Scan The World Interviews the Talented Designer and Art Director: Jesper Lindborg


4 months ago

We recently spoke with London-based designer and art director Jesper Lindborg about his practice and how the content from Scan the World has aided in his artistry. It's always incredible to know that Scan the World can have such an influence in such a variety of places.


- What can you tell us about you and your practice?

I'm an Art Director, Designer and 3D Artist. I Studied at Hyper Island and then started my working career in New York before moving to London where I now reside.

Working with brands and agencies around the world, I strive for a unique and clean aesthetic alongside the highest technical standard in my work.


- Recent project with Clear Channel at the Stockholm Metro

During two weeks in March, hundreds of digital billboards in Stockholm’s Metro were transformed into a digital art exhibition, where 6 artists were asked to create a piece that would portray a unique positive feeling. The art was triggered by people's real-time emotions —  analyzing their usage of certain keywords in social media throughout the day.

The aim was to help people feel happier and less stressed whilst commuting. I was tasked to portray the feeling of being safe. The piece is divided into 3 sections; soft objects, foam and cloth. Each represents different layers of protection.

Using Le Réveil Galatea (Musée des Augustins) from Scan the World as the representative of the human and the fragile, I was able to have the layers provide a caring and comforting aspect. That, in turn, created a very comfortable and safe feeling.

Original sculpture:


Jesper’s remixed scan for his Clear Channel project:


- What does open heritage data and Scan the World mean to you in your practice?

It's just amazing to have this collaborative space (Scan the World) that gives you access to a vast library of scanned heritage art. I love how these old masterpieces have sort of been encoded into the modern era, given new life and accessibility to artists and enthusiasts.

For me, working a lot with the 3D concept opened up so many opportunities to use these models in a creative way.


- Favorite 3D model on Scan the World

Oh, there’s so many I love for various reasons so it’s hard to have a favorite. But if I had to choose I would pick the Bearded Man, just got that amazing detail and depth.


Want to learn more about Jesper's practice? Check out his work below:

Clear Channel Project video: Emotional Art Gallery - Directors Cut

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