Adventurers Guild RPG Character Bundle (32 Minis)

Published 2020-03-03T18:55:56+00:00

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    $85.00 Adventurers Guild RPG Character Bundle (32 Minis)

    Published 2020-03-03T18:55:56+00:00

    The Lion's Tower Adventurers Guild


    165 objects

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    Technical Information
    Date published 03/03/2020
    Price $85.00
    Dimensions 16.07mm x 15.72mm x 9.58mm
    More Information
    Object Parts
    Bard Male Arm.stl 61 MB
    Bard Male Body.stl 19 MB
    Battlemage With Owl Familiar Repaired.stl 17 MB
    Combined Witch Hunter Torch And Head2.Stl 3 MB
    Druid Human Antler Repaired.stl 428 KB
    Dwarf Bard With Bagpipes Repaired.stl 21 MB
    Dwarf Ranger Merged Repaired.stl 2 MB
    Female Barbarian Arm Repaired Repaired.stl 20 MB
    Female Barbarian Body Repaired.stl 10 MB
    Female Bard Body Repaired.stl 67 MB
    Female Bard Flute Repaired.stl 39 MB
    Female Cleric Arms Repaired.stl 15 MB
    Female Cleric Body Repaired.stl 47 MB
    Female Cleric Head Repaired.stl 3 MB
    Female Druid Body Repaired.stl 952 KB
    Female Druid Head Repaired.stl 2 MB
    Female Fighter Arm Repaired.stl 4 MB
    Female Fighter Base Repaired.stl 19 MB
    Female Fighter Body Repaired.stl 3 MB
    Female Paladin Combined Files.stl 10 MB
    Female Ranger Dagger Bow Hood Down1 Repaired.stl 3 MB
    Female Rogue Repaired.stl 3 MB
    Flagstone Base 1 Repaired.stl 34 MB
    Flagstone Base 2 Repaired.stl 17 MB
    Flagstone Base 3 Repaired.stl 55 MB
    Flagstone Base 4 Repaired.stl 2 MB
    Flagstone Base 5 Repaired.stl 3 MB
    Flagstone Base 6 Repaired.stl 802 KB
    Flagstone Base 7 Repaired.stl 18 MB
    Flagstone Base 8 Repaired.stl 60 MB
    Gnome Fighter Rapier And Dagger Repaired.stl 3 MB
    Halfling Singer Arms Repaired.stl 30 MB
    Halfling Singer Body Repaired.stl 21 MB
    Human Female Blade Dancer Repaired.stl 6 MB
    Human Female Sorceress Merged.stl 27 MB
    Human Female Wizard Head.stl 21 MB
    Human Female Wizard Legs.stl 6 MB
    Human Female Wizard Staff.stl 31 MB
    Human Female Wizard Torso.stl 44 MB
    Human Male Paladin With Sword Repaired.stl 42 MB
    Human Male Rogue Pistol Repaired.stl 3 MB
    Human Male Sorcerer Merged.stl 3 MB
    Human Male Wizard Merged.stl 3 MB
    Human Monk Daibo Repaired.stl 5 MB
    Human Monk Flail Repaired.stl 4 MB
    Male Barbarian Repaired.stl 11 MB
    Male Cleric Combined File.stl 26 MB
    Male Fighter With Woo Repaired.stl 10 MB
    Male Ranger Arrow Arm.stl (Repaired) 3 MB
    Male Ranger Body.stl 4 MB
    Male Ranger Bow Arm.stl 3 MB
    Male Trapper Repaired.stl 16 MB
    War Cleric Combined File.stl 3 MB