Top Picks: 3D Printable Models by New Designers


3 months ago

Hello MyMiniFactory Community,

We'd like to welcome the talented 3D designers who have chosen to embark on a new 3D designing journey with us over the past week. We value each and every one of their contributions and hope that they’re enjoying MyMiniFactory so far, and that you love their 3D designs as much as we do.

With this in mind, we have put together a handful of our favorite 3D designs that have been uploaded over the last week, totally free for you to download!

Here are some of these new designers’ incredible 3D designs, guaranteed 3D printable, that you can download and enjoy at your leisure (you can even share your 3D printed model remixes with everyone in the community too!).


3D Design by Alexander Siedlarek

3D Design by Ill

3D Design by  Andrea

3D Print by Caleb (3D Design by Rob Pauza)

3D Design by Easy Coil

3D Design by  D F

3D Design by GMT

3D Design by Nils Böck

3D Design by Sergey

3D Design by Seabird HH

3D Design by Wout Dejongh

3D Design by Sascha Bruder

3D Design by Stefan Geiger

3D Print by Vadim Vorobyov (3D Design by Jernej Primon)

3D Design by Pouyan Akbari

3D Design by Marcus Vinícius de Souza Almeida

3D Design by Crippled God Foundry

3D Design by Paoliebol

3D Design by Long

3D Design by Mark Tate

3D Design by Daniel Urban

3D Design by Yele Labs

Which is your favorite 3D design from our top picks this week? Let us know in the comments section below!

Have you printed any of these 3D designs yourself yet? Share your 3D prints with the community and show your appreciation to the designer, we'd love to see your work too.

Let’s continue working together to give talented designers the freedom to create their awesome 3D designs for everybody to enjoy!

Happy printing!

The MyMiniFactory Team

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