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The Top 5 Mandalorian 3D Printable Files


a year ago

Here at MyMiniFactory we’re psyched about the newest addition to the Star Wars universe - The Mandalorian. The TV series launched this month exclusively on Disney+ and what better way to exercise that excitement than with fan art and 3D printing! We’ve put together a list of the top 5 most popular and recently posted Mandalorian 3D prints, (based on the amount of downloads that object has received and how recently it was posted).


  1. Life Size Wearable Mandalorian Helmet by Rob Pauza
  2. Mandalorian Rifle by Rob Pauza
  3. The Mandalorian Coin found on Tom Graphite’s profile which features Rob Pauza’s Mandalorian Helmet.
  4. Mandalorian Trophy by Paul Braddock
  5. Imperial Super Commando Helmet by Peter Snyder


For those of us who aren’t in the US, Canada or the Netherlands and can’t access Disney+ until March next year, we’ve got you. Why not put your eagerness towards the soon-to-be-released Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker? We’ve got loads of models from the universe to keep you going and more get added each day! Here’s a list of the all time top 3!


  1. Death Trooper Helmet by Paul Braddock
  2. Boba Fett The Bounty Hunter by Printed Obsession
  3. Life Size Wearable Stormtrooper Helmet by Rob Pauza


And for those getting into the Christmas Spirit early!



      Stormtrooper Tree Angel by Ricardo Salomao       


                          Santa Porg by Fotis Mint


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                                                             Disney Trooper by Bon Garçon


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