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Nickey's Hatchery ALL-ACCESS PASS

Created by Nickey's Hatchery's Avatar Nickey's Hatchery

This first-of-its-kind all-access annual pass gets you all minis that I publish to my store for the duration of an entire year.
Before I talk more about it, I'd like to make an important point - if this campaign gets to 3500 sales total (between the 2020 and 2021 passes), the entire 2020 Collection will be released to the tabletop community for free.
For fans of my work it's the absolute best way to support me and guarantee that I will spend as much time as possible sculpting stuff for all of you. At the same time supporters get an unbeatable price for a whole year's worth of high-quality miniatures.

So what am I going to be working on in 2021?
The plan for 2021 is to create complete Encounter Packs for D&D adventures with scatter terrain, NPCs, Monsters and Characters. I'm starting with Lost Mines of Phandelver as it is the most famous adventure for entry to D&D and so I can gauge the popularity of such an endeavor. Depending on how the first pack does I might do more of them. In any case backers will be kept in the loop through social media and Discord about what I'm working on.
Aside from that I will also be working on various beasts, creatures, races like Orcs and Trolls (November and December 2020 releases), among other things.
I will also keep an eye out for YOUR suggestions! A lot can change in a year and I'll be keeping an eye on interesting suggestions and ideas. Whether that's just a cool mini or a proxy for a game, or whatever. Jump in on Discord if you wanna chat with myself or other community members! Discord is open for everyone, link below.

What are you waiting for?! Get the 2021 All-Access Pass NOW! (and the huge 2020 Collection :))

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All files offered here are for personal use ONLY. You are not allowed to re-distribute these files, or edits/kitbash/variants of these files, online. Merchants are only allowed to sell physical miniatures not the files themselves.

Nickey's Hatchery ALL-ACCESS PASS

Created by Nickey's Hatchery's Avatar Nickey's Hatchery
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58 backers

USD 50.00

Includes 20 products

Access to the entirety of my 2021 releases. By the end year of the year that would mean dozens of high-quality miniatures for 32+mm gaming and for larger sizes as collectibles or for painting.

75 backers

USD 30.00

Includes 67 products

UNLOCKS all models from 2020. Includes a variety of creatures, characters, monsters and scatter terrain pieces. Not all are pre-supported. Over 100 files at an unbeatable price! 
You can check them all out on my store page.
Orcs (modular)
Dark Elves (modular)
Monkey King
Varksoar (Pig people)
Mao (Pandas)
Vindul (Various Warriors)
More Orcs
Various Terrain and Scatter