Submission Closes May 31st, 2021

Skies of Sordane

As we get ready to launch our second Kickstarter “Airship Campaigns”, we thought it was high time to have a “little” painting competition. We know you’ve seen other painting competitions before, but we are trying something a little bit different. The only type of submission allowed for this print and paint competition are Arcane Minis airships from out Skies of Sordane Kickstarter!

Painted ships

With us nearing the delivery of our main core rewards and a lot of the stretch goals, from our flagship Kickstarter campaign, Skies of Sordane, we have had partnered with Phrozen, Peopoly, Siraya Tech and MyMiniFactory to bring you a massive print and paint competition centred around Arcane Minis Airship STLs. Any of the currently released ones below are eligible for submission! Over $7,000 in prizes for places 1st - 10th!

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How to enter header
  1. Step 1: Choose one or more of any of the airships that Arcane Minis has designed and released. You can find all of the current ships here.
  2. Step 2: Print your airship(s) using any type of printer that you prefer.
  3. Step 3: Paint the airship(s) in your own colours, or use the colour schemes from our concept art that we have in the digital PDF. You can find the Supplement Addon here. An airbrush is recommended, but you can use any method to physically paint your airships!
  4. Step 4: Take as many pictures as you can of your creation! It’s better to put your ship in some kind of atmosphere or story if you can. Use other miniatures you may have to improve the look of your pictures as you see fit! (Using Arcane Mini miniatures to add atmospheric effect is always good extra credit)
  5. Step 5: Upload your pictures via the “Submit your Entry” buttons on this competition page. Each ship you do will be an additional submission to win. Each person will only be eligible to win 1 prize. Submissions close on April 14th 2021.
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Rules header

In order to submit a valid entry for the Airship Print and Paint Competition, you will have to adhere to the following rules!

  1. All airships must be from the Arcane Minis range of STLs and printed at 100% scale. You can find all of them here.
  2. All submissions must be printed and painted by the submitter’s own printers and painting skills.
  3. Multiple entries are allowed, but you will have to submit a different ship for each one. You may print and paint identical ships as long as their paint job is not repeated.
  4. Winners will be determined on several primary criteria and a few secondaries as well. The primaries are the most important, but the secondaries may help your chances if you really want to go all out! The competition will be judged by Benny, the owner of Arcane Minis, and a selected panel of judges yet to be determined of a handful of other people.

    1. Primary Criteria

      1. Paint Job. The most important factor is having a fully painted airship done by your own hand. Outsourcing is strictly prohibited and you will be disqualified if it comes to our attention that the ship was outsourced. Interiors must also be painted, but furnishing them isn’t necessary! You may use any means necessary to paint your ship (airbrushes are recommended, for the larger ships especially, but not necessary!)
      2. Print Quality. Layer lines and such will not be a huge factor. Some people don’t have dialed in settings and they will not be penalised for this, however sometimes a poor print job can hurt a paint job. Again, as with painting, you must print the ship yourself - hiring someone else to print it is prohibited. This one is more difficult to enforce, but we believe in the good faith of our backers!
      3. Picture Quality. Almost as important as the paint job and printed model, is making sure your pictures are clear enough to see the beautiful work you have done! If you’re not great at taking pictures, you can ask a friend for help! This is the only part of the competition you may have someone else do for you if you’re unable to provide decent results. No one should have their beautiful work held back by bad pictures!
    2. Secondary Criteria

      1. Picture composition. A clear picture is required, but there are even more steps you can take to improve your chances. Getting dynamic angles, multiple views, up close shots of details you’re proud of can all go a long way to improving your chances!
      2. Scene. We all love role playing games. As such, if you decide to set up a scene with props, furnishing, backgrounds, miniatures or anything else that can be used to improve your ship’s look, it will improve your chances.
      3. Ship size. The larger the ship, the more impressive it is that you printed and painted the whole thing! But being large isn’t everything - the paint job is still the most important factor. Having said that, if you print a Geshtar Dreadnought and paint the whole thing, you can be sure that the sheer size of your entry will be well noticed.
  5. Digitally enhancing the miniatures and airships in your photos is strictly prohibited. Any alterations like this that are found will result in your submission being removed.
  6. Submission deadline extended to the 31st of May, 2021!
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Prize Pool header
  • Peopoly Phenom L Noir (RRP $2,799.00)
  • Phrozen Sonic Mighty 4K + 1kg Aqua Gray 4K Resin (RRP $760.00)
  • Phrozen Sonic Mighty 4K + 1kg Aqua Gray 4K Resin (RRP $760.00)
  • 10kg of MyMiniFactory High-Grade Resin
  • 8kg of Siraya Tech Fast Grey Resin (RRP $400.00)
  • 10x $200 Amazon Gift Cards (RRP $2,000.00)
  • 10x Fog Monster 2 Fog Machine (RRP $1,250.00)
  • MMF+ Subscriptions (1 year, 6 month, 3 month, 7x 1 month) (RRP $249.72)

Prizes from 1st to 10th place!

The prizes are pulled from the prize pool above. The 1st place winner will get to choose the printer of their choice, the 2nd place winner will then choose theirs and the 3rd place winner will receive the final printer in the prize pool!

  • 1st place

    • Your choice of one of the 3 printers from the prize pool
    • 5kg of Siraya Tech Fast Grey resin
    • $200 Amazon Gift Card
    • Fog Monster 2 Fog Machine
    • 1 year MMF+ Subscription
    • 1kg of MyMiniFactory High-Grade Resin
  • 2nd place

    • Your choice of one of the 2 remaining printers from the prize pool
    • 3kg of Siraya Tech Fast Grey resin
    • $200 Amazon Gift Card
    • Fog Monster 2 Fog Machine
    • 6 months MMF+ Subscription
    • 1kg of MyMiniFactory High-Grade Resin
  • 3rd place

    • The remaining printer from the prize pool
    • 1kg of Siraya Tech Fast Grey resin
    • $200 Amazon Gift Card
    • Fog Monster 2 Fog Machine
    • 3 months MMF+ Subscription
    • 1kg of MyMiniFactory High-Grade Resin
  • 4th place - 10th place

    • $200 Amazon Gift Card
    • Fog Monster 2 Fog Machine
    • 1 month MMF+ Subscription
    • 1kg of MyMiniFactory High-Grade Resin
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Siraya Tech code expires April 4th.
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