We want to see your best Playstation related designs. We're looking for characters from the games, weapons, armour, props or anything else that is in some way linked to Sony Playstation and its characters.

Ever dreamed of seeing Drake or Sack Boy or Cole or Sly or Jak or Daxter or Spyro or Ratchet or Clank or Kratos or Lara or Snake or Cloud or Ico or Sora or Dante or Joel or Ellie bought to life with 3D printing? Ever wished you could wield those awesome weapons from Soul Caliber or God of War or Final Fantasy or Demon Souls? Well now is your chance to make it happen!

Of course you could always kick it old school with a classic PaRappa the Rapper or Crash Bandicoot design. Let those creative juices flow and you could be in with a chance to win some super sweet, awesome sick Playstation swag - full prize details below.

Get on it!

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We have Epic Sony Playstation Prizes for the best 3D printed gaming models!

  • 1st - 500GB Playstation 4, Headset, 2 Controllers and Games
  • 2nd - PS4 Games Bundle and Controllers


    • Submissions open - 10th March 2016
    • Submissions close - 8th April 2016
    • Voting opens - 19th April 2016
    • Voting closes - 29th April 2016


  • If your design is in multiple parts, please make sure you submit all parts (as STLs zipped into a single file) with instructions or diagrams of how they fit together.
  • If you require your part to be printed in special material - such as NinjaFlex, please let us know in the description.
  • You can submit as many entries as you like.
  • This is a global competition and you can enter regardless of your location.

After submission

  • All entries that meet the requirements will be hosted by
  • Designs with the most downloads (form logged in users) will win a the Sony Playstation Console + all other mentioned Playstation prizes.
  • Designs will go live as soon as they are validated by the MMF team.
  • All STL files will be made available to download for free
  • Ownership of designs will remain with the uploader

Designer resources

Below you can find some awesome designs from our community to start you off. Don't forget to attribute any credits and licensing accordingly.

Good Luck!

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