Astral warriors - Modular

Published 2021-02-03T09:14:15+00:00

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    $15.00 Astral warriors - Modular

    Published 2021-02-03T09:14:15+00:00

    Eldritch Tabletop


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    Technical Information
    Date published 03/02/2021
    Price $15.00
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    Object Parts
    Charging M.stl 77 MB
    F1 Greatsword.stl 264 MB
    F2 Swordback.stl 96 MB
    F3 Monk.stl 333 MB
    F4 Monk.stl 295 MB
    F5 Leap.stl 110 MB
    Hands Axe L 1.Stl
    Hands Axe L.stl
    Hands Axe R 1.Stl
    Hands Axe R.stl
    Hands Cast L 1.Stl
    Hands Cast L.stl
    Hands Cast R 1.Stl
    Hands Cast R.stl
    Hands Dagger L 1.Stl
    Hands Dagger L.stl
    Hands Dagger R 1.Stl
    Hands Dagger R.stl
    Hands Daggerlowered L.stl
    Hands Daggerlowered R.stl
    Hands Daggerpoint L.stl
    Hands Daggerpoint R.stl
    Hands F1 Greatsword.stl
    Hands Fist L 1.Stl
    Hands Fist L.stl
    Hands Fist R 1.Stl
    Hands Fist R.stl
    Hands Glaive L 1.Stl
    Hands Glaive L.stl
    Hands Glaive R 1.Stl
    Hands Glaive R.stl
    Hands Martialarts L 1.Stl
    Hands Martialarts L.stl
    Hands Martialarts R 1.Stl
    Hands Martialarts R.stl
    Hands Monkspade L 1.Stl
    Hands Monkspade L.stl
    Hands Monkspade R 1.Stl
    Hands Monkspade R.stl
    Hands Openhand L 1.Stl
    Hands Openhand L.stl
    Hands Openhand R 1.Stl
    Hands Openhand R.stl
    Hands Staff L 1.Stl
    Hands Staff L.stl
    Hands Staff R 1.Stl
    Hands Staff R.stl
    Hands Sword L 1.Stl
    Hands Sword L.stl
    Hands Sword R 1.Stl
    Hands Sword R.stl
    Hands Swordlowered L.stl
    Hands Swordlowered R.stl
    Hands Swordpoint L.stl
    Hands Swordpoint R.stl
    Heads Head 1 1.Stl
    Heads Head 1.Stl
    Heads Head 10 1.Stl
    Heads Head 10.Stl
    Heads Head 11 1.Stl
    Heads Head 11.Stl
    Heads Head 12 1.Stl
    Heads Head 12.Stl
    Heads Head 13 1.Stl
    Heads Head 13.Stl
    Heads Head 14 1.Stl
    Heads Head 14.Stl
    Heads Head 15 1.Stl
    Heads Head 15.Stl
    Heads Head 16.Stl
    Heads Head 2 1.Stl
    Heads Head 2.Stl
    Heads Head 3 1.Stl
    Heads Head 3.Stl
    Heads Head 4 1.Stl
    Heads Head 4.Stl
    Heads Head 5 1.Stl
    Heads Head 5.Stl
    Heads Head 6 1.Stl
    Heads Head 6.Stl
    Heads Head 7 1.Stl
    Heads Head 7.Stl
    Heads Head 8 1.Stl
    Heads Head 8.Stl
    Heads Head 9 1.Stl
    Heads Head 9.Stl
    Monk M1.Stl 272 MB
    Monk M2.Stl 283 MB
    Monk M5.Stl 189 MB
    Spellsword M.stl 84 MB