3D Design Competition


Submissions close February 28th 2018

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Design Brief

With so many battery covers used for remotes, toys, phones and other electronic devices, it’s very difficult to find a suitable replacement without having to buy a new device. Whether it’s lost during transit or broken in use, we all know the frustration of losing a battery cover and using tape to replace it. Why not just print it out?

This is where you come in.

MyMiniFactory have another design challenge for you.

For this challenge, you must design a battery cover before the 28th of February to be in with a chance to win $250. You can upload as many designs as you want, so the more designs you upload means the more chances to win. The number of $250 cash prizes for this challenge will depend on the number of submissions as follows:

1-50 submissions: 1x $250

51-100 submissions: 2x $250

101-150 submissions: 3x $250

and so on...

Upload Essentials

Once you have uploaded your part, make sure to include two pictures:

  • one of the cover on a plain background
  • one of the cover in the device

  • We also need:

  • the brand and model number of the device

  • Don't forget, the part should be adapted for 3D printing. It must work on your device and not already exist on the MyMiniFactory interwebs!

    Good luck!

    Submit your Design

    Design Guide


    • Battery Covers

      The theme of this 3D design challenge is battery covers, so think of all the devices you own that use batteries. Chances are, some covers will already be missing!

      If you're struggling for inspiration though, here is a list of battery covers you could design:

      Remote controls, Phones, Mouse, Toys, Clocks, Cameras, Computers...

      Help reduce waste and start designing battery covers!


      • Grab an object which needs a new battery cover

      • Design a new one, print it and test it

      • Upload it

      It won’t take long, it will help a lot of people and you will have a chance to win $250!


    Main prize

    This competition's prize will depend on the number of submissions.

    If less than 50 people participate, there will be 1x $250 for the winner, and for every extra 50 submissions we are adding in another $250 for you to win! Winners will be chosen at random, so increase your chances to win and upload more than one design! Just remember, the spare part must be functional, and it cannot be something that currently exists on the MyMiniFactory platform.


    Top Tips

    So you want to win a design competition?

    Here are some top tips to help you save time:

    1. Be precise in your measuring and designing, even a 0.5mm difference can prevent fitting. Make sure it will actually fit.

    2. Make it as simple and easily printable as possible

    3. Reinforce susceptible breakage areas.

    4. Check the MyMiniFactory site before you start designing. Nothing worse than designing a part and finding it already uploaded! We don't want you to waste your time and energy.

    5. You can find help on the internet to locate it. Write the Model number, not the serial number.

    6. Once your design is approved, post it on social media with: #3DSpareParts @MyMiniFactory

    7. Here is a guide specific to battery covers

    Design Guide

    • Read and understand the design brief.
    • Thinkabout how you can best deliver a solution.
    • Use the tips and resources provided
    • Explain the concept behind your design.
    • Presentprint, and photograph your design with care.

    Designer Resources

    Struggling for inspiration? Check out out this awesome library of spare parts prints below.