KS-03 Survivors of Serath – 3D Printable Fantasy Miniatures

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Join us on Patreon to receive unique miniatures and terrain! We are 3artdigital, an international team of artists and writers. We create fantastic 3D printable Miniatures for tabletop gaming and hobbying.

3dartdigital not only gives you amazing miniatures for your gaming needs, we provide you with true works of art you can be proud to include on any tabletop. In addition, every miniature is part of a larger story and faction, and in turn, a larger world. Each character has a name, a history, and a place in the world and the lore that is the World of Serath. We invite you to join us in bringing this universe and all that dwell within it to glorious life.

KS-03 Survivors of Serath – 3D Printable Fantasy Miniatures

Created by 3DArtDigital's Avatar 3DArtDigital


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Esfer Sarkany's Cover

Esfer Sarkany

USD 5.00

Esfer pulled Ormeater out of Korkanathrak’s cooling body, watching as the red dragon’s blood spilled onto the ruined ground. The village was nothing but a wreck now. Feed. Ormeater’s demands filled her mind, and the magic spear collapsed into a dagger. Esfer plunged Ormeater into Korkanathrak’s chest, ignoring the terrified villagers around her. All that mattered was the dragon’s heart. All that mattered was its power.

Selena Shadowscale & Ina Akaio's Cover

Selena Shadowscale & Ina Akaio

USD 5.00

Ina Akaio

Ina ducked and dodged, giggling irreverently as the daimyo’s archers missed her again and again. “Dumb-dumb daimyo! Do not be so angry!” She waved a fan at the enraged tengu lord, and her multiple tails twitched. “You know what I said was true.” She tumbled nimbly out of the way of another wave of arrows, laughing.


Selena Shadowscale

Cap’n Gargar Bloodybones gurgled, bloody foam spilling from his mouth. Selena’s supple hand slid the coral dagger from his gut. The poison had done its work, and one less enemy of the crown lived. She felt no joy as she slid back into the sea, her hood covering the face that had lured the unwary pirate to his death.

Abandoned Farmstead's Cover

Abandoned Farmstead

USD 5.00

The doors to the ramshackle building were torn away, leaving yawning mouths filled with darkness. Gorntak frowned, his lips pulling around his fangs. His red eyes narrowed as he saw the pool of dried blood just inside the doorframe...


Stairs and Archway & Ancient Columns's Cover

Stairs and Archway & Ancient Columns

USD 5.00

Stairs and Archway

Elera cackled as her zombies shambeled and stumbled up the steps, their natural clumsiness allowing the desperate adventurers to stay one step ahead of being the horrific undead's next meal.

Ancient Columns

"One, two, three ... they are all broken! Quick, where is the fourth !?" Kergan's heart sank as he heard the unmistakable sound of stone shattering. "Aye, well, that's four!" The adventurers turned and ran as the looming ceiling started coming down all around them.

Bronaugh Tree-Mother's Cover

Bronaugh Tree-Mother

USD 5.00

At Queen Bronaugh’s every step, life bloomed behind her. The Seelie Court went silent at the sight of their beloved Tree-Mother. Every faerie in attendance knelt before her, in awe of her beauty and power. Bronaugh lifted her hand. “Rise, my children and hear my decree. There are dark times ahead...”

Lady Jocasta & Laurak Lupusarus's Cover

Lady Jocasta & Laurak Lupusarus

USD 5.00

Laurak Lupusarus

Shadow-Scythe laughed, his back scales shaking with genuine mirth. “Little Laurak, what have you done to yourself?” Laurak snarled in response fur sprouting from underneath his scales, “I have embraced the Beast Within, and it grants me the power to finally destroy you, wretched ancestor!”


Lady Jocasta

Her hips swayed invitingly as she entered the filthy alley, and he followed eagerly. A cry and a dull thud came after. Lady Jocasta wiped the crimson stain from her mouth as she left the alley. Sometimes, it was too easy.

Puffnathrax's Call's Cover

Puffnathrax's Call

USD 5.00

With shaking hands, the little scaly creature struck the gong once, twice, and thrice, it's booming reverberation shaking everyone in the cave to their very bones. All was silent, until, distantly, the sound of rusty gears grinding together, mixing with the creaking of ancient leather, reached their straining ears...


Grelcator the Mighty &  Executrix Nieran Stavinfass's Cover

Grelcator the Mighty & Executrix Nieran Stavinfass

USD 5.00

Executrix Nieran Stavinfass

Limbs flew through the coppery-tinged air, along with cries of surprise and pain. A whirling dervish of death danced, blood staining purple skin and white hair. Nieran could kill them quickly, but where was the joy, the artistry, in that?

Grelcator the Mighty

With shaking, scaled hands. The lizardfolk pulled the shard of chitin from his eye. Dropping the bloody shard behind him, Grelcator lifted his falchion and hissed a challenge. The blow should have killed him, but it only seemed to make him angry.

Puffnathrax's Lair's Cover

Puffnathrax's Lair

USD 5.00

Looming above them, the draconic sculpture glared down from the archway. They felt incredibly small, and no one wanted to voice the question: "What creature needed an entrance so big?"

Puffnathrax's Cover


USD 15.00

Corroded gears ground against each other as ancient plates groaned in protest. Steam hissed as an impossibly ancient jaw opened, and a mechanized, authoritative voice rang out, “Lowly one, Puffnathrax demands you feel joy. For the magnificence of Puffnathrax will be the last thing you ever see.”

Ebonardo Shineblight's Cover

Ebonardo Shineblight

USD 5.00

Malevolent laughter danced all around them, as the shadows in the room flowed into a single point, forming into a vaguely humanoid figure. The shadow’s red eyes almost seemed amused. “You said the wrong thing, friend. Now, the Shadow-Scythe wants you dead.”

Hanzo Fuma's Cover

Hanzo Fuma

USD 5.00

Hanzo bowed low before the Shogun. The Master of Tengus clacked his beak, and servant produced a note with a single name. “Hanzo, this is your next target.” Hanzo nodded, took the note, and disappeared in a cloud of shadow. The Shogun smiled. Hanzo Fuma never failed.

Temple of Puffnathrax's Cover

Temple of Puffnathrax

USD 15.00

The ancient temple's stonework felt hard and unyielding under their feet, and the light from the gleaming crystal cast shadows on the wall. With every step closer, the adventurers felt smaller and ever more afraid...

Electhemus Monoculus's Cover

Electhemus Monoculus

USD 15.00

Arcs of lightning shot down from the mountain. Everywhere the terrible bolts struck, there was nothing but ash and the smell of ozone. The cyclops grinned toothily at the assembled kings. “Gentlemen, you’ve seen what I can bring you. Start bidding.”

Jacques Satyr's Cover

Jacques Satyr

USD 5.00

Wood grooves slid on each other, coming together with a satisfying series of clicks. Jacques placed the metal bowhead at the front and finished assembling his weapon by lovingly stringing the bow. Prepared, he sat back on the rooftop, and lit his pipe. In time, someone would die, and Jacques Satyr’s purse would grow heavier.

Draconic Towers's Cover

Draconic Towers

USD 10.00

"Hey, do you think anything comes out of those mouths?" A glance at the burned patches of ground in front of the columns provided a silent answer to her question.

Amberal Thundercloud's Cover

Amberal Thundercloud

USD 5.00

The gray-skinned woman kicked open a chest, and glittering shards of jewel coral spilled out. The assembled men stared at the pile in awe. It was more wealth than they could ever dream of. She winked at the men and grinned. “Now, boys. Step up and sign up if you want to get rich!”

Ankle-Cracker's Cover


USD 5.00

The little man’s scarred and tattooed face split into a fanged grin. Every tooth in his mouth was filed into points. He lifted a small, but heavy club over his victim. The unfortunate writhed and clutched his leg, screaming in agony.

Cannonfire!'s Cover


USD 5.00

“Look mate, whatever you want, I’m not drunk enough to deal with you right now. Come back in three...maybe four pints.” The pirate captain sighed wearily. “I’ll buy you another pint.” Cannonfire!’s entire attitude changed. “My old friend! What can Cannonfire! do for-“ He wheeled suddenly, glaring at an empty corner. “Shut up, Jack!”

Ishiman Hatori's Cover

Ishiman Hatori

USD 5.00

Ishiman’s feathered hand clutched his younger brother’s dead fingers. Rage clouded his normally calm face. In a barely perceptible whisper he asked, “Who?” The servant squawked in fear and stepped back, trying his best to stay out of sword range. “The wandering creature known as...Myconojimbo.”

Mad Eyes's Cover

Mad Eyes

USD 5.00

"Shield your eyes," Suraya's warning came too late, as Pilgrim took a face full of strange, red powder. The priest gasped and fell over. Mad Eyes chuckled, "Let's see which spirits he sees..."