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    17 objects

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    Technical Information
    Date published 03/01/2020
    Price $17.40
    Material Quantity 800
    Dimensions 140.28mm x 4mm x 18.5mm
    Support Free YES
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    Object Parts
    10A Sword1 Grey.stl 160 KB
    10B Sword2 White.stl 2 MB
    10C Sword3 Grey.stl 338 KB
    11A Gun1 Grey.stl 3 MB
    11B Gun2 Grey.stl 8 MB
    11C Gun3 White.stl 2 MB
    11D Gun4 White.stl 3 MB
    12A Shield1 Blue.stl 1003 KB
    12B Shield2 Grey.stl 2 MB
    12C Shield3 Grey 1.Stl 7 MB
    13A Standbase1.Stl 11 MB
    13B Standbase2.Stl 8 MB
    13C Standbase3.Stl 3 MB
    13D Standbase4.Stl 651 KB
    13E Standbase5Large.stl 35 KB
    13E Standbase5Medium.stl 2 MB
    13E Standbase5Small.stl 18 MB
    1A Head Top White.stl 5 MB
    1B Head Helmet Blue.stl 149 KB
    1C Head Face Grey.stl 149 KB
    1D Head Eye Red.stl 155 KB
    1E Head Neck Grey.stl 2 MB
    2A Body Middle Grey.stl 2 MB
    2B Body Back Blue.stl 280 KB
    2C Body Fronttop Blue.stl 1 MB
    2D Body Frontbottom Blue.stl 346 KB
    2E Body Chest Red.stl 4 MB
    2F Body Abdomen Grey.stl 12 MB
    2G Body Shoulderjoint Grey.stl 5 MB
    2H Body Screw1 Grey.stl 3 MB
    3A Waist Main Blue.stl 4 MB
    3B Waist Bottom Grey.stl 4 MB
    3C Waist Side Red.stl 88 KB
    3D Waist Front Blue.stl 993 KB
    3E Waist Beltside White.stl 220 KB
    3F Waist Beltcentre1 White.stl 1 MB
    3G Waist Beltcentre2 Yellow.stl 2 MB
    4A Backpack1 Blue.stl 94 KB
    4B Backpack2 White.stl 4 MB
    4C Backpack3 Grey.stl 1 MB
    5A Shoulder Top White.stl 2 MB
    5B Shoulder Middle Blue.stl 7 MB
    5C Shoulder Joint Grey.stl 7 MB
    5D Shoulder Front1 White.stl 1 MB
    5E Shoulder Front2 Grey.stl 159 KB
    5F Shoulder Side White.stl 2 MB
    5G Shoulder Screw Grey.stl 8 MB
    6A Hand Elbow1 White.stl 858 KB
    6B Hand Elbow2 White.stl 3 MB
    6C Hand Elbowscrew1 Grey.stl 895 KB
    6D Hand Main Blue.stl 95 KB
    6E Hand Side2 White.stl 101 KB
    6F Hand Bottom White.stl 1 MB
    6G Hand Fistleft Blue.stl 10 MB
    6G Hand Fistright Blue.stl 1 MB
    6H Hand Fingerleft White.stl 434 KB
    6H Hand Fingerright White.stl 6 MB
    7A Thigh Hip Grey.stl 6 MB
    7B Thigh Outer White.stl 836 KB
    7C Thigh Front Grey.stl 935 KB
    7D Thigh Inside Grey.stl 3 MB
    7E Thigh Kneetop Grey.stl 10 MB
    7F Thigh Kneetop Screw Grey.stl 2 MB
    7G Thigh Kneemid Grey.stl 3 MB
    7H Thigh Kneebottom Grey.stl 418 KB
    7I Thigh Kneebottom Screw Grey.stl 5 MB
    7J Thight Hipscrew Grey.stl 8 MB
    8A Leg Mainleft Blue.stl 2 MB
    8A Leg Mainright Blue.stl 6 MB
    8B Leg Front1 White.stl 6 MB
    8C Leg Fronttop Red.stl 3 MB
    8D Leg Front1 Grey.stl 3 MB
    8E Leg Frontwing1 Red.stl 2 MB
    8F Leg Frontwing2 White.stl 422 KB
    8G Leg Sidestripe Grey.stl 7 MB
    8H Leg Ankleback Grey.stl 1 MB
    8I Leg Anklecover Blue.stl 1 MB
    8J Leg Frontbottom Red.stl 2 MB
    8K Leg Anklecannon1 Grey.stl 1 MB
    8L Leg Anklecannon2 Blue.stl 590 KB
    8M Leg Ankleside Grey.stl 307 KB
    8N Leg Anklejoint Grey.stl 2 MB
    9A Foot Mainleft Blue.stl 1 MB
    9A Foot Mainright Blue.stl 7 MB
    9B Foot Toe1 Blue.stl 4 MB
    9C Foot Toe2 White.stl 4 MB
    9D Foot Thruster Grey.stl 4 MB
    9E Foot Sidewindow Grey.stl 4 MB
    9F Foot Bottom Grey.stl 36 KB
    9G Foot Screw Grey.stl 138 KB