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Scan the World, the open source museum, is an ambitious community-built initiative whose mission is to share 3D printable sculptures and cultural artefacts using democratised 3D scanning technologies.

We are often asked by the community how we keep ourselves sustainable, and so far every step of our journey has been self funded with MyMiniFactory. After consulting community members we thought it right to mix things up a little, which is why we are introducing our new Crowdfunding initiative.

Crowdfunding will enable the community to undertake new, larger projects, as well as giving you a voice to decide what museums or locations and stories we do next! Nothing else will be changing, the models will remain free, we will continue to share stories and models from our partnerships and contributions from the community.

We are excited to share pledges provided by members of the Scan the World rendering community, as well as 3D prints by our friends at Shop3D.

Support your open source museum today!


First scanned object

Birth of Scan the World

28th June 2014

First public space digitized

Hyde Park

First institution digitized

British Museum

First scanathon (with friends)

Victoria and Albert Museum, London

First community scans

Jerry7171 and Geofrey Marchal (thank you!)


First 1,000 objects!

Northbank festival

September 2014

First restoration commission

Bevin Bust, bevin court

Community organized scanathon, Italy


First official scanathon

Victoria and Albert Museum, London


The Victoria and Albert Museum, London

Great Ormond Street Hospital

Scanned the RMN

Atelier de Moulages

Community organized scanathon, Russia


Digital Design Weekend

Victoria and Albert Museum

Scanned the Palestine

Exploration Fund collection

Biennale di Venezia

A World of Fragile Parts

10,000 objects milestone!

V&A Late

Scanned the Faculty of Classics


Musée de Mougins

Musée Saint-Raymond

Musée des Augustins


Tasha Marks Collaboration

Cambridge University Conference

Surgeon’s Hall


Anatomical Museum



Statens Museum for Kunst

Nationalmuseum, Sweden

Sharing is Caring Conference

Scan the World India


Partnered with Wikimedia

Victoria and Albert Museum

Cast Courts acquisition


Culture in Lockdown

Scan the World China


Partnered with Google Arts and Culture

Burberry Pop-up

Now we are here:

First crowdfunding campaign

Now it is your time to shape Scan the World's future


We are offering a series of unique pledges and add-ons for this campaign, including t-shirts, 3D prints and renders from artists across the globe! Check them out on the Pledges tab as an option to support Scan the World!


What are our goals

Each stretch goal represents a different type of content. It can be a collection of free 3D printable files, a story, tutorial or even a competition!

The budget set for each stretch goal is to cover the travel and expenses for the community as well as supporting the running costs of the Scan the World team! The models will be free to download, and are for the benefit of our community.

1 Sharing heritage: unique cultural artifacts

Budget: $500

From now on we will start sharing our heritage, liberating it from the Institutions. We will start off with unique pieces that deserve to be scanned and digitized!

Read more

2 Sharing heritage: Balawat Gates

Budget: $1000

Our goal is to digitize the bronze gates containing extensive narrating art about the Assyrian kings.

Read more

3 Sharing heritage: Mayan cultural artifacts

Budget: $1500

Unlock to discover the story and digitized models of some representative Mayan cultural artifacts.

Read more

4 Sharing heritage: Mesopotamia and Assyria

Budget: $2000

For this goal we will be focusing on the digitization of Assyrian cultural artifacts, such as the majestic human-headed lions at the doors of the city.

Read more

5 Sharing heritage: journey through Egyptian dynasties

Budget: $3000

By unlocking this stretch goal you will receive a set of .stl files of Egyptian cultural artifacts and their story.

Read more

6 Kickstarting the Parthenon Marbles’ digitization

Budget: $4000

Digitizing and digitally returning the Parthenon marbles to their rightful place, is a great challenge. Unlock this stretch goal to know more about the Elgin marbles and help us begin digitizing the marbles around the world.

7 Video tutorial on photogrammetry scanning

Budget: $ 5000

Unlock to follow a beginner-friendly tutorial created by a member of our community, James Tralie!

8 The Torlonia marbles: how the masterpieces fell into the oblivion

Budget: $6000

Unlock this exciting goal to help us uncover the story of the Torlonia marbles collection, one of the most precious private collections of Roman and Greek sculptures.

Read more

9 The Torlonia marbles: spotlight on the most iconic pieces

Budget: $6500

Here we will tell the story and provide the digitized models of some of the most iconic sculptures in the collection such as: Vecchio da Orticoli or “The old man from Orticoli”, il Caprone or “The resting Goat” and rilievo con scena di porto or “Relief of a Harbour’s scene”.

Read more

10 The Torlonia marbles: the full collection digitized!

Budget: $7000

Thanks to your support we will have the chance to digitize the full collection and share the models of these unique sculptures and cultural artifacts with you.

Read more

11 Curon: scanning the submerged village

Budget: $7500

Do you know about the submerged Italian village of Curon? Unlock this goal to read its mysterious story and receive the 3D model of the iconic bell tower sticking out of the lake’s waters.

13 Scan The World India: how is it going?

Budget: $8500

Unlock this goal to know more about Scan The World India’s journey until now and receive the exclusive highly detailed model of the stepwell “Akhaj Shakti Kund”

14 Drone photogrammetry scanning tutorial

Budget: $9000

Unlock this stretch goal to help us create a beginner friendly tutorial on how to scan with a drone. The tutorial will be created by two photogrammetry and drone experts, Brian and Rory!

15 Thessaloniki archaeological museum

Budget: $9500

Unlock this goal to help us funding the digitization of relevant cultural artifacts from the archaeological museum in Thessaloniki

17 Photogrammetry scanning using TRNIO app

Budget: $10500

Unlock Andrew Sink’s stretch goal to learn how to create a complete 3D model using the TRNIO app and how to upload it on Scan The World.

18 The Malopoloska's collection

Budget: $11000

Unlock this stretch goal and we will be able to release 3D printable models from the Malopoloska’s collection, a collection of cultural artifacts coming from various Polish institutions.

19 Story of the Malopoloska’s collection

Budget: $12000

Here we will share with you the story of the collection curated by one of the responsibles for the digitization of Polish museums.

20 Virtual trip to Rome

Budget: $13500

With this stretch goal we want to take you on a journey of discovery through some of the most iconic sculptures that can be found in the streets of Rome, the eternal city.

21 Digital modeling the Trevi fountain in Rome

Budget: $15000

Unlock this goal to help us fund the full digitization of the Trevi fountain which will be released both as single high quality sculptures and the full complete version of the fountain.

22 Sutton Hoo cultural artifacts

Budget: $16000

Unlock this to digitize the famous Sutton Hoo helmet and Buckle belt found in the chambers of an ancient Anglo-Saxon ship discovered in Suffolk.

The Team

Jonascan Beck

Scanner of Worlds, he has Scangelina Jolie on speed dial

Elisa S’cantona

Assistant to the regional district scanner, wrote her phd thesis on Scan Boleyn


Who are we?

We are an ambitious community-built initiative whose mission is to share 3D printable sculpture and cultural artefacts using democratised 3D scanning technologies, producing an extensive ecosystem of free to download digital cultural heritage.

Why are we crowdfunding?

We are often asked by the community how we keep ourselves sustainable, and so far every step of our journey has been self funded. After consulting community members we thought it right to mix things up a little, which is why we are introducing our new Crowdfunding initiative. This will not only help Scan The World being sustainable, but also give you the chance to be part of this new adventure.

What is photogrammetry and how can I scan?

Photogrammetry is a process that allows digitizing a real-world image through the use of 2D pictures. Thanks to this technique it is possible to reconstruct a real-life object into a 3D model.
This can be done using a digital camera or a smartphone camera.
Read more about it here and here.

I made a pledge which includes physical products, when will I receive my products?

All the products included in a physical pledge will be shipped right after the end of the crowdfunding campaign. You will be notified via email and you will receive updates regarding the end of the campaign and the shipping of the products.

I made a pledge which includes .stl files, when will I receive them?

You will receive your files at the end of the crowdfunding campaign. Typically this could take up to one week.

When will I be charged?

You will be charged immediately right after pledging. You can review your order in “order details page”

What are the stretch goals and how do they work?

Each stretch goal will include a different type of content which will be revealed after being unlocked. This might include .stl files, stories or tutorials. Stretch goals will be unlocked when the campaign reaches a certain amount of funding, this will be specified for each stretch goal.

Where can I change the setting of Notifications?

You can update your notifications settings in Settings > Notifications

By default, you will only receive a notification if you leave a comment and another user replies to your comment.

If you want to edit your notifications settings, please click all the boxes under the “Crowdfunding” section in your Settings > Notifications

How will I know if there’s a new campaign update?

When there’s a new update from the designer, it can be found under the “Updates” section of the campaign.

Backers will also receive a notification when an “Update” is published.

You can also comment on Updates by selecting “Read More > View on Community Stories” at the footer of each update.

I made a pledge but wish to change to another pledge, how do I do that?

Lower pledge tiers are upgradable. If you wish to donate more and show further support to Scan the World, just select your new desired pledge and you will pay the difference.

What sizes are available for the t-shirts?

Size XS S M L XL 2XL
Width (cm) 50 53 55 58 60 63
Full length 68 70 72 74 76 78

Which countries are available for shipping of the physical products?

The countries eligible for shipping are listed in the checkout for each physical product. We are currently limited to the United Kingdom, United States of America and Europe.

Where do I provide my shipping address for physical delivery?

You will receive an email from MyMiniFactory shortly after your purchase to provide your shipping address for delivery of your physical products.

I have questions about the files or physical products, who can I reach out to?

You can contact us at or using the comment section on the crowdfunding page.

I am experiencing problems with the payment, what should I do?

If you are experiencing any issues with your pledge payments, please contact MyMiniFactory at