3D printable coblestone textured round bases - trays for wargame 3D print model

Published 2020-01-07T19:23:25+00:00

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    $1.00 3D printable coblestone textured round bases - trays for wargame 3D print model

    Published 2020-01-07T19:23:25+00:00

    William Touret


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    Printing Details
    Technical Information
    Date published 07/01/2020
    Price $1.00
    Dimensions 97.69mm x 57.49mm x 3.8mm
    Support Free YES
    More Information
    Object Parts
    Ai3M 4K Tray 25Mm Fancy.stl 799 KB
    Ai3M 4K Tray 25Mm Minimal.stl 894 KB
    Ai3M 4K Tray 25Mm.stl 819 KB
    Ai3M 4K Tray 32Mm Fancy.stl 738 KB
    Ai3M 4K Tray 32Mm Minimal.stl 762 KB
    Ai3M 4K Tray 32Mm.stl 778 KB
    Ai3M 4K Tray 40Mm Fancy.stl 719 KB
    Ai3M 4K Tray 40Mm Minimal.stl 682 KB
    Ai3M 4K Tray 40Mm X3 Fancy.stl 780 KB
    Ai3M 4K Tray 40Mm X3 Minimal.stl 788 KB
    Ai3M 4K Tray 40Mm X3.Stl 797 KB
    Ai3M 4K Tray 40Mm.stl 726 KB
    Got 30Mm A.stl 753 KB
    Got 30Mm B.stl 633 KB
    Got 30Mm C.stl 594 KB
    Got 30Mm D.stl 638 KB
    Got 30Mm E.stl 628 KB
    Got 30Mm F.stl 702 KB
    Got 30Mm G.stl 617 KB
    Got 30Mm H.stl 668 KB
    Got 30Mm I.stl 611 KB
    Got 30Mm J.stl 701 KB
    Got 30Mm K.stl 595 KB
    Got 30Mm L.stl 627 KB
    Got 50Mm A.stl 588 KB
    Got 50Mm B.stl 682 KB
    Got 50Mm C.stl 651 KB
    Got 50Mm D.stl 648 KB
    Got 50Mm E.stl 652 KB
    Got 50Mm X 4.Stl 680 KB
    Got Movement Tray Cavalry.stl 642 KB
    Got Movement Tray Infantry.stl 615 KB
    Got Movement Tray Solo.stl 605 KB
    Nu 100Mm Rond.stl 2 MB
    Nu 130Mm Rond.stl 3 MB
    Nu 160Mm Rond.stl 2 MB
    Nu 25Mm Rond.stl 1 MB
    Nu 32Mm Rond.stl 1 MB
    Nu 40Mm Rond.stl 1 MB
    Nu 50Mm Rond.stl 1 MB
    Nu 64Mm Rond.stl 2 MB
    Nu 80Mm Rond.stl 2 MB
    Round 100Mm Rond Socle X1.Stl 765 KB
    Round 130Mm Rond Socle X1.Stl 626 KB
    Round 20Mm A.stl 7 MB
    Round 20Mm B.stl 7 MB
    Round 20Mm C.stl 7 MB
    Round 20Mm D.stl 3 MB
    Round 20Mm E.stl 2 MB
    Round 20Mm F.stl 2 MB
    Round 20Mm G.stl 1 MB
    Round 20Mm H.stl 1005 KB
    Round 20Mm I.stl 923 KB
    Round 20Mm J.stl 1 MB
    Round 20Mm K.stl 1 MB
    Round 20Mm L.stl 2 MB
    Round 20Mm M.stl 15 MB
    Round 20Mm N.stl 1 MB
    Round 20Mm O.stl 1 MB
    Round 20Mm P.stl 1 MB
    Round 20Mm Q.stl 12 MB
    Round 20Mm R.stl 979 KB
    Round 20Mm Rond X24.Stl 711 KB
    Round 20Mm S.stl 15 MB
    Round 20Mm T.stl 2 MB
    Round 20Mm U.stl 1 MB
    Round 20Mm V.stl 1 MB
    Round 20Mm W.stl 2 MB
    Round 20Mm X.stl 1 MB
    Round 25Mm A.stl 8 MB
    Round 25Mm B.stl 6 MB
    Round 25Mm C.stl 6 MB
    Round 25Mm D.stl 9 MB
    Round 25Mm E.stl 5 MB
    Round 25Mm F.stl 5 MB
    Round 25Mm G.stl 4 MB
    Round 25Mm H.stl 5 MB
    Round 25Mm I.stl 7 MB
    Round 25Mm J.stl 4 MB
    Round 25Mm K.stl 9 MB
    Round 25Mm L.stl 7 MB
    Round 25Mm M.stl 4 MB
    Round 25Mm N.stl 7 MB
    Round 25Mm O.stl 5 MB
    Round 25Mm P.stl 5 MB
    Round 25Mm Q.stl 5 MB
    Round 25Mm R.stl 7 MB
    Round 25Mm Rond Socles X20.Stl 574 KB
    Round 25Mm S.stl 6 MB
    Round 25Mm T.stl 11 MB
    Round 32Mm A.stl 234 KB
    Round 32Mm B.stl 3 MB
    Round 32Mm C.stl 1 MB
    Round 32Mm D.stl 2 MB
    Round 32Mm E.stl 1 MB
    Round 32Mm F.stl 2 MB
    Round 32Mm G.stl 1 MB
    Round 32Mm H.stl 1 MB
    Round 32Mm I.stl 249 KB
    Round 32Mm J.stl 1 MB
    Round 32Mm K.stl 1 MB
    Round 32Mm L.stl 1 MB
    Round 32Mm Rond Socles X 12.Stl 750 KB
    Round 40Mm A.stl 140 KB
    Round 40Mm B.stl 1000 KB
    Round 40Mm C.stl 169 KB
    Round 40Mm D.stl 974 KB
    Round 40Mm E.stl 195 KB
    Round 40Mm F.stl 929 KB
    Round 40Mm Rond Socles X6.Stl 717 KB
    Round 50Mm A.stl 99 KB
    Round 50Mm B.stl 954 KB
    Round 50Mm C.stl 130 KB
    Round 50Mm D.stl 102 KB
    Round 50Mm Rond Socles X4.Stl 736 KB
    Round 64Mm A.stl 100 KB
    Round 64Mm B.stl 888 KB
    Round 64Mm Rond Socles X2.Stl 791 KB
    Round 80Mm A.stl 964 KB
    Round 80Mm B.stl 904 KB
    Round 80Mm Rond Socles X2.Stl 681 KB