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Townbuilder Unlimited

Created by Korson's Avatar Korson

Welcome to the Townbuilder Unlimited Late Pledges!

Instead, by purchasing any of the options below you will receive access to them in our software, the Townbuilder. The current Beta version can be found here:

Once the store closes we will send you activation codes which you will be able to use on our website to get access to the tiles.

This campaign is finished

Townbuilder Unlimited

Created by Korson's Avatar Korson


This section lists all available pledges related to this specific campaign; including the pledge(s) you have already purchased. The reference "♥ Pledged" means that you already own it; "Pledge" means that you can purchase another pledge/pack of items; "Upgrade" refers to pledges that will upgrade your current pledge level, which you will be able to access after purchase.

114 backers

USD 66.00

Townbuilder Infinite
Basic Sets (Medieval)
Premium Sets (Caves & Sewers, Steampunk)
Stretchgoal Sets (Castle, Druidic, Ruins, Feudal Asia, Swamp)
Stretchgoal Expansions to all Sets (check campaign page)
Stretchgoal Premium Features (Perfectionist Controls, Project Previewer, Scatter Layer)

10 backers

USD 44.00

Townbuilder Unlimited
Basic Sets (Medieval)
Premium Sets (Caves & Sewers, Steampunk)
Stretch Goal Sets (Castle, Druidic, Ruins, Feudal Asia, Swamp)
Stretch Goal Expansions to all sets (Check the campaign page)

0 backers

USD 22.00

Townbuilder Unlimited
Stone Set
Fachwerk Set
Medieval Roofs


This section is dedicated to all the Add-ons related to this specific campaign. Some are already available for purchase and others are already included in the previous defined pledge levels; meaning if they are part of our current pledge level it will show “You own this”. If you do not own the Add-on it will display “Buy” and will be able to download it by clicking “See items”.
Note: if the banner says "In Development Available Soon" it means that the Add-on will be available in the near future; but you can still pre-order by clicking "Buy" and once the Add-on is live it will be available for download.

SciFi Scatter - 2nd Dynasty's Cover

SciFi Scatter - 2nd Dynasty

USD 8.80

Medical equipment
Control panels
Command seats
Security Scanners

This will unlock SciFi scatter for your Townbuilder. If you have the Townbuilder Infinite Version (Master Pledge) this will be available in the Scatter Layer

Fog Monster 2 Tile Pack's Cover

Fog Monster 2 Tile Pack

USD 5.50

Here you can get more tiles that are compatible with the Fog Monster 2.

We will add options for Steampunk (Burst pipes and machine, chimneys)


Scatter All-In Pack's Cover

Scatter All-In Pack

USD 16.50

This pack includes all scatter packs that we will produce for the Townbuilder.

If you have the Master Pledge Level, these will be unlocked in the scatter layer. For all other backers, this scatter will just be ordinary scatter items.

SciFi Set - 2nd Dynasty's Cover

SciFi Set - 2nd Dynasty

USD 16.50

This item will give you access to the SciFi Set by 2nd Dynasty.

This will allow you to build awesome spaceship interiors and the corridors and halls of any planet base!

Legendary Dragons 3D - Dragon Head Hunting Trophies's Cover

Legendary Dragons 3D - Dragon Head Hunting Trophies

USD 6.60

Have you backed the Legendary Dragons 3D Kickstarter? Do you want to reward your players after hunting down one of these legendary creatures by displaying its head in their 3D printed guild hall made in the Townbuilder!

We will add Dragon Head Trophies that will be mountable to our walls!

For people of Master Tier, the nameplates of these will also be customizable so you can put your own dragon's names there!

Dragon heads include the following Dragons:

Feth'Razaal (Fury in Dragon Form)
Red Great Wyrm
Drake of Displacement

For more info and art for the dragons, check out the Legendary Dragons 3D campaign:

Airport All-In Pack's Cover

Airport All-In Pack

USD 8.80

This will grant you access to all airports that we will create. We will create one for each of our sets:
- Stone
- Fachwerk
- Caves&Sewers (this one will be interesting)
- Castle
- Druidic
- Ruins
- Feudal Asia
- Swamp