Personalize 3D Models With the MyMiniFactory Customizer!


4 months ago

Introducing the latest addition to MyMiniFactory - the Customizer! This easy-to-use tool enables you to personalize your 3D printing experience by substituting alternate modular parts. No longer will you be limited by linear options from your favorite designs.


What is the MyMiniFactory Customizer?

With this tool, you are empowered to create and personalize your own 3D models as you have envisioned from what the designers of the community have made customizable for you.

Multi-Weapon Minotaur by @TytanTrollMiniatures


The MyMiniFactory Customizer is an easy to use and innovative tool in which you can alter the way a 3D model will be printed - such as switching between a sword and an axe, changing helmets or altering the flow of a cape, and many more.


How Does This Benefit You, a Maker?

To break the boundaries of 3D printing for you and provide you with these new opportunities, we are continuously working closely with 3D designers of the MyMiniFactory community. With the Customizer tool added to your arsenal, you will be able to personalize the 3D model that you had envisioned without having to go through any complicated designing processes.


The Customizer is so fun and easy to use and means that I can create more variety of 3D models from one design!” Ben, MyMiniFactory Maker


The world of 3D printing has now opened up. It’s now more accessible and easier than ever! As even more designs get added to the Customizer, so the selection of 3D designs that you can personalize to your needs will grow and grow.

The MyMiniFactory Customizer encourages more 3D printing enthusiasts to join the community and, in turn, provide you with more 3D designs to construct and modify.

  • Freedom to print 3D models personalized by you
  • Innovative approach to 3D printing
  • Adapt 3D models to how you envisioned
  • Perfect models as you had imagined before 3D printing
  • Easy to use tool for makers
  • No technical skills required

Ranger | Human | Male by @tinyclone


Follow these simple steps to get started:

  • Click here to launch the Customizer
  • Choose the 3D models you want to personalize (this selection is constantly expanding).
  • Personalize your 3D model with the pre-designed parts.
  • When you’re finished, click download to get your STL file.
  • Your personalized 3D model is ready for 3D printing!

Ready to start personalizing your own 3D model? Click here to get started!


The Customizer is the ideal tool for tweaking and tailoring models as I’d imagined.Dan Kelly, MyMiniFactory Designer


RPG Barbarian by @Dan_Lion_Tower


We are excited to share our latest venture with you! By continuing to add innovative tools to the MyMiniFactory community, we are able to provide you with a sustainable platform with the purpose of bringing 3D printing enthusiasts together.

We thank you for your ongoing contributions to MyMiniFactory and hope that you share our enjoyment with the Customizer. Want to see what it’s all about? Click here to start customizing!

Please leave any feedback or comments below, we’d love to hear from you.


Are you a designer wanting to submit your own 3D design as a Customizer? Click here!


Happy customizing!

The MyMiniFactory Team

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