Modular Town Props

Published 2019-09-09T16:26:37+00:00

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    $7.99 Modular Town Props

    Published 2019-09-09T16:26:37+00:00

    Cast n Play


    99 objects

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    Technical Information
    Date de publication 09/09/2019
    Price $7.99
    Object Parts
    Crate Small.stl 3 MB
    Crate Medium.stl 2 MB
    Crate Large.stl 2 MB
    Crate Pumpkins.stl 2 MB
    Shelf Small.stl 2 MB
    Crate Apples.stl 2 MB
    Window Left.stl 2 MB
    Window Right.stl 2 MB
    Door 02.Stl 2 MB
    Window Round.stl 2 MB
    Pumpkins.stl (Repaired) 1 MB
    Door Frame Wood.stl 1 MB
    Door 01.Stl (Repaired) 1 MB
    Table Small.stl (Repaired) 3 MB
    Shelf Large.stl 755 KB
    Window Complete.stl 772 KB
    Window Frame Wood.stl 547 KB
    Window Frame Closed.stl 279 KB
    Crate Potatoes.stl 212 KB