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Top 10 Best Pokémon Designs to 3D Print Now!

Pokémon: Detective Pikachu is in theatres now!

If you’re a lifelong Pokéfan the release of this movie is a big deal, as it’s the first time the franchise has ventured into live-action movies! You might be shocked to learn that the Pokemon franchise is the highest grossing media franchise of ALL TIME, making more money than Marvel, Star Wars and even the giant that is, Mickey Mouse. Pokémon has already conquered the world of animated movies and TV with its wildly successful anime, which I'm sure many of us watched as kids. Now it’s time to see if they can make the jump to live-action and resonate just as strongly with us in this new setting.

 Based on the 2018 game of the same name, Detective Pikachu, the film will follow the adventures of Tim Goodman (Justice Smith) as he comes across a talking, wise cracking Pikachu (voiced by Ryan Reynolds) who insists on helping Tim find his missing Father, Harry. The trailers have already revealed the live action designs of many fan favorite Pokémon, which took the internet by storm. A key selling point of this movie will be for Pokéfans to see how many Pokémon they can identify in the back of the scenes, and decide themselves if they transitioned well to that 'photorealistic' look.

But a major movie isn’t the only big thing happening to The Pokémon Company in 2019! In November a new pair of main series Pokémon games is set to be released for the Nintendo Switch, Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield. The games are set in a new region of the Pokémon world, the Galar region, which is based on the UK, our home here at MyMiniFactory. Only three new Pokémon have been revealed for the games so far: the regional starters Grooky, Scorbunny & Sobble, but many more are sure to be revealed over this coming year.

2019 is in many ways the year of Pokémon! What better way to celebrate the success of this mega franchise than by 3D printing some of your own fan art. We at MyMiniFactory have scoped our site to find the best 3D printable Pokémon designs for you to download and 3D print for free right now!

1. A 3D Printable Pokémon Meme

The instantly recognizable mascot of the Pokémon franchise, Pikachu, the electric type mouse Pokémon, is the most famous of them all. Debuting in the very first generation of Pokémon games, as the mascot of Pokémon Yellow, it quickly gained popularity as the partner of Ash, the main character of the anime. It’s through this anime that Pikachu recently gained a new form of notoriety. Someone somewhere decided to capture a moment from season one’s Bulbasaur and the Hidden Village episode, in which Pikachu made a surprised face. Naturally, the internet created a new meme and Surprised Pikachu was born!

MyMiniFactory studio designerJukka Seppänen has created this humourous 3d printable design for anyone wishing to immortalize this meme as part of their Pokémon collection. The print is easy, it’s support free and can print with zero infill, meaning you can print it quickly and set it pride of place right away. Yellow filament is obviously best for this print, to get that proper Pikachu look. But how about using an orange filament for Pikachu’s shiny form? Or feel free to go for a totally unique Pikachu color. You could even remix the design by adding a little detective hat, just like in the new movie.

Click the link to surprise your friends with this thrilling 3D print! And while you’re downloading, why not check out Jukka’s other Pokémon designs, like 3D printable evolution Pokémon Eevee and the stunning fox Pokémon, 3D printable Vulpix. Entertain yourself with this Vulpix time lapse!

2. Gotta 3D Print 'Em All

There are over 800 known species of Pokémon, so picking which ones you want to own can be a real challenge. Luckily you can now 3D print a whole load at once, thanks to Agustin Flowalistik.

Every Pokémon journey starts with a trainer choosing their starter Pokémon, this is a choice between a grass, fire or water type. Except in Pokémon Yellow, where you’ve got the electric type Pikachu instead. In this set, Agustin gives you all three starter Pokémon from the first generation: 3D printable Bulbasaur (the seed Pokémon), 3D printable Charmander (the lizard Pokémon) & 3D printable Squirtle (the tiny turtle Pokémon). You also get a 3D printable Pikachu and two starters from the second generation: 3D printable Chikorita (the leaf Pokémon) and 3D printable Totodile (the big jaw Pokémon).

Related image

Agustin designed his Pokémon in a Low Poly design as a tribute to the lower graphics of the original games on the Game Boy. They are support free and excellent for beginners in 3D printing due to their simple design. Because of this, and the fact that they are so cute, Low Poly Pokémon are pretty popular on MyMiniFactory, and they are Agustin’s specialty. Check out his low poly Eevee design that fits in perfectly with these prints, as well as his multi/dual extruder versions of Squirtle, Charmander, Bulbasaur and of course Pikachu!

To start your 3D printing Pokémon journey off right, click the link.


3. A Different Kind Of Pokémon Battle

The Pokémon games are all about leveling up your Pokémon to make them strong enough to battle other people’s Pokémon using their own special abilities. There’s a lot of strategy involved, as before a battle you need to take into account many important factors about the opposing team. For instance you must evaluate what type of Pokémon they are using. If they have a dark type, for example, psychic type moves will have no effect - you’re better off using a fairy or fighting type against them. You can also assess the level of your opponent, a level 56 Charizard will be much stronger than your level 16 Charmeleon.

Image result for pokemon battle gif

 Pokémon isn’t the only game that requires a strategic mind, it’s also a requirement to become a master at chess. Raphael Schaaf has melded the two worlds together, utilizing the first generation’s large roster of Pokémon to create this fun chess set. The pieces are designed to be printed in two sections: the base, a Poké Ball design, and the top, the Pokémon itself. Each chess piece has a different shaped base below the Poké Ball to easily delineate between the chessmen. Pawns for example, all have circular bases, and rooks have octagons. Raphael went for a traditional chess look for his print, using different shades of wood filament. If you need ideas, you could 3D print in black and white filament, or metallic colors. You could also paint each Pokémon in their original colors, with the opposite side featuring their shiny variants.

Click the link to call checkmate on your 3D printed Pokémon battle

4. 3D Printing, I Choose You!

On your journey, you can catch as many Pokémon as you can find, but having hundreds of creatures following you around would be a bit difficult, hence, Poké Balls. Used as both a way of catching and storing your Poké-pals, there are many different kinds of Poké Ball available for trainers. There’s the Ultra Ball, which allows you to catch higher level Pokémon, the Heavy Ball, for catching heavy Pokémon, the Master Ball, which is guaranteed to catch the Pokémon (but you only get one per game so it’s best to save it for the legendary Pokémon) and many more. The most recognizable ball however is the standard Poké ball; with its sleek red and white design, it’s become an enduring symbol of the franchise.

Image result for poke ball gif

That being said, and since Pokémon Sword and Shield are coming out on the Nintendo Switch, you're gonna need something to keep those game cartridges nice and safe. What better than your very own Poké Ball. That’s just what Kickass3DPrints have designed for you. This 3D design prints in 5 parts: the top and bottom interior parts, the exterior caps and the button. Creating the hinge may require some precision as the holes print very fine, but when it’s completed the case is well worth the effort put in. It’s designed to look like a regular red and white Poké Ball but that’s not to say you cant remix and print your case as a Master Ball, Timer Ball or even a Luxury Ball.

To catch this wild 3D print, click the link quick!

5. 3D Printable Sleeping Pokémon

 Another Pokémon from the original generation of games, Snorlax (the sleeping Pokémon) is the laziest creature around. A normal typePokémon, Snorlax’s main role in the games is usually to fall asleep in the middle of a major route, preventing the player from moving past him until they have completed necessary tasks. Once the player receives the Poké Flute they can play a melody to wake him, then they can either defeat or catch him. You may wonder why anyone would want a big lazy slob on their Pokémon team, but when he’s awake he can pack quite a punch. In recent games he has learned the powerful Z-move, Pulverizing Pancake.

Related imageSomeone who’s felt warmth for this lovable layabout is designer Anthony Lu, who created this adorable 3D printable model. Printed in 5 parts, when assembled you’ll have a complete Snorlax to nap proudly on your Pokémon shelf. You’ll need different color filaments to create the belly, body and claws, and you can finish it off with a lick of paint for its face. Of course you can customize your 3D printable Snorlax however you want. Why not try remixing it to lie down and make it look even sleeper. Anthony has also shared many other 3D printable Pokémondesigns that can join Snorlax on display, including the shadow Pokémon Gengar, the duck Pokémon Psyduck & the transform Pokémon Ditto.

Click the link to wake your sleeping 3D Printer.

6. 3D Printable Shellfish Pokémon

As the mascot of Pokémon Blue, Blastoise has become a favorite with fans. One such fan, Nick Edinger, designed this awesome 3D printable Blastoise model!

When you start your Pokémon journey, your starter Pokémon will probably be with you every step of the way. You’ll be training it, leveling it up and bonding with it. All that hard work does not go unrewarded. Starter Pokémon always evolve twice, with their final evolutionary stages being a large powerful beast. The tiny turtle Pokémon, Squirtle, evolves into Wartortle (the turtle Pokémon), and eventually Blastoise (the shellfish Pokémon).

Image result for blastoise gif

Once assembled, the action figure is fully articulated, meaning you can act out your own Pokémon battles, or just pose it however you want on your shelf. It’s a fun project for anyone who likes to build or paint, but not too complicated for anyone wishing to get started with 3D printing. Will you paint your Blastoise in its traditional colors, shiny colors or a new scheme? You could try remixing the figure to look like generation 6’s Mega Blastoise.


Don’t be shellfish, click the link and 3D Print now!

7. A Tasty 3D Printable Mascot

Any good movie experience includes plenty of snacks, so when you head to see Detective Pikachu this weekend why don’t you take along some Pokémon themed food. The Pokémon universe has many appetizing snacks. There’s the ‘Rage Candy Bar’ from the Johto region, ‘Kalos’ Lumiose Galette’ or ‘Alola’s Big Malasada’ to name a few. You could try your hand at recreating some of these scrumptious dishes in the real world, or you could just make some cookies.

Image result for pokemon food gifAlberto Cervantes designed this charming novelty cookie cutter based on the ever present Pokémon Pikachu. Cookie cutters are a very popular print for beginners as they are easy to make and they’re fun too! An important thing to remember when producing them, however, is food safety.. You could even have a go at casting the print in metal to make a more durable and reusable 3D printed cutter. Brodie Fairhall's YouTube channel can help you there!

Click the link to get this scrumptious 3D print! And if you’re hungry some more Pokémon food check this out!

8. Become A 3D Printable Pokémon Master

For any budding Pokémon trainer, the dream is to one day enter and win the Pokémon league. To enter the league a trainer must collect 8 badges from Pokémon Gyms by beating the Gym Leaders in a tough battle. In the first generation, set in the Kanto region, the badges you’re required to collect the Boulder, Cascade, Thunder, Rainbow, Soul, Marsh, Volcano & Earth Badges.

Image result for pokemon badges gifBilly Bolton fulfilled the dreams of Pokéfans who’ve always wished they could be a Pokémon trainer themselves. In this 3D printable set you can obtain your own copies of the 8 Kanto Gym Badges, and display them with pride. You can attach pins to the back of the prints and wear them, or you can mount them on a board to display on your bedroom wall. But this is only one regions badges. There are currently 8 known regions in the Pokémon world. It would be great to see the badges from different regions uploaded to MyMiniFactory, have a go at designing them in your own CAD software. We could see Sinnoh’s Relic badge, Alola’s Surge badge or even, later this year, a badge from the Galar region.

To accept the 3D printable gym challenge, click that link.

9. 3D Printable Volcano Pokémon 

One of the most exciting Pokémon encounters for any trainer is that of the Legendary Pokémon. With each new game, new Llegendary Pokémon are introduced. Some appear to the player as part of the storyline, like Ho-oh or Zekrom, others appear roaming about somewhere in the region, like Moltres or Mesprit and some can only be obtained from special events in the real world, like Mew or Hoopa. The Volcano Pokémon Entei was introduced in generation 2 as part of the Legendary Beasts trio, alongside Raikou and Suicune. All three beasts were created by the rainbow Pokémon Ho-oh after a fire destroyed Johto’s Brass Tower; each represents an aspect of the disaster, Entei represents the fire itself.

Image result for entei gifAnton Wallerstedt designed this beautifully detailed 3D printable model in Zbrush for any fans of the legendary beast. Easily printed in twelve parts, once assembled it’s time to paint your new Poké pal. Either you can paint your Entei in the traditional browns, reds and golds of the fire type Pokémon or you can paint it to resemble the even rarer shiny variant. But what’s a trio without all its members, we haven't seen any models of the remaining legendary beasts on MyMiniFactory and we’d love to! Have a go at designing the aurora Pokémon Suicune and the thunder Pokémon Raikou so that our makers can have the full trio on their Pokémon shelf. And why not design a Ho-oh while you’re at it!

Click the link to let you passion for 3D printing erupt.

10. 3D Printable Ball Pokémon

Is that another Poké ball 3D design? No! It’s a Voltorb (the ball Pokémon) and its evolved form Electrode (also the ball Pokémon). These aggressive electric type Pokémon are known for being unpredictable. Often mistaken for Poké balls by careless trainers, they are prone to self destructing at the beginning of a battle, injuring themselves as well as the trainer’s Pokémon.

Related imageDon’t worry though, Zemba Craftworks’ 3D design won’t self destruct. Another Low-poly Pokémon print, Zemba actually aims to create the entire Generation One Pokédex in this popular style. You can follow his progress on this via his YouTube channel and Instagram with the hashtag #printthepokedex.

There are plenty of options for printing this electrifying Pokémon. Included in the available STL’s are flat bases for the Pokémon, allowing them to stand up on a shelf, as well as versions with the traditional round bottoms. To create the duel color look of the Pokémon you can either pause halfway through the print and change the color of the filament or print in two separate halves and stick them together. The shiny versions of these Pokémon have blue sections instead of red, so why not print them with this coloration as well?!

Click the link to add these combustible creatures to you 3D printed Pokémon collection.


Are you going to see Detective Pikachu this weekend? Are you excited about the new Pokémon games on The Switch this year? Hopefully this list of 3D printable Pokémon fanart has enhanced your desire to spend time in this world of colorful and curious pocket monsters.

This, however, is only the tip of the Bergmite, there’s Eevee more Pokémon designs to Panpour over on MyMiniFactory! Wynaut print a Dragonair, Torchic or Sylveon!

If you can’t Finneon the Pokémon you’re looking for, don’t get Krabby. You can be the Starmie of 3D printed Pokémon and design something of your Unown for MyMiniFactory.

Don’t Muk about! Be sure to letus know whatever you print or design on our Twitter, Facebook or our very own Reddit discussion page. We can’t wait to see what you Exeggcute!

Good luck on your Pokémon journey, Trainer.

Seel you later! Get it?!