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Top 10 Best Easter Designs To 3D Print

We’re already halfway through April 2019, and that means its nearly Easter. Birds are chirping; chicks and lambs are being born; and your Nan is brushing off her Sunday best to force you to go to church with her.


One of the best things about Easter, of course, is having an extra long weekend. Which  means more time for 3D printing! It also probably means you should be thinking of activities to partake in with your family and friends.


Easter Sunday comes around once a year. And while its a fun time to celebrate, buying lots of expensive decorations and memorabilia that you’re just going to put away until next year or chuck out all together isn’t worth it. This year, instead of wasting time at the store, and adding another task on the to-do list, start an activity the whole family can be a part of! 3D printing saves you time, money and the headache of shopping, making it the best  way to get ready for this holiday.


To help you even more, we’ve compiled a list of our top 10 3D Printable Easter friendly models, on MyMiniFactory, to inspire you to celebrate Easter 2019 the 3D printable way!


1. Game Of Easter

Stian Erik Wahlvåg has designed many surprise eggs for MyMiniFactory, but his latest design blows the rest of out of the park. Hollow Dragon Egg is by far one of the most downloaded Easter models, with no supports, and a single file print it’s a simple yet extremely effective 3D masterpiece.


Another fun aspect of this design is its versatility in size. It will print perfectly upscaled up to 200%. This means you can 3D print eggs of all sizes. Remember once you download the .stl you can reprint as many times as you wish. Check out the community prints, you’ll see makers doing just that -small eggs for candy, big eggs for gifts; you can even create a 3D Matryoshka-egg-nesting situation with multi-sized eggs inside one another.


You might be wondering why  a dragon, since it may not seem like a very Easter specific  animal to you, but you’re forgetting the other important event that took place this April. The Game of Thrones’ final season of course! So why not subtly slip a little Westeros flavor into your family's easter egg hunt, as long as it doesn't go the way of the red wedding.


Click the link to download this EGGciting STL.


2. Resurrection Sunday

At its core, Easter Sunday is a religious festival. For anyone wishing to remember the true story of Easter, Scan The World has the perfect 3D crucifixion print, sculpted by Baccio da Montelupo (1469-1535), to grace your decorations this year.


This scan of Baccio da Montelupo’s large carving, depicts Jesus on the cross as he appeared during his crucifixion. Montelupo, prevalent during the Renaissance, and father to another prolific artist, Raffaello da Montelupo, actually carved several Crucifix sculptures during his career.


By printing this 3D model for Easter 2019, you can continue that long and storied tradition. Why not try printing it in a wood filament like Polmaker’s PolyWood to get that authentic da Montelupo look?


Click the link to EGGStend the true meaning of Easter


3. Put The Cart Before The Bunny

Any good Easter display needs a bunny, and any good bunny brings treats. Tatiana Bulgakova (@TanyaAkinora) has designed this quaint decoration for just that purpose.


This easy to assemble, support free model, prints in six parts. The design is also suitable for adjusting to your scale of choice , so you can enlarge the model to meet the needs of whatever items you want your little bunny friend to transport to the festivities.


You can use this bunny as a purely decorative ensemble for the weekend's festivities as Tatiana has in the picture above. The bunny is carting one of her 3D Printed Easter Eggs, also available on MyMiniFactory. If you’re having guests, use the cart to offer real chocolate eggs or similar treats. You can even tailor your choice of filament to match the packaging, for a little bit of aesthetic synergy.


Click the link to let this 3D bunny EGGsplore your home.


4. A Mobile 3D Easter Bunny

Better than the Duracell bunny,  this technical design comes from the brilliant mind of Greg Zumwalt.


An update to his original design from 2016, the Windup Bunny 2 is larger and much faster. Its four wheel drive, also has coasting and pull toy capabilities that its predecessor did not.


If you have kids of your own or some in your family, this 3D printable model will be an entertaining activity for the both of you to enjoy this Easter weekend. Challenge your Maker spirit with the dynamic print and assembly. As with any piece of gadgetry this print has plenty of parts, (but don’t worry they’re support free). With patience and precision, the finished result will be very rewarding. Once you’ve pieced it together, take a picture and upload it to the community prints, then let the kids have fun playing with their mechanical bunny on Sunday. Gives you time to grab some chocolate while they’re distracted.


To get some EGGcersize, click the link. And have a look at the Bunny in action here.


5. A Fabergé 3D Surprise

Easter 2019 is all about the 3D printed eggs, and we’ve got plenty of choice. Embellish your home with these royal, 3D printable fabergé jewelled egg designs, Alphonse Marcel was inspired to create.

This file pack gives you three different eggs.


The Harlequin features a symmetrical diamond pattern. Paint it in a multicoloured fashion, like Alphonse, for that classical joker look, or maybe go for two alternating colors for a more graceful aesthetic.


The Lizard has a scaly, rugged design, just like a reptilian skin. Paint it in amphibious greens, or reds for something more sinister.


Finally, The Steampunk egg has a mechanical appeal, like the inside of a clock. Why not experiment with some metallic filaments like Matterhackers’ Metallic Gold PRO Series PLA when printing this one?


Each egg prints easily in one part, perfect to quickly prepare before an easter egg hunt. Plus, due to their chic designs, there’s nothing stopping you from displaying them in your home for the rest of the year.


Click the link to print these EGGSeedingly royal designs.


6. What Came First....?

Speaking of easter egg hunts, the nice spring weather will be perfect for spending Easter 2019 in your garden. 3DWithUs has the perfect print for an outdoor Easter celebration. This adorable, support free planter was sculpted in Zbrush especially for this spring season!


The beauty of this Rabbit pot is its versatility. 3DWithUs designed it to be used as a decorative table pot as well as a planter, so you have versatile options for use once you’ve printed it. Set it as a centerpiece to offer chocolate eggs and sweets to guests and loved ones. Or plant a small flower within it and display it in your garden or on your dining table. Perhaps you can plant a bigger flower and keep the bunny in your garden year round.


Whatever you decide, keep in mind the ideal look is achieved  when printed in PLA, or in wood filament. 3DWithUs have also included a bonus “ears” test print in the .stl pack to help you avoid any messy failed prints.


Click the link if this is EGGSactly what you were after. And watch this to learn more about the design process.

7. ...The Display Bunny Or The Golden Egg

Yep, it’s another Egg, you can never have too many at this time of year. This is the first in Christopher Frieze’s collection of eggs for Easter 2019 on MyMiniFactory.


While this Easter egg is simple to print, there is nothing simple about it’s intricate design. With layers of rings and petals converging on one central flower motif, this is certainly a 3D printable Easter egg masterpiece for those artistic Easter paraphernalia fans.


This design has certainly been popular within our community, having been downloaded excessively since its debut this month. Take a look at the community prints to see how it’s inspired others creativity. Specifically Vicki Metzger’s incredible light concept transforming the floral design to create an inspiring egg lamp.


If you want to print this EGGSquisite design as well, click that link.


8. The Legend Of Easter

The Legend of Zelda may not be something you’d typically associate with Easter, but Koholint Island’s main feature is the Wind Fish’s enormous egg, and that qualifies it enough for us.

In fact this Easter is the perfect time to commit to this epic print from Jukka Seppänen, as Nintendo recently announced that a remake of The Legend of Zelda-Link’s Awakening is coming to the Switch later this year.  Download and start printing this picturesque island as your hype for the game builds, it can double as a nice centerpiece for your Easter display. Your non-geek friends will probably be enamored with the multipart, multicolored pieces anyways.

The island is constructed in 6 easy to print, support free layers. So you can print the water, sand, forest and other pieces  using different filament colors if you’re not keen on painting to get your desired look.


Click the Link (Get it?) to download this EGGceLON-LONt print. Yes that one was two puns. And enjoy Seppänen’s satisfying timelapse.


9. All Your Easter Eggs In One basket

With all the unique eggs you’ve printed this far, you need somewhere to display them.


Grégory’s egg rack design has you covered. This useful rack will keep your eggs safe and looking delightful in any room Its can even act as a display for any painted eggs you’ve finished brushing up. Definitely a must download.


Plus if you’re hosting an Easter egg hunt, you can print multiple and use these racks to easily determine who has found all their eggs! As the racks or “support oeufs” are printed separately, you can experiment with the colors of rings to match the eggs placed in them. Or print varying sizes to fit the larger 3D printed eggs you’d like to put on display.


Click the link so no-one can EGGnore your beautiful prints.


10. Shere-O-Bot Inspired Egg Bot

If you’ve been looking for a way to get into arduino then we’ve got the perfect print for you. Get technical this Easter, with this exciting, simple, open source CNC art robotics project!

This 3D printable design, originally created by the Evil Mad Scientist, can be crafted by children as young as 10 and as professional as the likes of Elliot Williams from Hackaday. The 3D printable version is getting bigger and bigger in the robotics community and we can certainly see why.


Based on the Shere-O-Bot by jjRobots, this robotic print from Jacek Rubik enables you to draw on spherical objects, like Easter Eggs.


Ever been stuck unsuccessfully trying to draw or paint a design on a slippery, round egg, only to end up with little more than a scribble that was meant to be a newborn lamb? By building this bot, you’ll enable drawings you wouldn’t imagine possible. An easy to assemble mechanism, it can be put together in as little as one hour, and only requires a couple of basic tools. After piecing it together, watch the pen and egg motors work in high-torque precision, your artistic designs will be printed perfectly on you your egg in no time.


Keep it around until Christmas to decorate your baubles too.


Want to be a robotics EGGspert? Then click that link!


If you’ve managed to survive the egg puns and made it to the end of our list we hope you’ve left with some great ideas of how your 3D printer can make this Easter Sunday extra special.


And we would love to see your 3D printed Easter decorations and models, whether it’s one of the designs on this list or something you’ve created yourself.


Be sure to share on social and tag @myminifactory for a chance to be featured! Or upload it on  Community Prints or on our brand new Reddit Discussion Page for a chance to get a special shoutout in our newsletter or homepage!


Now it’s time for us to make our EGGSit.