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Hexhog tabletops is excited to invite you to back for our first expansion, Formidable Fronts - Intricate and detailed modular hex designs for you to print and build futuristic battlefronts. This set expands on our original release, Hinterland Hills, which is made available again as part of this campaign in case you missed it, as the Core Set is *required* for these expansion designs.

Warm up your printers and prepare to build modular hill entrenchments or complete tables of grim futuristic battlefronts. This is a fully digital crowdfunding campaign and all files come ready for both FDM and resin printers.

Stand Alone Hills to Complete tabletops

Building modular stand-alone hills was the design inspiration of the Hexhog Tabletop System. With Formidable Fronts we are expanding the options to build and vary area terrain options to set on top of your tabletop or gaming mat. This makes it easy to start printing and build functional terrain. As you continue to print and grow your collection your options will grow too. Start with small stand alone hills, move to larger stand alone pieces, and when you are ready go for the complete tabletop build out.

Area terrain using the Formidable Fronts Expansion, Hinterland Hills Core Set, and Calamitous Crags and Cliffs.

A 4x4 tabletop using Hinterland Hills Core Set and Calamitous Crags and Cliffs.

Formidable Fronts expansion content

Formidable Fronts has over 50 individual detailed design components allowing you to build trenches, bunkers, and new hill structures when combined with the designs released in Hinterland Hills Core Set. Formidable Fronts is compatible with all previous releases.

Trench designs included Main core set

The following are the components in the Formidable Fronts Expansion for building trenches in your tabletop creations.

Trench Designs included Bunker designs included Bunker

The following are the components in the Formidable Fronts Expansion for building a small and large bunker in your tabletop creations.

Bunkder design included New hill edges and raiser

As part of this release we have added two new edge designs give greater flexibility when you create diverse modular hills. Additionally, we have a new riser component that can be interspersed with our original HT-AZ1 riser to reduce your print time in big builds.

We spend a lot of time showing off our total tables, but we always like to remind people about the great stand alone options that require much less piece and print time investment. Don't forget our build guides from our first campaign as great introductions of what you can print to get a few modular stand alone terrain options on the table and with the new edges you get even more variation.

Our new tall edges will create line-of-sight blocking hills from fewer parts and allow your hills to reach into the sky. The new transition edges ensure smooth compatibility from the new tall edges to the original low edges in the Hinterland Hills Core Set.

New Hill Sedge Riser

The top hill is our simple four hex hill with original edges. Below left the same layout with our new tall edges and on the right a combination of all three edges and a component from Calamitous Crags & Cliffs

New Hill Sedge Riser 2
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Amazing Add Ons

Below we are listing all the add-ons, both new and old, available in this campaign. Please note we have set up reward tiers that include all of these add-ons. At the same time we want to make sure we provide the flexibility to all our backers to select just what you may want and need if you aren't interested in the large sets, but please note all stretch goals are associated only with our bundle pledges.

Catastrophic Craters Add On Craters

Catastrophic Craters is a collection of designs allowing you to add that bombarded battlefield appearance. From our large four-hex single crater, to single craters with multiple impacts this set will give some great flavor to your tabletop.

Craters Add On

The complete crater build out from the various designs.

Crater Designs Included Sub Heading

The following are the components in the Catastrophic Craters Add-On for building various crater designs to pock-mark your tabletop with.

Crater Designs Included Formidable Fronts Landing Pad Add On Platforms

What better way to ensure your frontlines are well supported than a landing pad? With this add-on you will get the components to build modular landing pads. We have three designs we have found and are excited to see what designs you come up with, but the options abound with these designs.

Landing Pad Add Ons

Three landing pad, small, medium, and large configurations, with single stairwell option, and all with out side blast edges.

Landing Pad Add Ons 2

Large landing pad with blast edges.

Landing Pad Design Included Landing Pad Design Included Damaged Battle Front Add Ons

We are very excited to provide damaged trench and bunker expansion add-on components to allow even further variation to your Hexhog Tabletop creations. Included in this are three varied crater backs, left and right trench components (which can be mirrored), turns, and Y intersections.

Damaged Battle Front Add On

Large ruined bunker (6 unique hexes excluding damaged doorway)

Damaged Battle Front Add On 2

Small damaged bunker (5 unique hexes excluding damaged doorway)

Damaged Battle Font Add On 3

Damaged open trench, open turn, trench, trench turn, open Y, and trench y assemblies using the various components.

Damaged Designs Included Grimdark and Galactic Bases And On

As a lot of our community backs other great miniature creators we wanted to get some themed bases developed for those that wanted to put other minis onto thematic bases for two of the bigger games we hear our designs are used for.

GrimDark Galactic Bases

Grimdark Bases designed to be Warhammer 40k compatible

GrimDark Galactic Bases 2

Our Galactic bases compatible with Star Wars Legion

Before Stretch Goal
Stretch Goals Heading

What is a campaign without stretch goals? We hope to unlock all of these as the campaign progresses.

Stretch Goal Image
Hinterland Hills Legacy Campaign Add Ons

Our original release Hinterland Hills - Core Set, Calamitous Cliffs & Crags Expansion Set, and Rambling Road Expansion Set are all available as add-ons as part of this campaign. All stretch goals from the original campaign has been integrated into these add-ons. If you are thinking about getting all of these make sure you find the appropriate reward to get a discount on the bundle of new and old releases and don't add them individually. The Core Set provides you with the foundational system and basic designs that with the two expansions allow one to make scatter terrain, tabletops, or encounter tables as in the video below.

Build Guides

In our first campaign we released some build guides and want to make those available for you to use. Click Here to see them on our webpage. Please note Build Guide 1 will need Hinterland Hills Core Set, Build Guide 2 needs Hinterland Hills and Calamitous Crags & Cliffs, and the Encounter Table Guide will need all three original releases.

Hinterland Hills - Core Set released designs to build basic area terrain and tabletops that can step up in single level rises of ~28mm steps. The Core Set has all key parts of the Hexhog Tabletop System and detailed terrain pieces.


Calamitous Cliffs & Crags - Expansion provides designs to step up two levels in a single hex (~56mm) including table edge pieces. With this set the ability to gain elevation is doubles as you grow your tabletop creations upwards from the play surface.

Rambling Roads - Expansion provides stone roadway hex designs for your table needs. With both hexes that are flat and change elevation, you should be able to create many different roadways to take you on far and wide rambling adventures.

Digital files purchased as part of this campaign and all stretch goals included in delivery are licensed under a strict non-commercial, personal use only license. You shall not share, sub-license, sell, rent, host, transfer, or distribute in any way the digital or 3D printed versions of this object, nor any other derivative work of this object in its digital or physical format (including - but not limited to - remixes of this object, and hosting on other digital platforms). The objects may not be used in any way whatsoever in which you charge money, collect fees, or receive any form of remuneration.

We are very appreciative of all those who have supported us in the past and are continue to adventure with us with this release. If you have questions or concerns please feel free to bookmark these contact methods and reach out when needed.

We are three hobby focused gamers and creators who have put together the Hexhog venture while working our day jobs, so often our responses will be early in the AM or late in the evening Pacific time.

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We are frequently asked what to do if one doesn't have 3d printer? At this time we are not fulfilling any physical options, though we have had a some people purchase rights for physical delivery.

We strongly encourage that if you are into any sort of miniature hobbies that you think about getting the appropriate printer for you. Not for this campaign (but hey we won't stop you!) but strictly to take advantage of all the amazing designs for purchase and free that are available.

We can't recommend any specific printer but will say if you want to print mostly large terrain or items at a cheaper material cost looking into a FDM / extrusion printer. If you want to print smaller volume and high details, have the space, and can deal with resin clean up, look into a resin printer. Make sure you do your research but options keep getting more affordable every year. For note we print all our test pieces on a Prusa MK3 and a Elegoo Mars.

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Commercial License

There is a Commercial License Pledge available. Commercial License level pledge will include all STL files found in the New Recruit Deluxe level and all unlocked stretch goals . The licence will be valid until 12/31/2023 and permits the licensee to sell physical unedited 3d prints of the files included. The selling or distribution of digital files is NOT permitted under any circumstance and the license is non-transferable.

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