Flatline City

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Flatline City is a hugely customisable terrain system with modular buildings, walkways, slum stacks, twisting pipelines, kiosks and a ton of urban & industrial features. The scatter terrain provides line of sight blocking cover, while the interconnecting gantries and structures stretch upwards into the smoke to take your battles to new heights.

The huge core set includes 90+, 3D printable models  that are used to build the foundation of your dystopian city.  The 26 unlocked stretch goals enhance playability & storytelling with an additional 490+ models, miniature bases and components to help you build incredibly detailed city blocks and underground tunnel systems for tightly packed skirmish tables or larger, sprawling battlefields.

With a huge choice of models, you can customise the layout to match your theme and story driven campaigns.  Decide whether to create a bustling dystopian metropolis, wasteland Mega City, off world colony, industrial district, night market, gothic sanctuary or winding sewer system.

All buildings have detailed playable interiors and can be easily extended with your choice of rooftops, flooring, platforms, accessories and signage. They are designed to reach upwards and sprawl across your battlefield with interconnecting walkways and gantries. 

These STL files are ready to print on your home printer and have been optimized for FDM printers such as the Ender 3, but many elements would really pop when printed in resin. Prints have been tested and do not require supports or clean up, making the journey from print to table uncomplicated.

3D printed terrain from Saucermen Studios is the perfect addition to any table. This 3D printable set is designed for 28 - 32mm miniatures. It is suitable for games such as Warhammer 40,000, Infinity, Kill Team, Star Wars Legion, Necromunda, Fallout Wasteland, Stargrave, etc.

Instructions and usage guides are available on the Saucermen Studios website to help get you started building your own incredible cities and underground tunnel networks.

Flatline City

Created by saucermenstudios's Avatar saucermenstudios


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