Boost Your Following, Sales and Brand Awareness by Sharing Your Expertise and Experiences on the Community Blog


3 months ago

Hello, fellow 3D printing enthusiasts,

Get published on the MyMiniFactory Community Blog! This is a place where you can reach out to the community to increase your brand awareness through discussing your 3D printable models, the inspiration behind your designs and so much more.

You can use the Community Blog to write about a number of 3D printing topics. For instance, you can share your experiences since you’ve taken 3D designing or printing up as a hobby or business. Educate the community and give us an insight into the creative mind of a talented designer.


Just a few examples of what you can write about are:

  • The day you decided to take up 3D printing models
  • How to sculpt an army of ferocious dragons
  • How to 3D print using the Elegoo Mars Pro
  • The stress of running a Kickstarter campaign
  • How to paint terrain or models
  • 3D printing for your tabletop campaign
  • Why I love 3D printable gadgets
  • What benefits my 3D designs have to the world
  • How 3D printing has changed my life
  • How to 3D print a board game

Some benefits of writing on the Community Blog:

  • Increase the presence of your brand
  • Educate others (it’s very rewarding)
  • Free promotion of your 3D designs and prints
  • Express your innovative ideas and get peer feedback
  • Make new connections with the community

All we ask is that you keep your content relevant to 3D printing. Please also refrain from using offensive language and discussing controversial topics such as religion and politics.

Most importantly - have fun! Release your passion, imagination and creativity.

So, what do you reckon? Ready to write an awesome article and reach out to the MyMiniFactory community?

Looking forward to reading your articles in the near future!

Happy writing,

Harry, MyMiniFactory

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