the realm!


15. Hanabi, Hanzaki Ninja (Firebreather)

3D Printed Miniature by CobraMode

“The Hanzaki are the salamander-like juvenile form of Celestial Dragons. Given the scarcity of adult Celestial Dragons, you might assume their offspring are equally scarce, but the Hanzaki are surprisingly abundant. It takes them such a long time to mature, however, that very few manage to ascend as Celestial Dragons. But even in their juvenile form, they are fast and deadly!”


16. Tiamat

3D Printed Miniature by Miguel Zavala

Sure, you’ve fought a thousand dragons and become the ultimate champion already. But what about a Tiamet, a five-headed dragon?! The queen and mother of evil dragons is ready for you to 3D print...


17. Rujin Shogun

3D Printed Miniature by Titan Forge Miniatures

Wield your katana and join the Rujin Shogun in your next quest!


18. Lava Dragon

3D Printed Miniature by Archvillain Games

From the deepest depths of hell, the lava dragon rises once more! Reigning terror on your homeland, do you have the courage to face the Lava Dragon? 3D print to find out...


19. Knox the Goblin Alchemist

3D Printed Miniature by Twin Goddess Miniatures

Knox the Goblin Alchemist is an unlikely hero but always has her eye on the prize and strikes true with her slingshot. This 3D printed miniature is ready to join you and your companions on your next campaign!


20. Goblin Warrior Knight

3D Printed Miniature by PollyGrimm

Cladded from head to toe, the Goblin Warrior Knight certainly listened when they said: “dress to impress”. Join this handsome fellow, ready to 3D print.


21. Elf Hero

3D Printed Miniature by Leandro Benigno

The Elf Hero has a natural skill with the longbow and sneaking up on his enemies in dense woodland. Wanting to take a more cautious approach with your next campaign? This is your guy!


Which is your favorite 3D printed miniature from this selection? Let us know in the comments below!

Already printed one (or two, or more) of these 3D models? Share your remix on MyMiniFactory and show your appreciation to these incredibly talented designers!

Happy printing and see you next time!

Harry, MyMiniFactory

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