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Open a store to start earning an income from your unique, original 3D designs. Build your business sustainably so you can continue to focus your time and energy doing what you love, even if it's not your full time job.

Only $24.99 per month,
Earn 92% from sales (excluding payment processing fees).

Benefits of Selling on MyMiniFactory

Take Home 92%

More money in your pocket. You determine the price of each design and earn 92% of every sale.
(excluding payment processing fees)

Reach More Customers

Dedicated marketing. Store designs get targeted exposure through the homepage, banners, newsletters and on our social channels.

Quality Tools and Guidance

Benefit from powerful services. Enjoy easy to use tools, and learn from the best designers in the business, to build your brand with ease.

Personalized Support

You're not alone. Speak with the dedicated team to build strategies and get advice and tips from our dedicated business consulting team.

Exclusive Store Manager Features

We help you optimize your business with our tools, resources and guidance so you can focus your time and energy on doing more of what you love.

Put Any Price on Your Designs

Enjoy full control over the pricing of your 3D designs, and earn 92% of the revenue from each sale (excluding payment processing fees).

Explore and Learn from Detailed Analytics

Understand your sales trends and learn about your best selling products and sale dates from detailed statistics.

Exclusive Access to Store Manager's Channel

Engage with other dedicated sellers and premium designers to get tips, collaborate and learn new skills.

Create Personal Discount Codes

Generate and distribute short and long term incentives for your community via your personal store.

Store Pricing

Earn 92% from Sales 1
Only $24.99 per Month 2

Your monthly fees covers accounting, servers, emails, media output and the dedicated team that's working behind the scenes to support your goals!

Earn 92% revenue

(excluding payment processing fees)

Monetize your digital files

Access to an array of products including

  • Instant file distribution
  • Store to monetize your designs
  • Tribes to earn regular income through monthly subscriptions
  • Pledge Manager for campaign fulfillment through late pledges
  • Campaigns

Payments distributed twice per month

A dedicated Designer Relations Team to help you grow your business

A devoted Customer Support team who deal with problematic orders and issues

Cancel anytime

VAT/Sales Tax managed on your behalf

Gain brand exposure through the MMF+ subscription service

1 Excluding payment processing fees
2 + VAT/Sales Tax if applicable

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