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A box with hidden intentions

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    A box with hidden intentions

    Published 2016-03-29T16:24:55+00:00

    Salonee Rath


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    Printing Details
    Technical Information
    Date published 29/03/2016
    Time to do 3092 - 3600 minutes
    Material Quantity 1092 g
    Dimensions 140 mm x 140 mm x 149mm
    Technology FDM
    Object Parts
    Fixed 48A13072Ee54F2C8Fbbfe0F6B550Bdc792B4D590 Repaired.stl
    3D View
    Fixed 8Aa68E216461676B2D02D6904C6954E19Afa5F75 Repaired.stl
    3D View
    Fixed Bb0C54Bb4D5Ea3Fbb55C493B39105F43D71Cde8B Repaired.stl
    3D View
    Fixed C5B5D542F995484557Ed812Edd8B87Bd8A62C5B0 Repaired.stl
    3D View
    Fixed E85Dd63Dfe94A599C22Cb318857A4C1E93A4A933 Repaired.stl
    3D View