Ashvestos, the Pyre Eternal

Published 2021-04-08T07:41:49+00:00

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    $6.99 Ashvestos, the Pyre Eternal

    Published 2021-04-08T07:41:49+00:00

    Crippled God Foundry


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    Technical Information
    Date published 08/04/2021
    Price $6.99
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    Object Parts
    Ashvestos.stl 24 MB
    Ashvestosbase.stl 15 MB
    Ashvestoshand1.Stl (Repaired) 29 MB
    Ashvestoshand2.Stl 31 MB
    Ashvestostail.stl 16 MB
    Ashvestoswing1.Stl (Repaired) 31 MB
    Ashvestoswing2.Stl 22 MB
    Lys Ashvestos Supported.lys 68 MB
    Lys Ashvestosbase Supported.lys 47 MB
    Lys Ashvestoshand1 Supported.lys 49 MB
    Lys Ashvestoshand2 Supported.lys 23 MB
    Lys Ashvestostail Supported.lys 30 MB
    Lys Ashvestoswing1 Supported.lys 49 MB
    Lys Ashvestoswing2 Supported.lys 29 MB
    Stl Ashvestos Supported.stl 63 MB
    Stl Ashvestosbase Supported.stl 31 MB
    Stl Ashvestoshand1 Supported.stl 66 MB
    Stl Ashvestoshand2 Supported.stl 49 MB
    Stl Ashvestostail Supported.stl 15 MB
    Stl Ashvestoswing1 Supported.stl 47 MB
    Stl Ashvestoswing2 Supported.stl 50 MB