Top 10 Wild Animals to 3D Print Now!


7 months ago

Disney’s The Lion King is in theatres now!


This movie is a remake of the 1994 classic, it uses new modern animation techniques to create a photo-realistic environment and animals. It really has got us in the mood to explore more of the animal kingdom. Luckily, with 3D printing, we can do that without leaving the confines of our home!!


We’ve explored MyMiniFactory to see what interesting and adorable 3D printable wild animals our designers have created. There's so many fascinating creatures to 3D print, and so much to learn about them all.


Join us on this virtual safari, as we explore our top 10 best 3D printable wild animals!



1. 3D Printable Panthera Leo

We have to start off The Lion King weekend with a 3D printable lion don’t we!


The lion, can be found all across Africa, and in some parts of western Asia. Typically they live in large open plains and grasslands. Just like us, lions are diurnal, meaning they sleep during the night and are active during the day. And yet, despite they’re being awake, they spend 20 hours a day resting. This is particularly true for male lions, as it is generally the females who do most of the hunting. Unlike humans, lions are hypercarnivores. This means that around 70% of their diet consists of meat. Compared to humans who usually eat less than 30%, unless you're a vegan of course. 


Historically, lions have been an important symbol in human culture. Because of their size and hunting ability, they’re often associated with power. The idea of power naturally lends itself to high status, making the lion a symbol of royalty. Egyptian god Maahes for example, took the form of a lion, as did Dedun; they were the gods of power and wealth respectively. In the Bible, defeating a lion was often shown as a significant act of bravery. This theme carried itself over to the depiction of lions as the figurehead of the United Kingdom. Bravery, power and wealth combined to make the lion the ‘King of the Beasts’.  

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MyMiniFactory Studio designer Jukka Seppänen was inspired by one such cultural lion interpretation for this 3D printable model, the stormwind lion from World of Warcraft. He has designed the model to 3D print completely support free, plus it can be scaled up or down in size with ease. The lion is very easy to print and prints all in one part. 3D print your own in yellow or gold to get a classic lion look. Or go for something a bit more bold like Max’s blue lion.


Click the link to 3D print this ROARsome design.

2. 3D Printable Canis Lupus

From a big cat to a big dog, or three.


The wolf, or grey wolf, is a truly global animal. It was originally found across all areas of North America, Europe and Asia. Today it can still be found in remote areas of North America and Eurasia; most notably Canada and Russia. Because it lived in so many places, it’s what’s known as a habitat generalist; this means it’s able to survive pretty much anywhere. Wolves can live in forests, deserts, plains and even frozen tundras. Because of this range of habitats, they also have a wide-ranging appetite. Wolves primarily eat medium/ large mammals; but they also eat birds, fish eggs, fruits, vegetables and primates. Cannibalism is also not uncommon in harsh winters - freaky


Wolves are commonly depicted as terrifying in most cultures. The most common trope is the depiction of the ‘Big Bad Wolf’. A story based on the fact that wolves often ate ancient farmers sheep; they gained an antagonistic role in folklore. Most famous is perhaps the villainous wolf from European fairytale Little Red Riding Hood. Because of their perceived aggressive nature, wolves are also often used as a symbol on war memorabilia. 

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Ironically, fear of wolves is very common, though it’s extremely rare for them to attack humans. 


Studio designer Morgan better known as Printed Obsession has carried on this trope with this pack of three fearsome looking 3D printable wolves. Morgan’s specialty is tabletop miniatures. A frightening wolf encounter is a thrilling addition to any roleplaying game. All 3 models print easily in one piece. Customize them with paints once they’re 3D printed to make them even more fearsome. We particularly like Clint Primley’s paint job. Bonus! If you’re looking for more 3D printable tabletop adventures check out Morgan’s new Hell Hath No Fury collection or read about top 3D printable tabletop models in our blog<