Submission Closes July 13th, 2021


This competition will run alongside the new Tourbillon Mechanica Tri-Axial Crowdfunding (once it is funded), only on MyMiniFactory, from Mechanistic. Now live! Please read more below regarding how to acquire the files to enter, or follow the link to the campaign above. Register here to receive the Mini Mechanica for free AND get an exclusive campaign discount.

Thanks to your support of Tourbillon Mechanica Tri-Axial Crowdfunding, the Mechanical Maker Competition is now unlocked! If you would like to partake in this competition, read more about the 3 mechanical designs eligible for entry on the campaign page.

It’s competition time! As you may have heard, the next MyMiniFactory Crowdfunding Campaign is the Tourbillon Tri-Axial by Mechanistic. This intricate mechanical design is a “step up in terms of complexity from the first Tourbillon Mechanica model” and an exciting project to embark upon!

mecha gif

These mechanical designs are not your regular STLs and go far beyond conventional 3D printing. The assembly of a mechanical print is a project in itself, particularly in the case of these Tourbillon designs. There are 3 categories in total, all designed by Mechanistic, which will be eligible for entry.

Enter by sharing your print on MyMiniFactory and linking to a functional video shared on r/3DPrintCommunity for a chance to win 1 of 4 Anycubic Mega X FDM 3D printers and more incredible prizes! This competition will be open to submissions as soon as Tourbillon Mechanica Tri-Axial Crowdfunding is fully-funded.

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How to enter header

There will be three categories of entry for this competition:

  1. Tourbillon Mechanica
  2. Mini Mechanica
  3. Tourbillon Mechanica Tri-Axial
all mechas

To acquire the STLs to enter the competition, head over to Tourbillon Mechanica Tri-Axial Crowdfunding and pledge.

  1. Step 1: download any (or all) of the mechanical designs listed below.
  2. Step 2: get the required parts for assembly (PDFs outlining what is required are available on object pages above).
  3. Step 3: print and assemble your chosen mechanical design.
  4. Step 4: Upload the image of your print via any of the “Submit Your Entry” buttons on this page.
  5. Step 5: share your functional print video on r/3DPrintCommunity, the new subreddit for the MyMiniFactory community
  6. Step 6: share the link to your post in r/3DPrintCommunity on the description of your print upload.

If you haven't already:
The Mini Mechanica can be downloaded for free here (plus you will unlock exclusive discounts for Tourbillon Mechanica for signing up)

mini mecha

The original Tourbillon Mechanica can be viewed here. However, we recommend holding off purchasing for the launching of the MyMiniFactory Crowdfunding campaign to acquire the STLs on offer and with discounts.

tourbillon mecha

The Tourbillon Mechanica Tri-Axial is ONLY available through the crowdfunding campaign here.

tri-axial mecha

Please note that this competition will be unlocked once Tourbillon Mechanica Tri-Axial Crowdfunding is fully-funded at $20,000. So back the campaign to open up this fun competition and unlock incredible prizes from Anycubic and MyMiniFactory!

Please refer to the rules & criteria below for what is required for your entry!

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Rules header

We kindly ask you to follow the following rules and guidelines to be eligible for entry:

  1. Only prints of the Mini Mechanica, Tourbillon Mechanica and Tourbillon Mechanica Tri-Axial will be eligible for entry.
  2. All submissions must be printed and assembled by the maker.
  3. multiple entries for each category, however will only be able to win one prize.
  4. Share your 3D printed escapement mechanical model image via any of the “Submit Your Entry” buttons on this page.
  5. A functional video of your print must also be shared on r/3DPrintCommunity and link in the print description for your entry to be eligible.
  6. Winners will be determined several deciding factors, listed below. Criteria sub-header
    1. Print quality is a key criteria for winning the competition. FDM is recommended to produce high-quality prints. Any colors may be used - try to pick something eye-catching!
    2. Assembly quality to make sure that all of your printed pieces fit together!
    3. Picture quality will assist the likelihood of your entry being successful.
    4. Video quality to showcase your fully-functional mechanical design. Videos must be shared on r/3DPrintCommunity.
    5. It is essential that your print is fully-functional to be eligible for entry.

Submission closes July 13th, 2021

tri-axial mecha

Winners will be chosen by Dan (Mechanistic) and announced shortly after the end of the competition.

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Prize Pool header

We are giving away prizes for 5 of the top entries, based on the following categories.

The winners* of each category will receive the following prizes from Anycubic & MMF+**:

  • Best Mini Mechanica
    Anycubic Mega X
    2kg Anycubic PLA
    1 Month MMF+ Subscription
  • Best Tourbillon Mechanica
    Anycubic Mega X
    2kg Anycubic PLA
    1 Month MMF+ Subscription
  • Best Tourbillon Mechanica Tri-Axial
    Anycubic Mega X
    2kg Anycubic PLA
    1 Month MMF+ Subscription
  • 1st Printed & Assembled (Tri-Axial)
    Anycubic Mega X
    2kg Anycubic PLA
    1 Month MMF+ Subscription
  • Most upvoted on r/3DPrintCommunity (Tri-Axial)
    2kg Anycubic PLA
    1 Month MMF+ Subscription
Prize confirmed

*Winners chosen by Dan (Mechanistic)

**Total value of prizes is $1,800+

Resources header

The assembly guide for each mechanical design will be found on the campaign landing page Tourbillon Mechanica Tri-Axial Crowdfunding.

The Mini Mechanica assembly guide can also be found in the object description here and the Tourbillon Mechanica here.

Back the Tourbillon Mechanica Tri-Axial Crowdfunding to unlock the Tourbillon Mechanica Tri-Axial, the assembly guide is listed on the campaign page.

Looking for some inspiration on where to start? Here is a mesmerizing video of Mechanistic assembling the Mini Mechanica, Tourbillon Mechanica and Tourbillon Mechanica Tri-Axial:

Good luck in the competition and we can’t wait to see your entries!

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