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Submission Closes 29th September, 2021

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Do you have a camera or smartphone?
Do you want to travel?

Enter this exciting new competition for a chance to have your travel funded by Scan the World and MyMiniFactory!

We are running a new competition in celebration of our crowdfunding campaign, and are looking for a new Scan the World ambassador to travel for us!

As well as a grand prize of $600 to send you on a scanning adventure of a lifetime, we also will be awarding our favourite entries with a 3D print of the object they scanned and subscriptions to MMF+!

All you need to do is take a series of photos of an object you love (a sculpture, object of cultural significance to you etc) and share it with us.

If you have already scanned before, you can submit one of your favorite previous scans. Just remember to follow the rules!

And don’t forget, you still have time to support Scan the World’s crowdfunding here!

Submit Your Entry
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You can enter the competition by either submitting a 3D model of your scan or just the photographs!

Your 3D Scan can be an OBJ (including MTL, JPG and PNG textures), or an STL.

What to include in your entry:

In the description of your upload, include text saying:

  • Where you would like to travel
  • The story behind your scanned object

Then Zip your images (and 3D models, if applicable) and upload them to Wetransfer. Include the download link to your entry in the description!

In the image upload section include some reference pictures that best represent your object!

"Read Scan the World's photogrammetry blog post here."

Submitting the photo set

After taking the pictures as explained in our tutorials, you should create a .zip folder containing the whole set of photos. You will then upload the .zip folder as your entry together with the 5 to 10 reference photos representative of your object.

Here is a step by step guide on how to upload your .zip folder to MyMiniFactory:

  1. Select object files and upload your .zip folder
  2. Select Upload pictures and upload 5 to 10 photos of your object
  3. Enter a name for your object and description* in the description box
  4. Scroll down to Submit

Please Note

  1. Maximum size for one upload is 100MB. If your data-set is too large, please upload them to Wetransfer and share the link!
  2. If you have any technical issues, please reach out at
  3. All the photos should be taken by you and the model must be your own work.

Keep in mind that one criteria to select the winner is the “best story”. Write an exhaustive description of the object scanned saying why it is so valuable to you and giving as much information about it as possible.

Submit Your Entry
  • The photos and 3D model must be your own work
  • Multiple entries are allowed
  • You can participate by either submitting the photos or processed model in a .zip file
  • Attach a brief description explaining why you decided to scan such object and why it is valuable and important to you, also add where the object was scanned
  • Together with the object description, briefly describe where you want to travel to and why!
Submit Your Entry

So, you want to win some prizes? Our dedicated team of judges (Elisa and Jon) will be judging the following criteria:

  • Originality - Get creative! Find an object that holds purpose to you and tells a story that is relevant for you. It doesn’t matter whether it’s an ancient work, a public sculpture that represents your community, or an object that you are personally linked to.
  • Quality - We are looking for the quality of your scan’s data-set and resulting 3D model! Photogrammetry can be tricky
  • Story - Perhaps most important is the story behind your scan. Scan the World’s collection of 3D printable artefacts is built from thousands of individual stories, now we want to hear yours!
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For a very exciting competition, we have some very exciting prizes on offer! Three bundles of prizes are on offer:


1st Prize - Scan the World Ambassador

You read that right! The winning entry will receive $600 toward a “Scanning Trip” of your choice.

By becoming a Scan the World Ambassador you will be scanning some objects and telling stories from your adventure on our blog, so be sure to choose a location that has plenty of culture for you to soak up!

You will also receive a resin 3D printed model of your entry and a 3 month subscription to MMF+!


2nd & 3rd Prize will receive an SLA Resin 3D printed model of your scanned object and 1 month subscription to MMF+.

Submit Your Entry

To assist in your photogrammetry skills, please find below

JamesFilms’ - How to Get Excellent 3D Scans + Photogrammetry Competition!

How to scan the world
“Photogrammetry tutorial”
“How to scan and upload to STW video animation”

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