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MyMiniFactory Designers

MyMiniFactory Designers

You're in the right place.

MyMiniFactory is the home to more than 13,000+ talented 3D designers. Our global community has one thing in common, we believe in creating quality content.

Plenty of Ways to Grow

It doesn't matter if it's your first 3D design or you've created thousands. We'll provide you with the resources whether you:

  • Love to Design
  • Have a Passion For Sharing & Educating
  • Want to Transform From Hobbyist to Pro

Learn, Improve and Advance

We'll Help You Push The Limits Through:


Collaborate With Other Designers


Create Bigger Projects


Monetize Your Content


Build Your Brand

Join the Innovators of Tomorrow

Choose the Right Approach for Your Goals




Upload and Share Files Through Your Profile


Store Manager

$24.99 /mo

+only 10% commision on sales**

Make Money by Selling Premium Files


Studio Designer


Build a Brand That Will Inspire and Influence


MyMiniFactory Designer

Share Your 3D Printable Designs With People Around The World

You're Time is Valuable

MyMiniFactory Store Manager

Profit From Your Hard Work by Selling Your Files

Open a Store

You’ve put devotion, effort and creativity into your unique 3D printable designs. That's why the Premium Store was born.

We take care of the business, so you can focus on what you love, your designs.



  • Personal Support From a Real Human
  • Global Marketing Reach
  • Copyright Protection*
  • Exclusive Invitations to Collaborate
  • Detailed Analytics
  • Sell Bundles and Large Files

MyMiniFactory Store Manager

Become a MyMiniFactory Store Manager

You care about quality, aesthetic and value. You've put in the work, and we're here to help you get it in the hands of consumers around the world. You determine the price, earn 90% of the profit and see your unique visions come to life.

**Designers can only sell original designs
**Charges from 3rd parties may apply (PayPal, Bank Transfer Fee)


Start Today For $24.99 Per Month


MyMiniFactory Studio Designer

Are you Passionate About 3D Printing?

Would You Like To Become A
Top 3D Designer?

We believe that 3D printing will help usher in the next revolution of creativity and innovation. If you're an influencer or would like to cultivate your 3D design skills into an established brand, then Studios is the right place for you.

MyMiniFactory Studio Designers

The Program

Studios is a program for talented designers to influence, inspire, educate and earn money from their craft. To help you grow and maintain your personal brand. The Studios Program allows you to benefit from your influence, and to achieve and gain based on your downloads, views and engagement.*

MyMiniFactory Studio Designers


  • Invitations to Design IP Content
  • Exclusive Access to a Network of Top 3D Designers
  • Copyright Protection*
  • Share Project Updates With Your Fans
  • Collect Reoccuring Tips

MyMiniFactory Studio Designers


We want to understand what drives you. What are you passionate about? Who would you like to become? We'll equip you with the resources community and opportunities to achieve your goals.

Meet the Studio Designers

Your Options Compared




Store Manager


Studio Designer


Portfolio Unlimited Uploads to Your Portfolio of 3D Printable Files
Proof of Printability Software Check for File Printability
Privacy Control View Options
Tips Receive Cash Tips from Followers
Compete Enter Design Competitions
Global Reach See Your Models 3D Printed Around the World
Basic Analytics Dashboard for Downloads
Direct Messaging Get Hired for Community Projects
Open a Store
Customer Service Receive MyMiniFactory Custumer Support & Advice    
Monetize Make Money by Selling your Files    
Private Forum Private Chat to collaborate with Other Premium Designers    
Promotions Create Discount Codes for Your Followers    
Opportunities to be featured Chances to Get Featured on MyMiniFactory  
Recognition Get Promoted on the Homepage & Newsletters  
Protection Copyright Protection Through MyMiniFactory  
Customization Customization Tools for Your Designs  
Announcements Update Your Community Via Announcements  
Detailed Analytics Detailed Download & Sales Statistics  
MyMiniFactory Studios
Recurring Cash Option for Recurring Tips    
Personal Invitations Collaborate on Unique MyMiniFactory Projects    
Exclusive Studio Chat Channel to Speak with Other Studio Designers    
Revenue Sharing Revenue Based on Your Downloads & Traffic