Scan The World Works Closely with the Nationalmuseum, Sweden, to Give You Access to Cultural Artefacts From Home


5 months ago

The Nationalmuseum, situated in the heart of Sweden’s capital Stockholm, boasts a vast collection of cultural heritage gathered not just from the nation, but featuring important artefacts from across the globe.

With an impressively vast range of unique objects and artworks in their collection, the museum receives a lot of international visitors and attention. This attention includes that of Scan The World, who worked in collaboration with the Nationalmuseum to help in their mission to liberate their collection into the public domain.

Cultural institutions aren’t always easily accessed in the physical. This can be because of a range of external circumstances. Whether it be illness, geographical, politicical, temporary exhibitions or other matters which limit admission to cultural heritage institutions. By digitizing museum artefacts, we are able to liberate them by bringing collections beyond the limits of a museum’s walls.

So how can we make global heritage more accessible to everybody? The internet is a good place the start! Scan The World’s collaborations with museums and constant support from its community has helped pave the way to grant the public access to objects from across the globe in a tangible way, from the comfort of your own home.

Accessing Exhibitions of Nationalmuseum

The Nationalmuseum is built from Sweden’s Royal Collection and spans across various sites. One of these collections is housed at the Orangeriet, a gorgeous building north of Stockholm, where Scan the World was fortunate enough to visit in 2019. Unfortunately, the building is only accessible in summer, so by releasing 3D printable digital facsimiles of the sculptures openly online, we have been able to liberate this collection for anyone to enjoy, remix and 3D print anywhere across the globe.

“Nationalmuseum is a government authority with a mandate to preserve cultural heritage and promote art, interest in art and knowledge of art.” Nationalmuseum

With many museums researching their focus on developing their online collections, the Nationalmuseum is a pioneer in featuring a user-friendly online-tour of certain exhibitions. This contemporary tool is a fantastic method to access sculptures and paintings more interactively. For even further interactive engagement with the cultural artefacts of the Nationalmuseum, you can visit their profile on MyMiniFactory to download STL files (for free!) and 3D print them to enjoy in your own home.

How Does OpenGLAM Liberate Culture?

OpenGLAM is an initiative that carries the ultimate goal of liberating accessibility to cultural heritage sites for everybody. These heritage sites are comprised of galleries, libraries, archives and museums (GLAM). Through the liberation and digitalization of culture, we are able to enjoy artefacts from the Nationalmuseum and beyond.

“Nationalmuseum’s mandate has three pillars: to preserve, make accessible and help build knowledge. Our activities are also intended to put social development in perspective and make us a player in contemporary society.” Nationalmuseum

Scan The World’s values align with the Nationalmuseum and by working closely with one another, we are able to help share knowledge and create accessible cultural heritage for all.

Visit the Nationalmuseum’s Scan The World profile on MyMiniFactory to see 3D scans of some of the artefacts that the museum has to offer! Once everything’s blown over, you can even head to the Nationalmuseum or other sites of cultural heritage around the world and 3D scan objects yourself.

If you’d like to contribute, please contact or upload your scans on MyMiniFactory. To learn more about the 3D scanning process and photogrammetry, click here. Let's continue to open access of cultural heritage for everybody to enjoy!

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