Submissions close November 4th 2019

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Design Brief

Imagine a world where anything is possible. Where building blocks and connecting parts come in a variety of shapes and forms. Imagine a world where there is no one to restrict your creativity, to tell you how to build or what to build with. The time is now, to reinvent the brick. Create interlocking models, new kinds of connective pieces, anything and everything that inspires you to build.

This is the time to unleash your most creative expression. Forget the standards of what you've seen and design something new. Tell us a story about what this model means to you, what inspires you to build and create.

This 3D design competition is in its own way a piece of your story, it's a connection of your work and your inner most human. At the core of this competition are the creative attributes of who you are and what makes you unique. For this competition, create a model beyond a brick, something no one but you will have the ownership for. Something that you welcome to be shared freely and with the world, for the simple fact that everyone should have the right to build and create.

If that's not enough we're offering an eLEGOo Mars resin 3D printer for the first prize winner! Winners will be decided by unique downloads of the model. There's a Danish carpenter out there who will be proud!

Submit your Design

See all the entries


This competition is about creativity and your story. We want you to design a new kind of "brick" create something unique, a model that inspires you to build and create. The rules are simple, the most creative, inspiring 3D printable models with the most [unique] downloads win!

Your 3D printable model will be available for download, we will allot an additional two weeks, after the competition is closed for additional voting time. Deadline to upload a design in the competition is November 4th. Post your model on social media and tag @myminifactory and use the hashtag #beyondthebrick

Winning is based on your downloads. Downloads for votes work as follows:

1 download = 1 vote

Each vote will only count if it is a unique download


Elegoo Mars 3D printer

One lucky winner will be receiving an ELEGOO Mars Resin 3D printer. The winner will be selected by number of downloads on their model.

About the Elegoo Mars

ELEGOO has been manufacturing 3D printer components and parts since 2014 and with years of experience in 3D printing, it finally developed its own 3D printer using UV photocuring technology - ELEGOO Mars.

Great industrial design and user-friendly system, ELEGOO Mars is suitable for anyone to use even though you have never used a 3D printer before. The printer will save your time setting up when you receive it and within 5 minutes you could start printing your first mode

Top Tips

So you want to win a design competition?

Here are some top tips to help you save time:

  1. Remind yourself of all the toys that inspired you as a child
  2. Think about new ways to build or recreate your favorite toys or games, this is about innovation and original content!
  3. Make the pieces of your model connectable
  4. Optimize your design for 3D printing, with minimum support where possible.
  5. Take a nice picture of your 3D printed model
  6. Carefully craft the story behind your chosen design.
  7. Once your design is approved, post it on Twitter and make sure to mention: @MyMiniFactory and on Instagram @MyMiniFactory
  • Read and understand the design brief.
  • Thinkabout how you can best deliver a solution.
  • Use the tips and resources provided
  • Explain the concept behind your design.
  • Presentprint, and photograph your design with care.