A look behind Valiant’s partnership with MyMiniFactory: The Future of 3D printable Fan Art


a year ago

From the creators who brought you Bloodshot, Harbinger, Shadowman, Archer and Armstrong, Valiant Entertainment partners with MyMiniFactory for the first ever, 3D printable content. Through a world-class partnership, we’re excited to bring you, the officially licensed, first of its kind, 3D printable X-O Manowar, designed by Fotis Mint.

The renowned character-based entertainment company, with over 81 million comic book issues sold; Valiant Entertainment has partnered with us in a unique license to offer their comic content in an entirely new way. We’re ecstatic to be able to share Valiant Comics with dedicated fans through a new channel of technology. Even more exciting, the X-O Manowar model was designed and painted by a designer from our very own community. Shared and approved by Valiant to become models sold exclusively in the MyMiniFactory store!

Here’s what you need to know about this distinctive partnership and new means of consuming officially licensed fan art.

What You Need To Know About Valiant

Valiant is the 3rd largest comic book publisher after DC and Marvel. And that’s no small feat. Founded in 1989 they’ve continued to grow in popularity as well as size. Valiant’s superhero universe is home to over 2,000 individual characters, with a roster that continues to grow. Aside from their massive sales, they’ve racked up countless accolades & industry awards.

Frankly, it’s not just their expansive universe of characters, comics, and distribution, it's their eagerness to reach their fans through new methods of consumption like 3D printing. It’s their enthusiasm towards working with their fans in new ways as offered by MyMiniFactory.

The Potential of 3D Printing in Entertainment

There’s power and potential behind 3D printing for various industries that are commonly discussed and already being put into practice. At MyMiniFactory, we saw an opportunity to bridge the gap between brands and their superfans through a means that is otherwise difficult to access. Comic companies which thrive on their communities of fans and enthusiasts see the potential of expanding their market through a more innovative method of 3D printing consumption.

Fan art remains one of our top categories, with over 25% of the downloads on MyMiniFactory. 3D Printing allows fans to immerse themselves in the world of comics and characters by curating and somewhat customizing their merchandise.

Brands like Valiant have recognized this opportunity and have opened their doors to selling officially licensed content to remain at the forefront of their customers and advanced in their means of reaching new audiences.

MyMiniFactory believes in and has worked towards respecting brands and 3D designers in their quality, name and image to become a catalyst for collaborations between creatives and their inspiration. 

Got IP?

Are you a fan? Have you longed to monetize your fan art? Our partnership with Valiant is a partnership on behalf of 3D designers and comic enthusiasts around the world. It creates an avenue for a new and exciting personal relationship to the brand you’ve grown up admiring and the characters and stories that have inspired you.

If you’re a creative at heart, if your passion comes through as deeply as your love for the universe of superheroes. If you're a fan of the Valiant comics, or you just fancy your designs becoming officially licensed content for a brand, we encourage you to get in touch with us.

This partnership offers a means for monetization and respect of official IP. Valiant designs are only sold with their approval. The comic universe wants to tap into the network of talented designers, who are passionate about what they are creating, to produce high-quality designs. If you’re interested please email us at info@myminifactory.com.

What Are They Looking For?

Fotis Mint, a long time fan of the brand, was the first to create for Valiant on our site.

X-O Manowar is the name of the sentient armor donned by Roman Born, Aric of Dacia, when he found himself abducted by an alien race, the Vine - the alien armor bonded with Aric, giving him many powerful abilities. He gained enhanced strength, speed and healing, as well as the power of flight, energy manipulation and even ESP. Pretty cool!

This model, designed by Fotis and painted by Rob Pauza, perfectly captures the spirit and power of this character. And Valiant would love to see many more like this in the future!


What Valiant Comic Characters would you like to see featured on MyMiniFactory? Maybe Bloodshot? Harbinger? Or Livewire? Share your suggestions with us on social: Twitter, Instagram and Facebook!

We hope you are just excited as us at what the partnership with Valiant can lead to. We’ve got some exciting announcements coming soon and hope to hear all of your suggestions for the future! Keep your eyes peeled, and we’ll keep you posted.

In the meantime, be sure to check out a Valiant comic or two.... Or 50. Get inspired and get designing - you can always create the superhuman you’ve never seen before!

The sky’s the limit.