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Birchwood Vale is so much more than just another crowdfunding campaign. This isn't just a random assortment of miniatures in a theme, it's an adventure that includes 3D printable miniatures, terrain, adversaries and monsters, brought to you by RMPrintableTerrain.

Everything you could need in one place, something to set an epic battlefield for battle-hardened heroes, or a set of miniatures and small terrain features for a campaign just starting out.

This will be our 4th crowdfunding campaign and the first to be hosted on MyMiniFactory. After our first two successful fantasy terrain Kickstarters, we ventured into the world of 3D printable miniatures and terrain with Arvalon-8!

Thank you all for your support!


We've decided to return to fantasy, but this time we felt we needed our amazing team of sculptors to breathe some life into not only terrain for a woodland realm, but also miniatures.

What are we creating

Just like our last project, we're creating everything you need to bring adventure in a new realm to life.

  • 3D printable Heroes
  • 3D printable Low-level adversaries
  • 3D printable Mid-level monsters
  • 3D printable High-Level Gigantic and Epic monsters!
  • 3D printable Terrain, that is fully functional and playable

We are only going to have 3 pledge levels this time.

The first, the Terrain Only Pledge, this pledge level will include enough terrain to get you started at incredible value.

The second, the Miniatures Only Pledge, will include 10 heroes, a modular unit of skeletons, some low-level adversaries and a mid-tier set of monsters, the Troll Brothers.

The third, the All-In Pledge, will include all terrain and miniatures, all unlocked stretch goals, bonus items announced throughout the campaign duration, and exclusive alternative sculpts and miniatures!

Each pledge level will be delivered as STLs for your home 3D printer just like all of our previous Campaigns!

Free Minis

As a taster of what you can expect to find in Birchwood Vale, we are giving away this FREE pre-supported mini, Daerel the Blademaster! Once you’ve entered your email, you will receive your free mini within 48 hours.

Free mini Daerel

What’s better than one free mini…

We are also giving away this guy for free, Ungrim Mallakson! Who doesn’t love a dwarf companion in a campaign?!

Free mini ungrim

Pre-supports by 3D printing PRO

Painted Ungrim

Painted by The Spotted Painter

Bonus STLs

The free minis that you see above are not all that we’re giving away during this campaign! Backers of the Birchwood Vale All-In Pledge will also receive bonus STLs for free which will be unlocked throughout the course of the campaign!

For something a bit different, we're going to have all-in pledge bonus items unlocked on certain days of the campaign, it could be anything from additional sculpts, to an exclusive hero or unit, unreleased terrain, to alternative sculpts, you'll have to wait and see!

Core Sets

The Terrain Only Pledge offers an assortment of high-quality 3D printable terrain STLs at incredible value to create immersive campaigns. Does not include Stretch Goals and bonus STLs.

  • Birchwood Forest
  • Trial of Champions
  • Forgotten Blacksmith
  • Forest Waypoint
  • Birchwood Forest Look-Out
  • Forest Foot Bridge
  • Birchwood Ancient Tree Stumps
Terrain Only Pledge

The Miniatures Only Pledge includes over 30 pre-supported miniatures featuring playable characters and monsters. Does not include Stretch Goals and bonus STLs.

  • The Adventurers
  • Birchwood Wolves
  • Birchwood Modular Skeletons
  • Birchwood Spiders
  • Birchwood Rats
  • The Troll Brothers
Miniatures Only Pledge James Wappel1

Painted by James Wappel

Then there's the All-In pledge which includes all terrain and miniatures from the core sets, all unlocked stretch goals and bonus STLs announced throughout the campaign. This pledge will continue to bring value as the campaign develops and stretch goals are unlocked, and exclusive items and gifts start to appear (and there will be a lot of them)!

  • Birchwood Forest
  • Trial of Champions
  • Forgotten Blacksmith
  • Forest Waypoint
  • Birchwood Forest Look-Out
  • Forest Foot Bridge
  • Birchwood Ancient Tree Stumps
  • The Adventurers
  • Birchwood Wolves
  • Birchwood Modular Skeletons
  • Birchwood Spiders
  • Birchwood Rats
  • The Troll Brothers
  • All unlocked Stretch Goals
  • All bonus STLs
All in Pledge

All of these miniatures and terrain are included in the All-In pledge PLUS all Stretch Goals and Bonus STLs unlocked throughout the campaign!

Want to see more?

Check out ‘behind the scenes’ of paint jobs.

Want even more? Miniature and Terrain Close Ups here!

Stretch Goals

We are crowdfunding once again to make this project even bigger than what we can imagine! We want more minis to be created, more terrain, more monsters, more great-looking low-level encounters, more heroes.

The more we can raise throughout the crowdfunding campaign, the more backers will get for the same price, and the more that we can continue to give incredible deals on some incredible miniatures for this amazing community. To do that we once again will be offering stretch goals in this campaign!

How Do Stretch Goals work? As we go deeper into Birchwood Vale, and the more adventurers that decide to join us, the more will unlock for both terrain and miniatures! Concept Art, Renders, and Printed items can all be found below.

Please note that the Stretch Goals are only available through the All-In Pledge.

Each unlock will be clearly marked with what step we need to get to first, then it will be marked if it's for Terrain or Miniatures, and if it has been unlocked or not! Each stretch goal for 3D printable items will be the exact same amount! If it's a giant monster, an epic hero, or a unit of adversaries, we’ve made sure to jam as many stretch goals as we could! Stretch goal sketches are meant to inspire the miniature or piece of terrain, the final product might vary or be different from the sketch, but the overall concept will still remain!

Stretch Goals Part 1 Stretch Goals Part 2

The Three sisters united again, thanks to your pledges!

Tim Benet Torfeil Uthor barreth-deepforge Bears Throne Morganna cindenneth loteriel gurchanar alatare Bandits timelost-fountain Ononiel dinenion urath gwathorion chomden ettin walkway presupports tindes vumela ghakarhi alfred brokkr vote griff tree-home griffith elioril zenwrick terrain-vote bat archery-range irontoe bruce yargin zama forest-elemental monster-vote birchwood-library edlenor pallandoe rikis urist wights adventurer-vote he-great-hall anna sizani gatsha jodak forest-dragon world-tree revote dillon-olney sintar community-hero van-seamourn stephan

We are offering you a chance to claim terrain and miniatures from our previous crowdfunding projects, available at an incredible price. Check out Stormguard, Stormguard Undone and Arvalon-8 (miniatures, terrain and ships).

To purchase an add-on, head over to the “Pledges” tab and scroll down to “Add-ons”.

Stormguard All-In - 70 terrain STL Sets

Stormguard All-In

Stormguard - 30 terrain STL Sets

Stormguard Stormguard at local event

Someone from our community submitted this amazing shot of Stormguard at their local event!

Stormguard Undone - 40 terrain STL Sets

Stormguard Undone

Arvalon-8 All-In - 100+ terrain, 14 starships and 60 miniatures

Arvalon-8 All-In

Arvalon-8 (terrain) - 100+ pieces of sci-fi terrain STLs

Arvalon-8 (terrain)

Arvalon-8 (characters) - 60 unique sci-fi miniature STLs

Arvalon-8 (characters)

We've successfully run and completed 3 crowdfunding campaigns, and now our team has grown over 5 times larger than our first campaign! This allows us to work more efficiently, and to get items out to you in a timely fashion.

Potential delays may come up only from changes and adjustments that need to be done to models, or worldly issues that we couldn't predict!

Just like our last crowdfunding campaign, we will update everyone and be completely transparent and open to feedback. We will give updates on what has been completed, what's next to be worked on, and when files are up and working.

Special Thanks

It took a lot of help from a lot of people to launch this campaign, and without them it wouldn't be possible, so we wanted to say thanks!

All of our amazing sculptors that returned from Arvalon-8:

Thiago Santana for 3D sculpting and design.
JhonatanBrendo for 3D sculpting and design.
Tiago De Alvarenga for 3D Sculpting and design.
JonnathanNogueira for 3D sculpting and design.
Daniel Silva for 3D sculpting and design.

And our amazing concept artists:

OlieBoldador for concept sketches.
WallockArt for some Concept Sketches.
Johnathan Hart for some early stage concept sketches of terrain

And others in the community:

Greg Kourakos for all of his amazing work on his supports, and putting up with us over the years now! If you don't know who he is by now, you're in the wrong place.
Mirko Sekulic for 3D sculpting some stunning stretch goals.
James Wappel for some truly amazing Twitch streams on how to paint the trolls.
Kevin Rank for feedback and coverage.
Chris Spots for some amazing work on UngrimMallakson!
Dillon Olney for helping us to learn where to even start with character writing and proper vocabulary.
Eamon Linger for hero consultation.

And of course MyMiniFactory for all they've done, not only for this campaign, but for the entire 3D printing community.


Where can I find the discount code?

If you are eligible for redeeming a discount code* (previous backers and pre-marketing subscribers), the discount code can be found in:

*If you believe that you should have received a discount code, please check your junk email.

I have made a Pledge, when will I receive the files?

You will be able to receive the files after the Crowdfunding campaign has ended. Further updates regarding the release date will be announced by the designer. You will be notified via email or an update when the files are available for download in your MyMiniFactory Inbox.

When will I be charged?

You will be charged immediately after a pledge has been made or an add-on has been purchased. You can review your order on the Order Details page.

What are Stretch Goals? Are these STLs included in the pledges?

Stretch goals will be unlocked when the campaign reaches a certain amount of the total funding. If your pledge level includes stretch goals (All-In Pledge only), you will receive all the unlocked files at the end of the campaign. To discover all stretch goals you can see them here.

Who will receive the bonus STLs?

Only backers of the All-In pledge will receive the bonus STLs, unlocked throughout the campaign.

Where can I review my pledge that I purchased?

You can review your pledge under the Pledge tab of the campaign. Your files can be found in your library (under ‘campaigns’) on MyMiniFactory or Order Details page.

I have questions about the files, who can I reach out to?

If you are concerned about issues such as the printability of the design, or the content in a pledge, please reach out to the creator of the campaign, or leave a comment in the Comments section.

I need assistance with my payment or other issues, what can I do?

Please Contact Us if you have any issues with payment. Once we receive the ticket we will get back to you in 3-5 business days.

Merchant License

At this time we are not offering any additional pledges that include reselling, or commercial licenses, as we currently have amazing resellers all around the world. Only our current resellers will have the option to pledge and carry Birchwood Vale in their shops.

Thank you for supporting RMPrintableTerrain and the 3D Printing Community!