Beyond the Copper Doors: Meepleverse Edition

Published 2020-01-23T02:35:13+00:00

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    $10.00 Beyond the Copper Doors: Meepleverse Edition

    Published 2020-01-23T02:35:13+00:00

    Ill Gotten Games


    122 objects

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    Technical Information
    Date published 23/01/2020
    Price $10.00
    Support Free YES
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    Object Parts
    Beyondthecopperdoors Box.stl 58 KB
    Beyondthecopperdoors Lid.stl 33 KB
    Dressing Bonfire.stl 35 KB
    Dressing Crank.stl 53 KB
    Dressing Door Iron.stl
    Dressing Door Wood.stl
    Dressing Dwarvengreatdoors.stl 38 KB
    Dressing Dwarvengreattable.stl 47 KB
    Dressing Dwarvenpillar.stl 76 KB
    Dressing Dwarvenstatue.stl 92 KB
    Dressing Dwarvenwell.stl 74 KB
    Dressing Flame Small.stl 71 KB
    Dressing Ladder.stl 83 KB
    Dressing Netherforge.stl 56 KB
    Dressing Oven.stl 33 KB
    Dressing Ricketyplatform 1X1.Stl 41 KB
    Dressing Ricketyplatform 1X2.Stl 38 KB
    Dressing Rubble.stl
    Dressing Secretdoor.stl 26 KB
    Dressing Spideridol.stl 74 KB
    Dressing Stairs.stl
    Dressing Stonecounters.stl 88 KB
    Dressing Tent.stl 349 KB
    Dressing Throne.stl 6 KB
    Dressing Web Corner.stl 65 KB
    Dressing Web.stl 938 KB
    Meeple Earthenkind Clodsoldier.stl 915 KB
    Meeple Longbeard Bondi.stl 2 MB
    Meeple Longbeard Forgemaster.stl 1 MB
    Meeple Longbeard Guardian.stl 771 KB
    Meeple Longbeard Gunner.stl 124 KB
    Meeple Longbeard Noble.stl 426 KB
    Meeple Palehatchling.stl 14 KB
    Meeple Ratfolk Braveblade.stl 66 KB
    Meeple Ratfolk Burrowguard.stl 41 KB
    Meeple Ratfolk Motherdruid.stl 29 KB
    Meeple Ratfolk Pelter.stl 25 KB
    Meeple Ratfolk Sneek.stl 4 KB
    Meeple Shortbeard Cleric.stl 529 KB
    Meeple Shortbeard Fighter.stl 68 KB
    Meeple Shortbeard Mage.stl 759 KB
    Meeple Shortbeard Rogue.stl 876 KB
    Meeple Undead Wrightpriest.stl 619 KB
    Stonework X1.Stl
    Stonework X3.Stl
    Stonework X9.Stl
    Water X1.Stl
    Water X3.Stl
    Water X9.Stl