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What if you and your family could spend Christmas in a Wizards’ School?

What if you could own and gift a Wizards’ arcane artefacts?
What if you could trim your house with all manners of enchanted ornaments?
What if you could metamorphose your table with food fit for a magical feast?
And what if you could cast a spell on your 3D printer and suddenly print all the enchanted artefacts, curiosities, gifts, and miniatures that Wizards usually keep for themselves?

For A Wizards' Christmas, we took a deep dive into the most precious artefacts of kings and queens of medieval times as well as those belonging to the emperors of czarist Russia.

We recreated and re-interpreted these beautiful curiosities and imprinted them with the feel of your favourite Fantasy settings.

And we made them so that every one in the family could find something they like.

Thanks to the magic of your 3D printer, this is a very unique opportunity to bring forth treasures that would otherwise cost hundreds if not thousands of Euros.

But more importantly, it's the opportunity to round up family and friends to share priceless moments: print, paint, decorate, play, and create cherished memories together.


We've kept it very simple, with 3 key pledges:

  • CONJURER: 44 object files for $49 USD. A retail value of $64.
  • SORCERER: 120 object files for $70 USD. A retail value of $260..
  • WIZARD: 120 object file PLUS all Unlocked Stretch Goals: Only $75 USD. Full expected retail value: up to $410 !!!.

The Wizard Pledge includes all Stretch Goals that we will unlock during the campaign. The Stretch Goals are ready to go and we know that with your help, we'll be unlocking a bunch of them! So, in all honesty, this is the one to get! So CLICK on that Pledge button on top of the page to get in on this time-limited project.

conjurer sorcerer wizard divider

What we offer

STL files for home 3D printing!

Print for your family use as many items as you want.

Your kids love the tiara, and their cousins too? Go ahead and print it 5 times!

Need to make some objects smaller or bigger? You can do that too!

This project offers over a personal, non-transferable, license of ready-to-3D print STL files provided in 2 formats: supported and non-supported. Pledging to the campaign and downloading the files means that you automatically accept the terms of our license.


Once your objects are printed

Once you have printed and cleaned your items, the whole family will want to get involved: paint them, spray them with snow or colour, decorate them, add texture...

The possibilities are endless.

And then there are the cookie cutters. You will create awesome cookie shapes. More importantly, you will use some of them to build cookie castles! We will share info on how to get this done during the campaign.

Keep in mind that these are not toys but collectible objects. It is your responsibility to keep the youngest ones from eating the smaller items and/or sticking them anywhere they shouldn't!

ornaments and curiosities

Artefacts of Bygone Marvels

Crafted in mysterious ways those mechanical devices are the perfect companion of any master magician. This artefacts will open at the right moment to show their hidden secrets.

Artefacts of Bygone Marvels

Globes of Gothic Adornment

Imbued by the spirit of the gothic artisans this globes will decorate your tree by themselves or even light it if you put a led inside them.

Globes of Gothic Adornment

Christmas Adventurers

In Raging Heroes we love miniatures and, of course, we love christmas so we decided to wave our wands and create a christmas versions of some of our characters.

Christmas Adventurers

Winter Spheres of Distant Travel

Great wizards use this orbs to transport their thoughts to places far away.

Winter Spheres of Distant Travel

Charms of Polyhedral Luck

Miss your Role Playing Sessions in this strange 2020 ? Show your geek pride hanging this charms on your tree.

Charms of Polyhedral Luck

Fairies' Tear Drops

Whenever a winter faerie experience a great suffering she step aside from the world to craft a unique item to remember her pain. This unusual and exquisite items are call The Faeries Tear Drops.

Fairies' Tear Drops

Jewels of the Master Wizards

For a magic user jewels are more than mere ornaments. Those could host powerful spells or increase the wielder magical skills. And if you are not a mage? Well, at least those will boost your Charisma.

Jewels of the Master Wizards

Ambush of the Bad Elves

Afraid of the Bad Elves or The Grinch. Hang those from your christmas tree and you will be free of bad christmas spirits and even the grumpy Krampus will look for another place to visit.

Ambush of the Bad Elves

Wizarding Apparatus

The bread and butter of every wizard equipment. They use many of those items during their lives so don't choose just one !

Wizarding Apparatus

Baubles of the Little Ones 3D

Perfect for the smaller wizard apprentices. Boost their painting skills with those so they can help you in the future with the hordes of unpainted models you keep under your bed.

Baubles of the Little Ones 3D

Baubles of the Little Ones 2D

Your elves are very young or you are running out of time? 2D baubles are the fastest way to decorate your tree if you don't want to use magic and prefer a more mundane method.

Baubles of the Little Ones 2D

Charms of the Sorcerer's Abode

Christmas is more than a decorated tree. Try those to decorate your table and get the full Wizards Christmas experience.

Charms of the Sorcerer's Abode

Marvelous Munchies Makers

Crafting potions made you hungry ? Gather the family around and create the best-shaped Christmas cookies with these perfect cookie cutters! And hey, don't eat all that raw dough!! I can see you ;)

Marvelous Munchies Makers

Succulent Castle of the Mage Chef

Time to play with your food!i Channel your dual class character, half cook and half architect and create the most magnificent castle that cookie dough can make with this carefully designed cookie cutter set. Your imagination - and the space you have) - are your only limits!

Succulent Castle of the Mage Chef

Orbs of the Adventurers

Love our Christmas Adventurers? Here, we've set them up inside enchantingly crafted openwork balls to hang up in your tree

Orbs of the Adventurers divider

Renders Vs 3D Prints

  • In grey, the 3D render (on this page, most objects have been 3D-rendered in colour)
  • In orange, the 3D print on a home 3D printer
  • In colour, the same one we proudly painted in 10 minutes...
  • And then, the actual photo in our tree!

You will need the use of a 3D Printer

To make use of the files, you will need a resin 3D printer (which we do NOT provide), such as the Phrozen Mini 4K, as well as some resin (again, NOT included here).

If you don't have that, now is the perfect time to get one! Print resolution has greatly improved for home 3D printers in the last couple of years, and prices have dropped considerably. It would make a perfect Christmas gift to yourself or a loved one, and with A Wizards' Christmas, get started right away on printing beautiful things and instantly becoming the coolest person in the neighbourhood!

Operating a 3D printer is best suited to adults.


Gorgeous print to test now!!!

Pledge at any level and get immediate access to this file (image below).

Not sure yet? Pledge only $1 with the Apprentice Pledge!

stretch goals

Who? When? How?


As Raging Heroes, we have been successfully creating and printing our own 3D miniatures since 2009!
We are also already well-versed in providing 3D printable files to the world. In April 2020, we launched Heroes Infinite (Raging Heroes' 3D printables) on Patreon. Check it out!!! Every month since then, we deliver to our subscribers a set 15-20 3D-printable miniatures in both supported and unsupported versions. 3000 subscribers trust us and show that you are in good hands. This month's release:The Host of the Demonicus...


The files will be delivered directly into your MyMiniFactory account once the campaign ends. The files will be provided as several zipped files, broken down into categories to make it easy for you to find what you want.


All the objects shown on this page are done sculpted and ready for delivery as unsupported 3D files. After the end of the campaign, within hours, the files will appear in your MMF account as per your pledge level..

The supports for all the files are being done right now by our usual partners. A good part of those supported will also be showing up in your MMF account as per your pledge level within a few hours of the end of the campaign. We will continue adding them all, as quickly as they are ready. We will update this section here during the campaign to keep you informed as to the timetable.



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