16 of the Best 3D Printable Gadgets Available to Download and 3D Print Today


3 months ago

The world of 3D printable models has exploded in recent years and since its rise in popularity, 3D printers have also become more affordable with brands such as Elegoo.

One soaring category of 3D models for printing is gadgets & electronics. To make sense of all the 3D printable gadgets available, what better way to serve our community than by compiling a list of the best 3D printable gadgets, ready for you to download and 3D print. We’ve considered everything from 3D printable drones to RC car 3D designs, and phone supports to 3D printable video game supports. Here are 16 3D printable gadgets (in no particular order)...


Our list of the best 3D Printable Gadgets (most of which are free for you to download)


1. Seven Segments

3D Printable gadget designed by fhuable

The mechanical 3D printable model ‘Seven Segments’ is a counter comprising more than 100 parts and is “not for the faint-hearted” according to 3D designer fhuable. If you love complicated-looking gadgets and contraptions, then this would be a fun project to occupy your time with! You could even install a motor to have this mechanical counter function automatically…



2. Card deck shuffler V2

3D Printable gadget designed by LarsRb

By definition, gadgets are mechanical or electrical devices and tools with a sole purpose of making your life more manageable and ‘reduce human effort’, the direction in which many of us seem to be going as (3D printing) technology is able to fulfill our daily tasks more efficiently than our own two hands.

This card shuffler 3D printer design is ideal to speed up your (isolation) Friday night poker games or other such activities. Suitable for playing cards or even your deck of Pokemon or Yu-Gi-Oh cards...


3. Pokeball Switch Cartridge Case

3D Printable gadget designed by Kickass3DPrints

Resin… I choose you! For the gamers and Nintendo/Pokemon lovers out there, Kickass3DPrints has got you covered with this awesome Pokeball Switch Cartridge Case. Better yet, this model is free to download and enjoy. Never lose your Nintendo Switch cartridges again.


4. Android Body for Google Home Mini

3D Printable gadget designed by Yair Cohen

Is your Google Home Mini starting to look a bit dull and lifeless after all this time you’ve spent bonding together during your quarantine period? Looking for some inspiration to spark some life into it? Try out this Android Body 3D printing design, another totally free to download 3D printer file available on MyMiniFactory. All parts other than the main body are also support-free!


5. R2D2 v3.0 Amazon Echo Mount

3D Printable gadget designed by mechanicalmonkey

Or maybe the Android body isn’t quite doing it for you... Are you more of an Amazon than a Google enthusiast? Not a problem. MyMiniFactory has got you covered on all fronts, with help from 3D designer mechanicalmonkey and our dear old friend, the lovable robot, R2D2. Our favorite part of this design is that Alexa’s blue light shines through the slots in the lid! Disclaimer: Alexa may speak more ‘droid’ and ‘beeps’ than you’re used to with this 3D design :-)


6. 3DRobotics IRIS+

3D Printable gadget designed  by 3D Robotics

3D Robotics value of community align with our own, so much so that they are giving away the IRIS+ for free to the MyMiniFactory community! Show some support and some love for these awesome 3D gadget designers.


7. vectBuggy - RC Buggy

3D Printable gadget designed by VECTARY

The popularity of 3D print model RC cars has been on the rise, particularly in recent years as 3D printing is becoming increasingly popular and accessible to the public. This petrol-powered RC car would certainly fuel your excitement and hopefully not leave you too exhausted.



8. RC Spitfire

3D Printable gadget designed by Rikesh Dhirajlal

Sure, RC cars are fun… But RC planes? That’s a whole new elevation of excitement, right? 3D print in the skies with the RC Spitfire, designed by Rikesh Dhirajlal and based on the Supermarine Spitfire Mk VIII.


9. Pacman Raspberry Pi Enclosure Case

3D Printable gadget designed by Darren Furniss

This 3D printed gadget will certainly take you on a journey back through time. The retro-style Pacman enclosure for your Raspberry Pi happens to also be very stylish, and even has Pacman eyes!


10. Star Wars Death Star Raspberry Pi 3 case

3D Printable gadget designed by Darren Furniss

While we’re on the topic of  Raspberry Pi, I’d like to introduce this familiar space station too. It appears the Death Star has finally found a use other than [SPOILER] getting blown up by rebel scum on multiple occasions.


11. Toilet Paper Phone Holder

3D Printable gadget designed by Jeffrey Ribeiro

If you’re one of the lucky ones who’s been able to acquire some toilet paper on the black market during these unprecedented times, perhaps the Toilet Paper phone Holder would be the ideal 3D print gadget to show off to your neighbors (at a safe two-meter distance, of course). This shelf above your toilet paper holder could be a real game-changer!


12. Modular Mounting System

3D Printable gadget designed by Ryan Huang

With the age of technology constantly on the rise, you may find yourself looking for ways to improve your experiences and create a more practical environment to make the most of your chosen devices. 3D printable gadgets are often very practical and can help you out of some of the more frustrating and sticky situations.

This 3D printable Modular Mounting System is the solution to holding lightweight objects such as phones and small cameras. With its modular design, this 3D print design is also very flexible. Now you can take that weekly FaceTime with your mum and get on with the cooking for your partner!


13. 3D Printed Exoskeleton Hands

3D Printable gadget designed by Alexander Czech

This is certainly a handy 3D print gadget! Give yourself super-human strength with these Exoskeleton Hands designed by Alexander Czech.



14. EEZYbotARM Mk2

3D Printable gadget designed by Carlo Franciscone

This four-axis 3D printed robotic arm can act as an extension to your arm. Can’t reach the remote? Use the EEZYbotARM Mk2. Cat wants a tickle? EEZYbotARM Mk2. Girlfriend wants a back scratch? You guessed it. EEZYbotARM Mk2.


15. 3D Printed Bionic Skeleton Hand

 3D Printable gadget designed by Hendo 

“Hey, 3D Printed Bionic Skeleton Hand, can you hold this for a second?” It may not be able to respond to your questions politely, but this 3D printed gadget can certainly lend a hand around the house!



16. The HIVE - Stackable Hex Drawers

3D Printable gadget designed by Dan O'Connell

I don’t know about you, but finding storage for all my 3D models can become a bit of a nightmare... Well, that was until I discovered The HIVE designed by Dan O'Connell. What better place to store your 3D printing designs than in an actual 3D printed design?!


These are by no means a definitive list of all the 3D printable gadgets available across MyMiniFactory, just some of our top picks for you to get started with.

Looking for even more 3D printable gadget inspiration?

There are thousands of 3D printable gadgets available for you to choose from, right here! Share your prints with us here and let us know what your favorite 3D printable gadget is on MyMiniFactory in the comments.

Happy printing!

The MyMiniFactory Team


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