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Nebula is a collection of detailed 32mm 3D Printable Sci-Fi miniatures for wargaming.

All miniatures can be 3D Printed on Resin and FDM printers Ready to be used in any way your game needs. All of the miniatures are compatible with most mainstream games.

All files come pre-supported and tested for resin printing.

Pledge Tiers

The All in Pledge includes Everything From this campaign.

That means you will receive all four factions: Exo Militia, Res'Ai, Ugnix, Legion, and all the Terrain, Objective Markers and tokens from this campaign.

It of course includes All Stretch Goals Unlocked during the campaign.

The All in Pledge is the best Value for you money.

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We offer a special Merchant Tier, available to anyone who is looking to sell printed miniatures from our pledges of products. You can learn more about it and sign up our Merchant Tier which provides you with a commercial license in our Patreon page.

All of our Merchant Tier Patrons are allowed to sell 3D Printed versions of our models from this Campaign, our Patreon and My Mini Factory Store. Read Terms and conditions below

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Mockups shown are concepts and work in progress of the final products, the images found in this campaign are not the final product.


Where can I find my discount code?

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I have made a Pledge, when will I receive the files?

You will receive the files after the Crowdfunding campaign has ended. Core files will be delivered mid-August and Stretch Goals (except backer’s choice) late in September, 2021.

When will I be charged?

You will be charged immediately after a pledge has been made or an add-on has been purchased. You can review your order on the Order Details page.

Where can I review my pledge that I purchased?

You can review your pledge under the Pledge tab of the campaign. Your files can be found in your Library (under 'Campaigns') on MyMiniFactory or Order Details page.

What are Stretch Goals? Are these STLs included in the pledges?

Stretch goals will be unlocked when the campaign reaches a certain amount of the total funding. If your pledge level includes stretch goals (All-In Pledge only), you will receive all the unlocked files at the end of the campaign. To discover all stretch goals you can see them here.

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How will I know if there’s a new campaign update?

When there’s a new update from the designer, it can be found under the “Updates” section of the campaign.

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You can also comment on Updates by selected “Read More > View on Community Stories” at the footer of each update.

I have questions about the files, who can I reach out to?

If you have any further questions about the content in a pledge, please reach out to us in Discord using this link , or leave a comment in the Comments section.

I need assistance with my payment or other issues, what can I do?

Please Contact Us if you have any issues with payment. Once we receive the ticket we will get back to you in 3-5 business days.

Merchant License

There is a Merchant License available through our Patreon.

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