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Top 26: The Best 3D Printed Chess Sets Ready to Download and Play


a year ago

Board games and 3D printing seem to naturally come hand-in-hand. It’s unsurprising then that one of the most popular board games to 3D print is chess.

When chess first came about in the 6th century, the creation of a board took some time because pieces were crafted by hand. With the advancement of technology, we started to be able to play the legendary board game on our electronic devices against computers.

Now, the technology for developing chess has advanced to the next level and can now be 3D printed from the comfort of your own home! This has been revolutionary for chess enthusiasts across the globe, and with MyMiniFactory there are many options for  3D printed chess sets ready to download and 3D print.

From board to rook to bishop, MyMiniFactory has a grand selection of 3D printed chess sets to choose from, for all your castling, pinning and checkmate needs.

So, in no particular order, here are the top 26 3D printed chess sets available for you to download today…


1. 3D Printed Chess Set with Roll-up Board & Carrying Case

3D Printed Chess Set by Enza3D


If regular chess doesn’t quite do it for you, why not try this larger than life 3D printed chess set carrying case in the shape of a rook?! Roll it up, take it to the park, play it, (win it), take it back. Easy! Intimidate your opponent with this mighty 3D printed model!



2. Micro Planter Chess Set

3D Printed Chess Set by XYZ Workshop


I don’t know about you, but I’ve really been missing seeing green since lockdown. Well, that was until I stumbled upon this adorable Micro Planter Chess Set XYZ Workshop. Integrate your favorite succulents and herbs into play (or some garlic to put off your opponents game). Bring the garden to your living room with this innovative 3D design!




3. Steampunk Chess Set

3D Printed Chess Set by Mike X. Wolf


Take a journey with us to a retrofuturistic steampunk world with this cool design! We know that there are plenty of 3D printing fanatics out there who love steampunk too, so this 19th-century industrial steam-powered inspired 3D printed chess set is for you!


4. Frozen Chess

3D Printed Chess Set by Manuel Aguirre

Do you wanna build a chessboard? Well, 3D print a chessboard, I mean… All of your favorites from Elsa, Anna (and even the lovable snowman Olaf) are here in an unanticipated duel! Are you team Anna or team Elsa? Or just team 3D printing? Download Elsa and Anna below:


Disney Princesses Designed by Tanya Wiesner


5. Faceted Chess Set

3D Printed Chess Set by Tom Davis

Such a stunning finish on all of these high-quality designs by the talented Tom Davis. You can print the sleek set on any FDM 3D printer too, so go wild.




6. Dragon Chess

I know that there is no lack of dragon lovers here on MyMiniFactory… So this dragon-inspired 3D printed chess set featuring wyrms, baby dragons and even two-headed dragons had to feature! These games have a tendency to drag-on a bit too, with the occasional pawn taking flight mid-game.

Check out Louise Driggers’ MyMiniFactory profile for the full set!


7. Minion Chess

3D Printed Chess Set by Billy Sides

Bob to D6! It looks like your Kevin is in checkmate… Can you outwit your opponent’s minions? Join nearly 2 million minion / chess / 3D printing enthusiasts in downloading this hilarious chess set to find out! Of course, the minions’ love of bananas has been incorporated into this Despicable Me inspired chess set too.


8. Chess Board and Lanier Graham Chess Set

3D Printed Chess Set by Adam Fletcher

Puzzling (and equally awesome) reworked chessboard by Adam Fletcher using pieces inspired by the chess set by the talented designer Lanier Graham.


9. Robots Versus Wizards Chess Set

3D Printed Chess Set by Arian Croft

This should be an interesting one. Who do you reckon would win? Robots or wizards? Advanced technology or mystical sorcery? Magic to your ears or pedal to the metal? I know who my money’s on…


10. Gothic Chess Set

3D Printed Chess Set by Mieszko Lacinski

Gothic prints! Killer heels on that queen as well, that’s gotta hurt! I guess we could call her a ‘Killer Queen’... Click the card to embrace your inner-goth.


11. Pokemon Chess Set

3D Printed Chess Set by Raphael Schaaf

Resin… I choose you! This awesome Pokemon-inspired chess set brings back some fond memories. It’s like a regular Pokemon battle, except that there are 32 Pokemon involved rather than just 2.






12. Star Wars Chess Set

3D Printed Chess Set by David

It seems that The Printer Strikes Back with this exceptional Star Wars chess set. Which side will you choose? Empire or Rebels? Are you destined for the dark-side of the force or will you restore the Jedi order? Print to find out!


13. Mech Chess

3D Printed Chess Set by Orión Gutierrez

A game of mechanical theme chess set with inspiring ideas! This 3D printed chess set features a motorcycle engine as the King, a spark plug as the Queen, a shock spring as the Bishop, a NOS tank as the Knight and more! For any petrol heads or lovers of mechanics out there - this one goes out to you!


14. Cone Chess

3D Printed Chess Set by Andrew Coyne

Welcome to the Game of Cones! Featuring, well… Cones (who could’ve guessed it?). This Cone themed geometry chess set with cut-outs and spheres by designer Andrew Coyne is suitable for maths lovers, cone lovers, and chess lovers.


15. Chess Set Wireframe

3D Printed Chess Set by Giulia Principe

They say that this chess set is normally played down to the wire, I’m beginning to see why... Believe it (or not), this chess set is also printable SUPPORT-FREE! You’re welcome.


16. Biomech Chess

3D Printed Chess Set by Adam Mellotte

A biomechanical army created in Lightwave 3D using subdivision modeling by Adam Mellotte. With influences ranging from Star Wars back to the time of The Dark Crystal, this set is a must-have for science fiction lovers! Unleash your 3D printed biomechanical army against your opponent!


17. Metal Chess Set

3D Printed Chess Set by 3DNA

Any rockers and metalheads out there? Rock on with Ozzy Osbourne, this X guitar and talented designers Ricardo Salomao and Simone Fontana. Just be prepared for lots of headbanging, mosh pits, heavy riffs and inspiring solos!


3D Models by Ricardo Salomao


3D Models by Simone Fontana


18. 2h Vase Mode - Sequential Printing - Chess Set

3D Printed Chess Set by Robbert Bakker

This elegant chess set was created in ‘vase mode’ to enable the pieces of one colour to be printed extremely fast and without a seam, resulting in a very sleek looking set. To complement the modern and simplistic design of the pieces, a layered transparent board with the black tiles is sandwiched in between them.

We’ll leave this 3D printing timelapse here for you to enjoy too, on us:


19. Jurassic Chess

3D Printed Chess Set by Mieszko Lacinski

Welcome to Jurassic Print! Take a journey with us back through time, to when dinosaurs ruled the earth and before 3D printing even came into existence! That’s certainly a world that we wouldn’t want to even begin to imagine...


20. Low Poly Chess Set

3D Printed Chess Set by Matt Kerekanich

What best 3D printed chess set compilation is complete without a low-poly set?! We wouldn’t dream of it. They may look less realistic, but their small file size means that they’re quick to 3D print so you can get playing quicker!


21. Jigsaw Chess

3D Printed Chess Set by Aleksandar Tomic

With close to 1,000 downloads and almost 10,000 views, this jigsaw-style board is certainly popular with the community, and I can see why! With some cool looking pieces and an interlocking board, this 3D printed chess set is ready for some epic games!


22. Mini-Mate travel chess set

3D Printed Chess Set by Aaron Brown

Here at MyMiniFactory, we love all things mini… So here it is, introducing the Mini-Mate pocket-sized travel set by Aaron Brown, with the pieces conveniently contained within the board itself! Never lose a pawn again with everything kept safe inside!




23. Chess Set // VR Sculpt

3D Printed Chess Set by incredible designer Devin Montes.

Devin continues to blow our mind with his amazingly innovative designs and insightful videos. Check out his profile for more fun designs!



24. Three player chess board set and puzzle

3D Printed Chess Set by BlazP

Mastered the classic two-player chess already? For when two players just doesn’t cut it anymore or if someone’s feeling left out, invite that third wheel for an unusual and unique challenge. Let us know how you get on in the comments below!


25. Full Egypt chess Alive vs Dead

3D Printed Chess Set by Martín Haurane

Take a journey with us and Martín Haurane to ancient Egypt to take on the mummies! Join Cleopatra, the Pharaohs and the Sphinxes with this historical chess set. Or join the mummies and wrap yourself in bandages or alternatively loo roll (now that the supermarket stocks are finally beginning to replenish).


26. Dimension Chess

3D Printed Chess Set by Dragan Beljan

There are levels to this chess set! Interesting fact for the Trekkies and sci-fi fans, the original of this board actually appeared in many Star Trek episodes with some changes to the design.



Which is your favorite 3D printed chess set? Let us know in the comments below. Have you already printed one of these designs or are planning to? Share your remixes with us, we'd love to see your creations!


Will it be a checkmate or a stalemate?


Happy printing!

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