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The world has changed once more, and with it, its inhabitants. Abhumans, mutants and engineered creatures now roam the Steadfast and the Beyond. Whether shaped by the numenera that continue to transform the world or the result of construction and human ingenuity from worlds before us, the people of the Ninth world now seek to survive all danger and thrive. And yet, the proof of action and the involvement of forces from the Earth or beyond are everywhere: from the impossible landscapes to the kingdom-sized ruins.

Lair is bringing you 20 new models of fan-favorites for players who want to add beautiful 3D prints of the stunning creatures and antagonists featured across many of the published Numenera books.

Warning STLs not physical minis
Your Pledge Banner

The base pledge will reward you with 20 STLs ready for printing, along with their pre-supported files for your convenience. An assortment of playable paths and monsters, the core pledge will be your launching point into a more immersive Numenera journey.

25USD Pledge

Designed to give you a tight selection from the top, we have created a pack containing an even spread of iconic creatures and PCs. Our Add-ons and Stretch Goals will surely lead to a more wildly diverse collection.

The stretch goals will create a second STL pack built by you! Surveys and voting will take place once we’re fulfilled to make up the selection. The details of this survey will be further explained in our updates.

Free sample model
Rewards Banner

Open your table to our base biome. A mixture of fascinating creatures and fierce adventurers to get you started on your journey through The Ninth World.

Core Pack Biome 1
Stretch Goals Banner

The world of Numenera is filled to the brim with fascinating creatures. So many, in fact, that we have decided to bring the choice to you. Each stretch goal will unlock a new STL from a list, but the final stretch goal will be up to you. Stay tuned to our updates to find out the participating STLs for each Stretch Goal and how to let us know your choice.

3 Starting Unlockable stretch goals 8000USD Stretch Goal 11000USD Stretch Goal 14000USD Stretch Goal 16000USD Stretch Goal 18000USD Stretch Goal 20000USD Stretch Goal Nomintate your favourite characters in the comments Timeline
Add ons Banner Numenera_Biome-II-Pack A Numenera_Biome-II-Pack B

Customize your pledge with these additional STLs. Are you looking for more diverse guests or larger ones?

Biome 2

Some creatures in Numenera are much too large to be bundled with medium-sized creatures. We’ve put together a pack of bigger STLs to make better sense when paired with the Titanothaur.

Gargantuan Pack
Rewards Tiers Banner

Every pledge counts, but each kind of pledge comes with its own reward. Bear in mind that as soon as you pledge, you are welcome to participate in the Stretch Goal surveys!

Pricing Grid
What is Numenera Banner Beast Image

Numenera, the Ninth World is a tabletop role-playing game developed and published by Monte Cook. A world of science fantasy that merges a world with a rich history and strange, fantastic creatures with a deep past with ideals of science and technology. 

Beast Image 2

One plays Numenera using the Cypher system, a deeply narrative and adaptive system that will see your expertise and creativity directly affect the challenge difficulties you will spot in your adventure.

Beast Image 3

Draco Studios’s Lair and Monte Cook Games are working together to bring only the best models to your tables to spice up your games, fraught with unexpected perils and amazing discoveries.

Beast Image 4

All STLs are sculpted by top talent in the field, many of whom have collaborated in our previous campaigns. 

Beast Image 5
Cypher System Banner

The Cypher system is built to focus on narrative. As with many other systems, it relies on the setting of difficulties, but the way that the characters have been trained, their acquired abilities, and other factors may reduce the challenge dice related to the difficulty level. A truly simple system, the roll of a d20 against a target number can resolve anything from a task to combat. You can find out more about the Cypher system in the official website.


Never played Numenera but we’ve sparked your interest? Our models can be played using the 5e supplementary rules displayed in the Arcana of the Ancients book.

Arcana of the Ancients
3D Printing Banner

3D printing is a trend and hobby that has become increasingly more popular in the past few years with more affordable tools and materials. In many ways, it brings you closer to your minis and assets, after all, you brought them to life.

If you're new to the community, fear not. Click the following button to learn more about the specifics.

Click here for 3D Printing Guide Beasts Picture

Here at Lair we're looking to create a community. Whether you're a sculptor, a painter or simply like the world of 3D printing, our doors are open to you!

3D Printing Specifications
Commercial License

This project is meant for personal use, however, a commercial license is available at our store and as part of the Merchant’s pledge.

Personal Use

  • Personal use means you can print as many pieces as you want as long as they are for you or a gift free of charge to close people. 
  • You should not distribute or sell the files. Using portions of them and publishing as new content is not allowed. 
  • You can cut/resize the files to fit better your printer but you can't share those derivatives. 
  • You can't make cast/molds of my models, any kind of mass production is prohibited. 
  • The files cannot be used in any other project or crowdfunding platform. 
  • You can, of course, take photos, make live streams and video with the models but please give credit to Lair, Draco Studios and Monte Cook Games. 

Commercial Use

For this campaign, we are managing commercial licenses on our website. You can also opt to pledge for the Merchant’s pledge, which includes the commercial licence, along with every available reward. If you are not interested in the Merchant’s pledge, you can still get your own commercial licence on our website. These are annual and can be renewed. You can find more information regarding commercial licenses in LAIR.

Lair Store Screenshot

Numenera, Ninth World, all creatures and art are copyright and trademarks of Monte Cook games, while the 3D files for the miniatures created for this campaign and subsequent related projects are copyright of Lair, a division of Draco Studios. Thus, no rights are granted, assigned or transferred to the end-user. The designs in all their concepts and forms are protected by international Intellectual Property laws.

Communty Goals

Much like the ninth world is even more dangerous when travelling alone, here at LAIR we are looking to build a community. What better way than working together? Our challenge for you is this:

  •  Show us your print work of the free sample Sathosh creature with 20 printed free samples posted in any of our social media pages or discord!
  •  Feeling greedy? Paint your printed sample of the Sathosh creature and share with us 5 painted free samples in any of our social media pages or discord!
  •  50 shares on our pinned post to help us spreading the word! 
  • Thank you for so much love! When we reach 1000 backers, we’ll unlock a very special surprise for you.

All the secret community goals will be announced as the campaign progresses, so remember to stop by every now and then for a surprise.

About Us Banner

This campaign is a collaboration between Monte Cook and Lair. Monte Cook is the studio behind Numenera and the Cypher system along with other games like Invisible Sun, The Strange and No Thank You, Evil. Lair is a Mexico-based online store, workshop and community made up of excellent sculptors and creatives, each a fan of the hobby in their own way. Lair is a part of Draco Studios.

Numenera and Partners
Social Media Banner

Stay in touch! You can find us in most social media sites, where we share all our news. You can also join our Discord server to talk directly to our team and meet more fans of our work!

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I have made a Pledge, when and where will I receive the files?

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PDF files will be available once the campaign has ended. Please pay attention to designer updates under the Update tab or any messages from LAIR.

*Once you have downloaded the content, you have given up your consumer rights to a refund. If you have questions about the files, please reach out to LAIR, the creator of the campaign, by leaving a message in a comment section. If you have questions about payment, please Contact MyMiniFactory.

When will I be charged?

You will be charged immediately after a pledge has been made or an add-on has been purchased. You can review your order on the Order Details page.

What are Stretch Goals? Are these STLs included in the pledges?

Stretch goals will be unlocked when the campaign reaches a certain amount of the total funding. If your pledge level includes stretch goals, you will receive all the unlocked files at the end of the campaign. To discover all stretch goals you can see them here.

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If you have any further questions about the content in a pledge, please reach out to the creator of the campaign, or leave a comment in the Comments section.

I need assistance with my payment or other issues, what can I do?

Please Contact Us if you have any issues with payment. Once we receive the ticket we will get back to you in 3-5 business days.

Merchant License

Commercial licenses are available through “The Merchant’s Pledge” level reward for $90 USD with all files included and an annual commercial licence that can be renewed once it expires or just the Commercial Licence trough Lair’s website, there is a button to buy a license up in the “Commercial Licence” section of the campaign.

Thank you for supporting Lair and the 3D Printing Community!