Male Barbarian (32mm Scale Miniature)

Published 2020-01-03T17:54:18+00:00

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    $4.00 Male Barbarian (32mm Scale Miniature)

    Published 2020-01-03T17:54:18+00:00

    Dan Kelly


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    Technical Information
    发表的日期 03/01/2020
    Price $4.00
    尺寸大小 16.49mm x 26.46mm x 14.16mm
    More Information
    Object Parts
    Barbarian Male Arm Repaired.stl 19 MB
    Barbarian Male Body Repaired.stl 10 MB
    Head H Orc Repaired.stl 11 MB
    Head Helm Repaired.stl 16 MB
    Head Human Repaired.stl 32 MB
    Head Tiefling Repaired.stl 14 MB
    Left Arm Axe Repaired.stl 75 MB
    Left Arm Hand Repaired.stl 73 MB
    Left Arm Sword Repaired.stl 10 MB
    Leg Repaired.stl 18 MB
    Merged Halforc Repaired.stl 1 MB
    Merged Helm Repaired.stl 6 MB
    Merged Human Repaired.stl 7 MB
    Merged Tiefling Repaired.stl 8 MB
    Right Arm Battleaxe Repaired.stl 15 MB
    Right Arm Club Repaired.stl 18 MB
    Right Arm Spear Repaired.stl 54 MB
    Right Arm Sword Repaired.stl 67 MB