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Thunderlord From Destiny

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  • Dimensions of the final object: 135cm x 33cm x 23cm
    Time to print: 12 000 minutes
    Weight: 2.5 kg

    After making my Duke MK 44 hand cannon I tasked myself with creating this is replica model of the Thunderlord from the recently released Destiny. This model consists of 45 parts all printed with three different materials, PLA, Ninjaflex and carbon fiber. The banana is used for scale. The main body is regular PLA, the pipes, the bullet belt and the end of the butt stock is printed in ninjaflex and the site and the site rail are carbon fiber, the largest part on the moel is the cartridge havles them measure at 160mm x 150mm x100 mm. This is one of the most well known weapons in Destiny due to it's usaged during E3.

    Thunderlord is an exotic machine gun. It can be obtained from a chest in the Vault of Glass raid, as a reward from the Weekly Nightfall Strike, or as an end-of-match reward from the Crucible. Thunderlord was demonstrated in Bungie's E3 2013 gameplay demo. In addition, its design and general philosophy were outlined in a brief news article on Bungie's website.

    The weapon crackles with visible bolts of electricity, and at higher levels uses electro-static rounds that may be unique to Thunderlord The Thunderlord discharges a salvo of electro-static rounds, shells barred due to volatility.

    Occasionally after scoring a kill, the enemy will burst into an AoE electrostatic effect.

    (PLEASE: Do not sell or upload on any other websites without my permission.


    I will really appreciate if you tag me and credit me.



    Thank you in advance for your support)


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  • this model was printed in many parts, the main body was printed with grey PLA at 0.2mm resolution, 15% infill, the flexible parts which are the pipes, the but stock, the bullet belt are ninjaflex at 15% infill 0.15 mm resolution. the site and site rail are printed in Carbon Fiber they all joined with an epoxy resin. you can just use surgical tubing, cable and filament as the pipes if you cannot print with a flexible material

Thunderlord From Destiny

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Kirby Downey

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Time to do
11760 - 11800 minutes
Material Quantity
135cm x 33cm x 23cm