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Submission Closes August 11th, 2021

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"It is called the Death Plague for death is what it truly spreads.”

Welcome to the Death Plague Print & Paint Competition in collaboration with Rocket Pig Games, hosted alongside their latest crowdfunding campaign - Death Plague! Share your printed & painted Ghoul or Core Set Miniatures to be in for a chance to win top prizes, including 2kg of the brand new MyMiniFactory Premium Resin, enough to print an entire army of ghouls and hags!


Will you choose the Hexer and Plague Doctor to fight the Death Plague, or the Noctyrns and Devil Dogs to bring the Death Plague?! The options are endless… Showcase one mini or an entire army, the choice is yours!

The Ghoul is a sample STL from Death Plague that can be downloaded for free here. Any backer of the Hexer pledge tier or higher is able to download the Core Set of Death Plague, available for instant file access from June 10th.

Can you help stop the spread of the Death Plague?

“Be warned. Whether you are a peasant or a brave hero, the death plague does not discriminate."

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The Death Plague Print & Paint Competition is open to everybody with a passion for showing off a gruesome monster or heroic warrior miniatures! Share your printing and painting skills with the community and your vision of the Death Plague!

There are two categories of entry for the competition…

Ghoul Print & Paint

  1. Download the Ghoul Free Sample STL
  2. 3D Print & Paint your Ghoul
  3. Take as many high-quality pictures of your Ghoul as you can, either just the mini(s) or in a diorama
  4. Upload your entry via any Submit Your Entry button on this page

Core Set Print & Paint

  1. Back Death Plague by Rocket Pig Games (Hexer tier or higher)
  2. Print & Paint any miniature from the core sets (20 Heroes & Henchmen and 23 Monsters & Minions)
  3. Take high-quality picture(s) of your mini(s). Yes, multiple minis are allowed per entry! Why not show off an army of Ghouls or Hexers?!
  4. Upload your entry via any Submit Your Entry button on this page
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The rules are simple… Show off your printed & painted Ghoul or any mini from the Core Set of Death Plague! We want to see some creativity in your submissions

  1. All entries must be from Death Plague by Rocket Pig Games (Ghoul or Core Set)
  2. All submissions must be printed & painted by the entrant who submitted
  3. You may enter multiple minis in each entry
  4. You may submit as many entries as you like!
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So, you want to win some prizes? These are some of the judging criteria...

  1. Paint job is a crucial part of your entry! Use this opportunity to really show off your skills
  2. Print quality is an important factor in the judging process
  3. Picture quality will certainly make a difference! We want to see your creation as clearly as possible, so please ensure that you submit clear images for your entry!
  4. Scene. Why not create a town for your Heroes & Henchmen to defend? Or even a dwelling place for your Ghouls and Hags to attack from? Create an immersive environment to help sway the judges towards your entry!

Winners will be chosen by Rocket Pig Games and MyMiniFactory, and announced soon after the competition ends on August 11th, 2021.

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As with any Print & Paint Competition, we are also giving away some cool top-quality prizes to broaden your creation experience!

Celebrating our recent launch of the MyMiniFactory Premium Resin (and a sneak peak of our new logo), we are giving away 2kg for the winner of each of the two categories! This is on top of more top prizes to help bring your minis to life...

The winner of either category will receive:

  • 2kg of MyMiniFactory Premium Resin RRP $80
  • Vallejo Acrylic Paint Set (pack of 8) RRP $35
  • Da Vinci Paint Brush Set (4 brushes) RRP $24
  • 3 Months Subscription to MMF+ worth $29.97

Total value of prize pool is ~$338

For more information regarding these prizes, check out MMF+, our premium subscription service.

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Venture into the post-apocalyptic world of Death Plague, Rocket Pig Games’ latest campaign on MyMiniFactory Crowdfunding. Learn how the Plague Ghoul came into existence and how the brave survivors take up arms to fight against hordes of the undead!

The Core Set of Death Plague consists of 20 Heroes & Henchmen and 23 Monsters & Minions, check them out below!

Core Hero Set Core Monster Set

Why not share your print & paint in MyMiniFactory’s new subreddit, r/3DPrintCommunity, home to the 3D printing community, or the MyMiniFactory Community Discord?

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