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MyMiniFactory: A Community with Values


2 years ago

Hello MyMiniFactory community!

Whether you’ve been around here a while or you’re new to the group, we’d like to share what we’ve been working on for some time now.

During the last 6 years, MyMiniFactory has grown into a robust, innovative, and enthusiastic ecosystem of 3D creatives. We’re in awe of the contributions you’ve made to this community, be it unique 3D designs, elaborate 3D prints, collections of scanned data to create 3D printable artifacts for the Scan the World project or simply brilliant ideas and feedback.

Through our observation, we’ve understood this ecosystem to thrive on interactions, contributions and a set of values that are in line with tackling and building on a changing landscape of technology and creation. Like the ecosystem of Mother Nature which thrives on balance, our focus is to help facilitate this balance between creators, brands, businesses and consumers.

Today, we celebrate you, in the most transparent way that we know how. By giving you the insight you deserve to know and be a part of → The roadmap to where we’re headed and what we’re building. And to share our values, the tool kit to create long term success in a rapidly changing environment.

This isn’t about us. This is about you.

This is about enabling an ecosystem that thrives because of the network of cultivated tribes who’ve given so much to it. Who deserve to feel heard and valued and connected to the long term vision and mission of the community. We don’t feel we should be at the center of it all. In fact, we aim for our contribution to be a simple system of governance that focuses on the shared values of the community and what we’re all building.

So why now?

It’s been a while coming to be honest with you. You know when you want to tell someone something and you sort of don’t know how? And you want it to be perfect but you’re also kind of worried about their reaction? Yeah, it’s sort of like that.

We’ve been gathering feedback, reading comments, jumping on video calls, powering through emails and internal discussions, countless meetings and even, excitingly enough, the introduction of new core members of the team. Including the recent announcement of our new Chief Executive Officer Chengxi Wang.

We’ve come to a catalyst of the dominance of central organizations. We’re realizing more and more that free comes at a cost. The cost of your personal information. We’re understanding better than ever that competition is valuable and welcomed to keep a balance of power and an interesting marketspace. We’re seeing the demise of options and sometimes rights due to large corporations owning the marketplace. We want to be a part of a future that offers greater opportunity.

Decentralization means that you as makers and designers take ownership over your experience. To grow your universe in the way you find most compelling to yourself. To be able to be true to who you are within the framework of your shared values.

Why values?

It’s like trying to convince someone who doesn’t believe in Mother Nature to recycle. You might be able to, you can tell them it’s good for the environment, they might be able to make some money off of it, that it’s benefiting future generations. But if at the end of the day they don’t really value sustainable living or the environmental impact on the planet - it's going to be tough.

Though you may have your own personal values that differ, or relationship values that reflect a different part of you, these values are meant to align us on the most basic level. Through trust and growth.

Like permaculture, which seeks to build resilient cultures and communities through relationships, land and systems - MyMiniFactory introduces a similar framework for the ethics of our community; people care, product care, and fair share.

What does this community value?


As much as we love this planet and want to do everything we can to protect it, the shared value of sustainability means something a little more intrinsic here.

Sustainability is really about that empire you’re building. It’s about the name you’ll create for yourself. The value you provide to the community, what you give and how you feel about your accomplishments.

Sustainability is being able to survive doing what you love to do. Sometimes it’s just liberation after a long day at the office, finally working on the things you’re passionate about. Just you, your 3D printer and some CAD software. For some, it’s waking up knowing your passion for 3D printing is your way of life. That what you do for fun has become what you do for work.

Whether it’s a passion, the intersection of your hobbies or your way of life, we’re focused on developing solutions to help you thrive. From enhancing our business models to better reflect your monetization strategy; to developing partnerships with brands so that you can create products for the companies you love, we’re working hard to help you achieve your goals as best we can.

Sustainability is leveraging your unique perspective.


Each step of your journey matters. You don’t have to have all the answers, you don’t have to know the exact way forward but there’s something so measurable about moving towards the goals you’ve set for yourself.

MyMiniFactory was built around a particular purpose. To share models that are intended for a 3D printer. That means we won’t have every little thingi- we’ll only have the carefully crafted, actually 3D printable models. Those designed by creatives with care and technical prowess to protect that beautiful piece of machinery you have at home.

Purposefulness is about bearing in mind a destination. It’s about sharing things that are meaningful to you or fit the narrative you hope to foster long term. It’s about your journey, and the road you decide to follow. Where you’re going matters, but so does where you’ve come from.

Our mission is to be purposeful through content curation, search engine improvements and improved upload processes. We plan to be purposeful by not only collecting scans and sharing 3D printable artifacts on Scan the World, but by giving a space for people to tell their stories, to share their culturally rich narratives and give a home to their untold stories. To enrich their understanding of others through unique individual contributions.





This community is powerful because of the range of contributions, thoughts and models shared by the individuals who foster it. Your ideas, your work, and your feedback are what make this space empowering enough for members to thrive and build a full fledged career from 3D designing.

We believe that the simplicity of learning from others is part of what makes a community impactful. We plan to open up routes in which you can become a mentor for your peers or learn from the people you admire.

Each contributor, user and member of the vast network in the ecosystem should feel a sense of belonging. Each of you should feel safe in the diverse environment with opportunities to develop friendships and partners to help support you along the way.



Freedom is to diversity as inspiration is to art. In some form or another we all strive for freedom. The freedom to express ourselves, or freedom to keep our expressions private. The freedom to support the things that are meaningful to us and the freedom to speak out against the things we find unjust.

The freedom to be ourselves.

In whatever form we come in, it whatever package we happen to be wrapped in. In whatever story we happen to resonate with.

Freedom is your self expression. It’s your autonomy to create your own universe in whatever way you see fit. We aim to remove the barriers that come in the way of your freedom, giving you more control of your actions and results. For us, valuing freedom means making choices to create products and tools that give you flexible options. Tools for customization and even more ways to express your personal narrative. Freedom means being able to share not just scans, but stories on Scan the World, not just STL files but written announcements to your MyMiniFactory community.

Freedom is the power to be you.


We share these values and plans in hopes that you will be part of the journey. We share them to remind you that you are supported by real people, people who care about the means not just the end.

We want you to be a part of this process in whatever ways make you most excited. Speak to us on social, email us, leave a comment below. Tell us about your vision for the future and how you see this community supporting you in that movement forward.

We’re not perfect. But we want you to know that when we make decisions, partner with companies and brands, develop new processes or products, we think about whether or not they align with our values and mission. We are only a part of this growing community, you are the core of it.

Stay tuned for more announcements coming soon!

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