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Scan the World X Google Arts and Culture

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25 days ago

We at Scan the World are very excited to finally announce that our partnership with Google Arts and Culture is going live! The intention of this partnership is to broadcast Scan the World’s tireless efforts as a non-profit ecosystem of 3D printable artefacts through Google’s platforms.

Every object tells a story on Scan the World, and we want these incredible artworks and histories to be shared as much as possible across the globe.

Visit Scan the World's partner page on Google Arts and Culture


When you first enter our partner page you will see that we have a series of new stories from the community, as well as highlighting our processes and previous collaborations with museums such as The Statens Museum for Kunst, The Nationalmuseum Sweden, Thorvaldsensmuseum, The Mougins Museum and The Crawford Art Gallery. Also we will be elevating our community members who have shared their responses to the collection, such as Abbey Ellis’ plaster casts made from an FDM print!

This is a long-term collaboration, not just between Scan the World and Google, but also with the community. If you have stories and objects that you would like to share, please contact us at [email protected]!


A series of models from our collaborations with museums have also been shared on Google Arts and Culture, which can be viewed through a novel open source 3D viewer built by Google. These models will be able to be viewed through Google Search, and into mixed realities through your phone or computer. Every object has backlinks to its object page on MyMiniFactory, where the 3D models can be downloaded and printed!


This is all part of our goals to keep Scan the World thriving, ensuring every model remains free on the platform and that the community’s hard work is easily discoverable. The project remains free for everyone to use and will continue to build from its core columns of freedom, inclusiveness, purposefulness and sustainability.

Many more projects are already on the horizon in this partnership with Google, we hope you enjoy the ride!

With love,

Scan the World team

Credits - render by @kylan.luginbuhl

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