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Rise of Demons

Created by MiniaturesOfMadness's Avatar MiniaturesOfMadness

This project was born from the attempt to combine our respective passions, the love of art and 3d printing. 

Their realization took place entirely on Zbrush and Chitubox. To print the prototypes we relied on our faithful elegoo mars. Behind each miniature there is an accurate and manual study of the proportions and positions, to make them as realistic as possible.

In each of these miniatures we put all our effort, we like to think that each has a small part of our soul. We have tried to make each of them unique and special or at least that's how it looks to our eyes.

We would love for our hard work to be appreciated and used by everyone.


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Whispering Death's Cover

Whispering Death

USD 4.00

Orc Warrior's Cover

Orc Warrior

USD 4.00

Troll Assassin's Cover

Troll Assassin

USD 4.00

Here is our Troll Assassin from our Kickstarter Rise of Demons.

It includes :

- Full model
- 4 pieces model divided
- 45mm base